Sunday, 3/9/14, Public Square

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  1. This piece is written by Thomas Frank. While reading I got to a part that sent me back to make sure who had authored it because I was reading what PrairiePond has written so many times. And, we’re still not paying the attention we should be paying. It’s an obit. And we’ve been complicit in accomplishing it by being own our worst enemies.

    The matter with Kansas now: The Tea Party, the 1 percent and delusional Democrats
    Democrats believe demographics alone will defeat the Tea Party. It’s a smug fantasy: Economic populism’s the answer

    • The Tea Party is nothing more than a red herring…..and I do mean ‘red’…..

      Think about this – there is a good reason these are the folks that are praising Putin – a Russian Communist.

      The only difference between Putin and the Tea Party is that the Tea Party has an alliance with the Evagnelinuts – so it appears that Jesus has approved their dictator-tyrant tendencies.

    • You know, it’s even worse than Frank says. Not only is the Kansas Democratic Party weak, complacent, and delusional, they are mean. They beat down the young and not so young people trying to change the party and to sound the alarm here. The party “leaders” (and I use that term loosely) regard people who tell them to get off their asses, work, and be different than the repukes, as chicken littles sounding an alarm for a sky that is not falling.

      The sky is NOT falling in Kansas? Not for the KDP or the whole freakin’ state? Really? Did you look out the window lately? I’m always reminded of what RD says. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

      No wonder our true state name is Dumbfukistan. It applies to the KDP as much as the GOP.

  2. As long as people believe that standing in long lines to buy an overpriced deep fried chicken sandwich is how you prove you hate homosexuals and love Jesus – there is nothing that will change our current political situation.

    Sarah Palin – taking a page from Ted Cruz’s stunt book – seems to take delight in dropping her pearls of wisdom at CPAC.

    My only question is – why didn’t they read the book ‘My Pet Goat’? Wasn’t that the book George W. Bush was reading to the kids when he was informed of the 911 WTC attacks?

    You remember those attacks, don’t you? That was when all but two of the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia – but yet LIttle Cowboy Georgie and sidekick -Dickie Cheney – did not even seem to care enough to ask the Saudi King why his homeboys flew those planes in to the WTC and the Pentagon that tragic day.

    Perhaps – they did not ask because they already knew …….. I still believe WE the PEOPLE have never been told the truth about that day.

    • What am I talking about….of course Republicans don’t ask the hard questions of certain ‘right’ Islamists……

      Ronald Reagan sold weapons to the Iranians and these stupid Republicans still worship St. Ronnie.

      Can you imagine the outrage from these stupid hypocrits if Obama was caught red-handed selling weapons to the same Iranians today?