Friday, 3/7/14, Public Square

A helpful reminder about school funding in Kansas:

it’s lower today than it was 14 years ago.




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  1. If you think Republicans are embarrassed – or even bothered – by the lack of increase in school funding – better think again.

    These are the folks who really do not give a damn about anything – or anybody – other than their fat little Fundy Christians/Tea-Party selves.

    The only way these folks would vote to increase school funding is IF that money goes to their own private schools.

    This is really what has been the driving force behind all these GOP crappola – whose pockets the tax dollars eventually land.

    As history shows, Republicans will outspend every government budget BUT that is okay when they do it – because all the ‘right’ people get the tax dollars.

    You betcha ……wink-wink

  2. Wonder if there’s any way we could force those idgits to live on 2001 dollars? I couldn’t pay my utilities, and let’s not discuss buying groceries.

  3. I started to type my usual “Giggles and Grins” for this sentence that made me laugh. Then I stopped and thought about the potential candidates they have. Maybe this guy has as good a chance as any of the others!

    Andy Borowitz says —

    “BREAKING: George Zimmerman Wins CPAC Straw Poll”

  4. I’ll tell you what I find even scarier than the Kansas legislature.

    The freakin’ morons who elect the members and send them to Topeka.

    They are ALL kinds of scary. And we live amongst them.

    • I agree 100%

      We would not have these Republican sorry-ass excuses for a moron (hell, even a true moron has a higher moral compass than these RePUKES) if it were NOT for folks who continue to vote for Bullies and their Mean Girls Club cheerleaders.

      I’ve often wondered why supposedly grown, adult folks stoop to the level of loving and applauding these bullies and mean girls club cheerleaders.

      Then – it hit me. The truth is – the current Republican Party is acting just like any dime-a-dozen Baptist church group. These are the folks who inevitable HAVE to some type of feud going on – or they are just not happy.

      I was raised in the Baptist churches and I graduated from a Fundy Baptist college – believe me when I say, these folks just like to FIGHT.

      It does not matter over what issue – these folks just have to pick a fight if there is not one already going on..

      We’ve all seen folks like this – haven’t we?

      They are never happy unless they keep the hate pot stirred and then they actually take some time of delight and glee in all that yelling and screaming.

      I suspect this is just the only way they can get their jollies ……or feel superior?

      Bullies and Mean Girl Club cheerleaders……why can’t they just grow up?

      Most mature adults have learned to succeed in life – one must leave that childish junior-high school behavior behind…

      But, hey, look at our vast array of reality t.v. shows – what is the basic message from these shows?

      Constant drama…..constant crisis…..a lot of yelling and screaming.

      Sounds like a typical Republican Tea Party event with the Fundie Jesus Freaks throwing around the holy water…

      • “Then – it hit me. The truth is – the current Republican Party is acting just like any dime-a-dozen Baptist church group.”

        Yes, Indy, except with worse food. Those church potlucks are always pretty tasty. At least the Lutheran ones are. Don’t know about the Baptists, but if they are SOUTHERN Baptists, well, I bet there will be some good bbq, greens, ‘tater salad, etc. Yum…..

    • But I have so much fun arguing with them and finally proving them wrong!

  5. Kansas Supreme Court:

    “We further affirm the panel’s rulings that the State failed to meet its duty to provide equity in public education as required under Article 6 of the Kansas Constitution.”

    • Now the clowns in Topeka, led by Head Clown Pastor Sammy, need to work harder on how judges get into office. It’s the only solution to getting their way and getting their way is their most important goal, dontchaknow!? [eye roll]

      We can guarantee funding education won’t be on their minds! Their track record isn’t one that points that direction.

      • Of course, this only means other areas of the state budget, like for the COURTS, will get cut into oblivion. Hell, it wouldn’t surprise me if they zeroed out funding for the state and district courts as retaliation for this ruling. Revenge, ya know?

        Seriously, I think they will gut the other items in the state budget to minimally comply with this ruling, or they may thumb their noses entirely and say “make me” and drag this court fight out even longer while spending even more of our state tax dollars to not spend state tax dollars. Kansas logic, ya know?

        They’ll gut the budget to say “ok, you want schools, fine. But you have to give up EVERYTHING else. How do you like those schools now?” Kansas logic again.

      • Oh, and…. because they spent the entire session phucking off and passing stupid bills to stomp the queers, install theocracy, pick another costly taxpayer funded fight regarding abortion laws, and generally regulate all our lady parts, they will have to have a special (read, costly taxpayer funded) session this summer to deal with school finance. Cha ching also on all the costs of appealing their loser laws.

        I mean, really. Who the hell didn’t see this court ruling coming? Couldn’t they have worked to make contingency plans in case this ruling didn’t go their way? Oh, HELL NO. They were too busy with their christian and koch jihads to do any, ya know, actual work. And besides, they get paid extra tax dollars for those special sessions. Cha Ching.


        Do I have to say it?

        Jesus WEPT!

      • I think the deadline set by the KSC ruling is July 1 — get the funding figured out by then. At least that may help limit the expense of the overtime session. Although I have no confidence they will abide by deadlines any more than they abide by funding schools…

      • If the hissy fit they throw includes cutting everything else to the bone, at least we know we can count on taxes remaining low for the wealthiest. That will not end until we are successful in getting rid of Brownback and his lackeys, and after some time needed to make repairs to their damage.

  6. There was a blip I read somewhere — I’ll need to retrace my steps and try to find it — that Kansas legislators (don’t remember which branch) are talking about amending the rules that apply to changing your political registration. Something about the Republican Party primaries being only the business of republicans. They think each Kansan having a say in any choices for elected officials shouldn’t happen, ya know — rights for some selected few is their agenda.

    • The only way the repuke party will be viable in the future is by restricting, as tightly as possible, the voting rights of ALL people. This is yet another example. Kobach et al need to be shown the door. And they can take Jan Pauls with them!

    • Hey, RePUKES were just fine when Rush Limbaugh told his robot followers to register as Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential election – remember?

      What’s good for the fat gander is good for the goose – isn’t it?

  7. At least, thankfully, the bigot anti-gay, pro-theocracy bill is dead, at least for this session. You know it will rear it’s ugly head again next year if Lance Kinzer and Jan Pauls have any say in it. Hopefully, Pauls will be GONE!

    I think I know the real reason the hateful christians, which are not all christians, but the hateful ones want these “kill the queers and legalize bigotry” bills.

    They are so phucking afraid that someday, if we have equality, the queers will treat them the same way they’ve treated us all these years. Do unto others, ya know?

    Fortunately, I think cooler heads in the gay community will prevail. Plus, we’ll be so happy with the victories, and so exhausted financially and emotionally from the fights, we’ll just want to live in peace. The hateful christians can deal with their god on judgement day. But don’t think for one minute they fear how we will treat them if we ever wield the same power.

    Karma, she’s a bitch, ya know?

    • Do you honestly think these Fundy hateful Christians will accept any final ruling giving equal protection to everybody?

      These are the same hateful folks who scream for prayer in schools BUT they want only THEIR Christian prayer – nobody else need apply.

      • Heh, Indy. I’m sure they will never surrender. Look how many bigots are still fighting desegregation and the civil rights acts 50+ years old.

        Hatred dies hard. Love seems to be a more fragile plant.

  8. Hey Fnord, I read today they may have discovered a gene mutation that prevents and maybe even cures type 2 diabetes. Something about Harvard, Amgen and Mass General doing the research.

    Do I need to thank your son for this? I’d bet my last dollar he and his company had something to do with this breakthrough.

    Tell him thanks!

    • He is involved in this work. I have only heard bits and pieces, but it sounds so promising for so many! He’s always too busy for me to talk with him as long as I want.

      • My son has Type 1 diabetes – but I am so glad there is a new prospect for a cure for Type 2 diabetes.

        I’ve often wondered if part of the reason we have not seen a cure for any chronic disease is because a lot of people would lose their millions in profit if suddenly there was not a demand for their over-priced meds and products any longer.

        Money talks and bullshit walks….

        And – I am not blaming the researchers for this – I blame these corporations who seem to squash any potential threat to their millions/billions in profit.

        For example – look at the car manufacturers and/or oil companies. Why do you think we are still hooked on the gasoline-powered mode of transportation?

        It all boils down to M-O-N-E-Y

        My firm belief is – some things should never be about making profits…

        health care is at the top of my list

      • Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Koch. All are pure evil.

    • I am type two so it would be great, though I have managed to maintain and accept the things I have to do. It can be difficult at times and when my blood sugars get out of whack. It can be quite an experience. I do not like anything about the feels or the way I think during it.

      • I hate it too, R.D. I hate it every day. The problem with diabetes is not that it kills you, it’s that it kills you slowly, painfully, and robs us of one or more body parts at a time.

        I know other diseases are horrible as well. I guess there is no order of magnitude in illness. It all freakin’ sucks.


    Has anyone else seen or heard about this ?

    What is wrong with people? Who the hell would be taking photos up the skirts of women?

    Okay – as I read this article, the law as it was written did not specifically prohibit people taking ‘upskirt’ photos.

    But when does common decency and common courtesy come into play here?

    DAMN……are we all in junior high boy locker rooms when these little idgits giggle at the word – boobs?

    • BTW – isn’t it a sad commentary on our society when a state legislature has to deal with this upskirt photo ban issue when there are families going hungry, homeless people, lack of living-wage jobs and other bigger fish to fry.

      Is it just me or has our morals gone downhill since all these mega churches started popping up on every damn corner?

      Maybe someone should do a study on why that is…….

    • Indy the reason why men are not subject to such things…. No one wants to see their short-comings!

  10. Sometimes, you really can’t make this stuff up.

    Truly, “Jesus wept!”

  11. Here is link where the Gannon v. State decision may be downloaded:

    It’s a 110 page decision. Not easy reading. Be careful of statements from either side as to what the decision means, as I have seen misstatements concerning the decision being made.

    • Have you already read it, or plan to? I can wait patiently. 🙂

      I have no understanding of why anyone thinks this legislature will comply. They don’t seem to mind being ‘unconstitutional.’

      • I’ve read it quickly, and will likely read it more carefully over the weekend. The Kansas Supreme Court was amazingly restrained towards the Legislature. See quick comment I made on FB earlier today for first thoughts. Have a good weekend.