Thursday, 3/6/14, Public Square

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by | March 6, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Conservatives have created a bizzaro world where up is down and black is white. Profess one goal and do exactly the opposite of what will achieve that goal.

  2. I agree Pond, I can not watch Fox without ending up yelling “ARE YOU BAT SHIT CRAZY?” . Right now they are wanting us to go to war with the Soviet Union. It would result in the destruction of the financial and structural status of the U.S. Not to mention that if common sense did not come soon then nuclear war when one side is so depleted that they would throw everything away.

    • You know the neocons are desperate for war when they want to not only restart the Cold War but have an actual war with Russia. Do they think they are dealing with Gorbachav?

  3. Hey, Indy, not that you need fuel for your fire, but I thought of you when I read this. It’s the first in a series about lying by evangelical colleges in the south. I thought you’d find it familiar.

    • Hey , Prairie Pond, you want to hear something spooky?

      This college was right down the road from my own Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

      This college was often our ‘rival’ in a lot of things like basketball, football, baseball -heathen souls to be saved………

      You know, there are only so many damn heathens in the woodpile to convert…..LOL

      But, thanks for posting this and you know me so well………

  4. Wonderful news for me and my family – our newest grand daughter arrived at 2:23am this morning.

    Her name is Kinley June – 7lbs 15oz, 19 1/2 inches long and Beautiful and Perfect….

    Momma (my daughter) and Daddy are doing fine. It’s been a long past 24hrs…and this grandma was there for most of it……

    and, now, I am off to get some sleep of my own…… old tired bones are not up for these all-nighters anymore…

    • Congratulations! I really like her name and I think as soon as everyone is rested the nurturing, loving, spoiling, enjoying should start and continue for a lifetime!

    • wicked

      Congrats to all of you!! Such a precious gift to remind us that all is not lost. 😉 Let’s hope we can make this a better world for Kinley and all future generations. And, like fnord, I love the name!

    • Congratulations Indy to you and all of yours.

    • Great news, indy. Congratulations to the parents (and to grandma for making it through).

    • Thanks everyone for your good wishes and congrats.

      My daughter and her husband had kept the name a secret – and I love the name Kinley also.

      It’s unique – like my other two grandkids’ names – and the name fits her. They named her June after her daddy’s grandmother – a very sweet woman.

      Wicked – I agree that when a new baby is born, it does remind us that all is not lost in this world.

      The potential for a positive change in this world is there every day – we just have to be constantly aware that we make a choice every day which path we prefer.

      When I got home today, the first thing I saw on television was news about the CPAC event.

      Why do those folks even bother having a meeting? All they do is HATE Obama 24/7………and like R.D. pointed out in his comment…….after an hour of debunking their lies, it gets old.

      I am waiting for the era of Bullies and their Mean Girls Club cheerleaders to come to an end….

  5. Do not click on this it turned out to be a viruses loading link!

  6. well so much for playing on Face book, I have been spreading hate and discontent among the Nazi-cons about their posts, because I am a Republican my page gets loaded down with all kinds of crap and lies. For awhile I enjoy pointing out their lies and crap. But after nearly an hour It gets so old and seemingly pointless.

    • I am a registered Republican and the crappola I get in my email box and my mailbox – just make me want to scream.

      Did you get the RNC fundraising letter through the snail mail?

      I did – don’t even bother reading it because there is one theme – WE HATE OBAMA…

      When will these people grow up?

      • Like you, I get LOTS of this from republicans (because that’s how I’m registered too). The things they print is easily debunked in a matter of minutes. It leaves me knowing they aren’t even honest and there’s no way you can trust them.

      • It leaves me with the confirmation that these folks are proud to be ignorant.

        None are so blind as those who refuse to see? — or do research to find out the truth…

  7. wicked

    Okay, friends, let’s see if the rule of positive energy can make something good happen. Let’s all think SPRING as if it’s here and see if we can rid ourselves of this godawful winter weather we’ve had since November. I’m willing to try anything, at this point. At this rate, I won’t thaw until July.

  8. I agree, Wicked. Why is it that the temperatures are rising and I feel colder than ever? I even have a heated mattress pad turned up to 8 out of 10 and I am STILL cold in bed? I feel like I can’t take much more of this and we have snow showers predicted for Friday. I hope they are wrong.

    • wicked

      My feet are never warm. My office is a converted garage with a cement floor. Granted, it’s carpeted, but the heat/cool vents are in the ceiling, and the warmer/cooler air never gets to the floor. I swear there’s a 30 degree difference between 6 feet up and floor level. In the coldest of the weather, I’ve been wearing leggings under jeans, two shirts, and 3 pairs of socks under lined, quilted booties. Nighttime isn’t so bad. My son-in-law brought back a blanket from the Middle East that is amazing. Brand name is Solaron, made in South Korea. It’s the only blanket I use.

      • I’ll remember that blanket brand. I don’t work on a concrete floor, but I plead 100-year-old farmhouse shaking in western Kansas winds. Oh, and, propane conservation.

        Good thing I have a big brown Weim lying on my feet to keep them warm. Too bad she’s no longer allowed on the bed after an unfortunate bed wetting incident. (Her, not me!)

        Maybe I could loan her out for your office? She’d probably eat you out of house and home. Big appetite, just like her Mama! I guess it takes a lot of dog chow to generate that much heat.

      • wicked

        I’m very familiar with old farmhouses. I spent 24 years in one. The upstairs wasn’t heated. I would sit at the computer with a small heater under the desk, two blankets and a heating pad. I guess I really shouldn’t complain about the present. But I do miss straddling that old floor furnace on cold mornings.

        I’ll let you keep that Weim. 😉 3 cats and a Peke are enough to feed.