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  1. I heard just a snippet of an NPR radio program about Putin and the lies he tells. ie, those soldiers aren’t Russian soldiers and uniforms can be purchased by anyone anywhere… The radio program said there is no political consequences for his fabrications — he controls the media, he controls the people. Reminded me of Fox “News” viewers and brainwashed Tea Baggers.

  2. I haven’t been in one of these pissing contests in a very long time. I don’t feel the need to attend every argument I’m invited to.

  3. Yesterday we touched on the republican’s work to tightly control who get to vote, and I came across this I found interesting.

    “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.” Ohio is more than a swing state, we have an eerie ability to be the state that has correctly picked the president for 50 years.
    As a resident of the Buckeye state I am ashamed I missed this story from a few weeks ago: Now that the Republicans fully control Ohio’s state government they have been on full-attack-mode against Voter Rights.

    In the last year they have succeeded in:
    ~ Banning early voting on Sundays (the weekend before the election saw over 90,000 voters turn out in ’12; God forbid the “Souls to the Polls” buses get the vote out)

    ~ Banning early voting on weeknights, so no more can we vote after work on the 2 days before the election
    ~ Passing a bill to cut 6 days out of early voting overall
    ~ Getting rid of the ability to register to vote & vote on the same day during the week before election
    ~ Making it harder to get a provisional ballot
    ~ Making it harder to get an absentee ballot
    ~ Reduced the number of voting machines counties have at the voting sites
    ~ Making it easier to kick people off the voter rolls

    Why? Because political strategists know that higher turn-out elections tend to favor Democrat candidates. Yes, when more citizens turn out to vote, when the voice of The People is more loudly heard, the GOP loses – and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

  4. This is an interesting read.

    George Bush Lost an Entire Generation for the Republican Party

  5. The organizers of the most prominent conservative conference in America held a panel on minority outreach….and no one showed up.

  6. AUSTERITY: When billionaire businessmen tell millionaire politicians that poor people are being greedy.

  7. Question for those that say there’s no difference between the major political parties: Why do the Kochroaches spend this kind of money to get republican candidates elected?

    Union thugs? Wait ’til you see the Kochs

    (from the link): The reality is, the reported spending by the Kochs in 2012 was dwarfed—almost 100 times—by their unreported spending, $4.9 million in disclosed contributions compared to $407 million in undisclosed money spent.
    Of course the best part about all that Koch money spent in 2012 is that they lost.

  8. TRUTH

    Thursday night in Miami, Pres. Obama delivered a very important message to conservatives who stand in blind opposition to him and his signature health reform, Obamacare, and are refusing to sign themselves and their families up due to their unfounded, FOXNews-induced fears.

    “The main point I have for everyone watching right now is, you don’t punish ME by not signing up for healthcare, you’re punishing YOURSELF OR YOUR FAMILY… if, in fact, there is affordable healthcare to be had, and subsidies and tax credits that allow you to have the peace of mind, and security, and regular check ups and preventive care that will keep you healthier, that’s not a matter of trusting me, that’s a matter of looking for yourself to see if you can get the services!”

    Pres. Obama couldn’t be more right. While the executives at FOXNews are patting themselves on the back for a job well done of scaring conservatives into not signing up for health services they desperately need, the reality is that their viewers are doing themselves and their families a huge disservice by not enlisting in Obamacare.