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  1. Sad to say – but a Conservative also does not care unless they can make money off the deal.

    It does not bother these folks if others are in misery in order for them to make their 30 pieces of silver.

    Furthermore – misery brings in more profit – which is why I believe these folks don’t care if millions of Americans go without healthcare for years. That just adds to the profit because we all know that health care costs lots more money if preventative health care has not been received.

    What’s that old saying about an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure?

    Hell – not in Conservatives’ eyes – they want the profit by pound…….

    And if Americans die before they get help, then just use the old justification that – it was God’s will.

    Yeah, those Conservatives are not only profit-driven – they are as cold and callous as they come.

  2. Robert Reich asks —

    As we come up to tax season, I’m going to put forward some ideas for genuine reform. Here’s one: Eliminate the Social Security payroll tax on the first $15,000 of income, and make up the shortfall (as well as future shortfalls in Social Security) by removing the cap on income subject to the tax (now at $113,600). What do you think?


    I like it! People who make under $15,000 annually could sure use that extra which they would spend, not save, thus stimulating our economy, and the cap definitely needs to be raised!

    For 2014 the Social Security portion of the FICA tax is 6.2% of gross compensation up to a limit of $117,000, plus the employee’s share of the Medicare portion of the tax is 1.45% of wages, with no limit on the amount of wages subject to the Medicare portion of the tax.

    • I agree it is asinine to tax fifteen thousand or below since that amounts to starvation wages. ” I like it! People who make under $15,000 annually could sure use that extra which they would spend, not save, thus stimulating our economy, and the cap definitely needs to be raised!”
      That is so true, they run at just there, any more is not going to be saved and would be spent on the needed things.

    • As I read this – everyone’s first $15,000 of income will not be taxed for Social Security payroll tax – or am I reading it wrong?

      That would help everyone……

      • I read somewhere that the average 1% wealthiest Americans had stopped paying their Social Security payroll tax on their 1st working day of the year.

        In other words – while the rest of the working class has their wages taxed for the entire year – these fat cats get their entire paychecks and then will still belly up the government teat to suck off some more through special tax breaks and/or subsidies…

        There is nothing more greedy than a bunch of bloviated fat RePUKE piggies at that government trough belly-aching and bitchin because the guy ‘over there’ was getting some…

      • That’s IF they earn money the old-fashioned way, which few do. I think it would be safe to say most of the wealthiest pay no FICA taxes.

      • That’s a great idea. Leave it to Reich to figure it out. The cap needs to be not just raised but removed, IMHO.

    As I read this article about the Newtown shooter’s father….I have to ask myself one very big question…

    If both this shooter’s parents knew he had mental problems – then WHY the HELL did the shooter’s mother buy her troubled son the damns GUNS that were in that damn house??

    This father can sit and spew his random thoughts all he wants …..BUT the fact still remains – this killer had a mother that provided the very same guns that killed her and then those 20 kids and 6 educators and then the shooter killed himself.

    I’ve often wondered…..was the mother a proud NRA member?????

    • BTW – did you notice in this article that the father NEVER raised the question that I just asked????

      • A father who says he wishes his son had never been born…

        I long for the day when mental and emotional illness is treated like physical illness, for the day seeking treatment and professional help vs hiding or ignoring is the norm. I’ve never read or heard anything that indicated this particular family was so poor that health care had to be neglected in order to afford food and housing so couldn’t not seeking care be a form of child abuse?

      • I just read the longer article that was published in The New Yorker. It seems these parents did seek care for their son. It seems a very complicated maze of everyone missing something and no one understanding enough.

        Here’s that longer article:

  4. Speaking of tax season coming up….I do not want to even think about it.

    I have done our tax returns ever since we’ve been married – but this year, I have no desire to even get the damn papers out and see the damage that Pastor Sammy has bestowed on the working class of Kansas.

    • I’ve been too busy waiting for our new grandbaby to worry about the damn taxes.

      Update on new grandbaby…….She is beautiful and perfect (of course) and they got to go home on Saturday.

      Momma had a C-section, so it took extra time for Momma to heal. But, they are home and everybody is doing fine.

      • Great news! Let the loving and spoiling begin! What do the other two grandchildren think about having a cousin? Or maybe they already had cousins from their Mother’s side and are adding another…

      • This is their first cousin. Both are very happy to finally get to see a real live baby and to know the baby’s name.

        My daughter and her husband kept the baby’s name a secret until after she was born.

        So, now my other two grandkids can say – Cousin Kinley instead of Baby Cousin.

        The 3-yr-old grandson seems to be more infatuated with the new baby. The 8-yr-old grand daughter was excited to see the baby in the hospital – but once Grandpa was holding the new baby, a certain 8-yr-old’s nose got out of joint. LOL

        I can understand that…….she was the first grand baby for me and Grandpa. And we both spoiled her rotten.

        To further show how this 8-yr-old’s thought processes are working…..she made the remark that Cousin Kinley was so cute and she was happy to see her – but she was happier to know she was not coming home to live with her in her house….LOL

        This 8-yr-old still remembers when her new baby brother was born. Grandpa held him and the then 5-yr-old grand daughter burst into tears and just cried and cried… We all felt so sorry for her….

        Then, when the baby brother actually went home with her and her parents….that is when she said that babies were noisy and stinky……

        Out of the mouth of babes……..

  5. Congrats, Indy. Many of us look at generations past who came before us. You get to look ahead at generations yet to come and who stretch out into the future.

    • Thanks PP – I just wish I felt as optimistic about the future as I feel comfortable with the past generations.

      You know what I mean?

      There is something sorely lacking in our current society.

      We seem content to be of the reality t.v. mindset – and we reward the things that are the least positive and the least productive for our country as a whole.

      Everything seems to be about the almighty Dollar and which Bully can beat up the other Bully…

      I hope this younger generation starts to pick up the political mantel and flexes their muscle soon.

      • Prairie Pond – do you have siblings? I gather from your comment that you were an only child?

        My husband was the only child in his family also. He had cousins on his father’s side – but they all lived so far away that he never had much contact with them.

        Plus, they were all several years older than he was…..which makes a big difference.

        Now, in my family – I had cousins coming out the wazoo on both sides of the family.

        Our family dinners was like watching one of those old Ma and Pa Kettle movies – remember?


    Interesting ……if a group of church members break away from the already established church group – why should they feel entitled to keep the property of the established church?

    Do you think this is why the Evangelinuts and Tea Party Mad Hatters do not break away from the Grand Old Party? These folks who think they are better than everybody else and feel the need to break away – are not worthy of keeping the already established group’s property.

    This would mean that the Evagnelinuts and Tea Party Mad Hatters would have to start from ground zero and form their own party.

    Hey – let’s see how these folks who preach down to others about pulling themselves up by their bootstraps – can actually do as they preach…

    • All I know for sure about the Tea Party is they want to cut taxes for the wealthiest, reduce the deficit on the backs of the middle and lower classes, control women and their ‘lady parts,’ give gays and minorities (plus whoever else they decide are different and not deserving) less than equal rights and protections, and if they can’t eat the poor they’ll do everything possible to hurry their deaths. I also think they’re so short sighted they can’t see the forest for the trees and will whine the loudest and most often about reduced government once they figure out it negatively effects them.

    • If the 2014 midterm goes in the favor of the Republicans and they get back the Senate and keep the House – will their insistence on beating the war drum be enough to make everyone so sick of them that finally – if there is God in Heaven – these war profiteers and war mongerers will be castrated once and for all?

      God – I hope so.

      I heard Dick Cheney flapping his war mongering gums about how Obama is so weak…..

      Please…….if Dickie really wants to go to war…..he is free to pack his duffle bag any time and go to Russia to fight for his newfound beloved leader – Putin.

      Like I said above – if there is a God in Heaven – maybe Dickie will take a bunch of his NeoCon Evangelinut Tea Party Mad Hatters with him and the rest of us can get back to rebuilding America.

      • It seems most are predicting republicans will both keep the House and take a majority in the Senate. Time will tell. I’m not nearly informed enough to make predictions on elections or what it would mean to have today’s Tea Party types in control of both houses of Congress. My imagination isn’t good enough to understand how Americans could be that stupid.

    When current Republicans talk about how Obama is so weak and will not use military force when terrorists attacked Benghazi, Syria or now into Ukraine…….take a good read about the history of the Reagan years.

    the first attack written about was during JImmy Carter’s last year in office. But, let’s not forget – who was it that sold weapons to our enemy – the Iranians – it was St. Ronnie Raygun.

    Hmmmm…….I always suspected Reagan made a deal with the Iranians and that was why they released those hostages the minute after Reagan took the oath of office.

    Yeah, boy, that St. Ronnie was a genius…..wasn’t he?

    Next time Darrell Issa, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or anyone yells out Benghazi…….let’s all remind every RePUKE we know about how their Golden Idol – St. Ronnie Raygun – handled the same situation…

    Yeah, St. Ronnie was such a bad-ass dude that he wanted school kids to eat a big side dish of ketchup as a vegetable.

    That man was a damn fool – IMHO

    • Fear is what the republicans use to control their minions. I don’t know why it works. The people I know are much smarter than that!

      • Fear is also what these mega preacher boys and their cousin Bubba the televangelist uses to control their minions.

        And don’t even get me started on the guys in the dresses with the funny hats.

        Even after being publicly shown that the Catholic Church leaders knowingly made the choice to cover up the crimes of child molestation for years…..there are people who will STILL provide those robed men with a parade of their little boys……..


        But, don’t you date think of using birth control – because that is a S-I-N….

        Just pass the Puke Bucket now…..