Tuesday, 3/4/13, Public Square

I am sick of the anti-American rhetoric coming from the mouths of McCain, Graham and the rest of the war-hungry ‘right.’ If there is anything which is weak in a situation like the current one in Ukraine, it is congressional leaders blatant disrespect for our country.

Here are Bush’s words from his ranch is Crawford:



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  1. Lots of sad, crappy, scary stuff going on in the world, in America, and in Kansas today. So…here’s something different.


    Laisser le bon temps rouler, or as we say in southeast Texas, “baby let the good times roll.”

    Jambalaya on the menu here. No drinks. Yet, anyway….

    • Prairie Pond – don’t remind me of sad, crappy scary stuff going on – my newest grand daughter is due this in two days (Thursday) – so I am hoping against hope that maybe the true Goddess (a lesbian black woman?) will strike down all these Bible Thumpers/Tea Party/1% Republicans who have been using the name of God and Jesus to haul in their tax-free millions and maybe – just maybe – the world will have a chance to accomplish more good than evil?

      I would settle for the real Biblical Jesus to come back to these mega churches and televangelist studios to beat them all with a whip and make them scatter like the cockroaches they truly are…

  2. Not very long ago (September of 2013) Putin felt it was his right to advise President Obama. Here’s what he had to say —

    A Plea for Caution From Russia
    What Putin Has to Say to Americans About Syria

  3. Since republicans have become Putin’s cheerleaders I think we should get all the war mongers together so they can praise one another in person. I understand how the McCains, Grahams, et al, alienate people of common sense and those capable of critical thinking skills, I know the majority of women are totally turned off by the constant beating of the drums of war. So don’t interrupt the idgits who have yet to recognize the impact of women voters.

    • CONservative Fools do not care. Even when in total power – what did they do? They applauded while their LIttle Cowboy Georgie invaded Iraq for no damn good reason…..

      And they STILL defend their actions to this day.

      As for the graphic depicting what GWB had to say about Putin and Russia invading their neighbors…….

      Again, I say, this is just yet another one of those CONservative Rabid Religious Right Republicans Puritanism………

      I can do anything I want ….but God will strike YOU down if you do the same thing.

      I have come to the point where I hate these Bible Thumpers………NeoCons……and their way-too-many idgit followers….

      The fact that I got a fundraising letter from the RNC – Reince Priebus himself, and all the main theme in that letter was how much they HATE Obama.

      Okay – the old saying – fight fire with fire – comes to mind.

      But my hate will not be shown in trying to scream down every CON idgit – but to continue to expose their many lies and forward them to every CON idgit that has darkened my email account.

      I have never sent any political crappola to any of my friends – not even to those who include my email addy in their huge paragraph of fellow idgits (and included my addy without my permission, I might add).

      But, those days are gone. I will expose every damn lie they spew from their lying lips or their keyboard since they send that crappola to me through email.

      2014 is no longer just an election – it is the point of no return – IMHO.

      If you want these CONS in power – then just don’t go vote.

      If you think these CONS are not that crazy – well, good luck if you’re a woman, minority, working person, elderly, sick, children of all ages.

      These CONS are so damn mad because they have lost to a black man not once, but twice. There is no CON in this current herd that I would trust to even be a moderate – anymore.

      My hope is that 2014 midterm elections will make these Bible Thumpers/Tea Party folks so mad they will surely get their God to justify how they burn down the GOP and start their very own, exclusive, Jesus Club.

      My secondary hope is – these Bible Thumpers/Tea Party folks will get so mad they will leave America forever.

      But, I know this will never happen because what other country would be stupid enough to manipulate our system so that Bible Thumpers get tax free money through their fake churches and Tea Party folks get the lion’s share of the health care at a very small price?

      And the 1% wealthy will NEVER leave because what other country would consistently give more tax breaks and/or taxpayer subsidies so that these 1% can send American jobs overseas to exploit cheap labor AND get paid taxpayer-funded subsidies while shutting down the businesses here in America.

      bottom line – if our system was not so screwed up – we would not have these Bible Thumpers/Tea Party/1% Republicans.

      These are the folks that suck off the government teat…….take away the damn teat, and these idgits will either have to move to another country or die from starvation.

      Either way – they will be gone…

      and that would be a GOOD thing…

  4. I heard the headlines about Obama’s new budget.

    The main thing I got was that Earned Income Credit will be expanded.

    I know I will probably piss off some people by saying this again…..but I worked in the business of tax return preparation for several years.

    The most common question I heard was – what is the maximum income amount that I can earn and still get earned income credit?

    There are folks who intentionally work the system of Earned Income Credit.

    These are two ways to do this:

    1) If you’re a couple with kids – do NOT get married. If married and you both work, chances are high that you will make more than the maximum income level to qualify for the EITC.

    2) Along about fall time, find out what the maximum income level for EITC is and then make sure by counting your paychecks for the rest of the year that you will be under that stated amount.

    I have seen people actually quit their jobs – or go part time – in order to be just under that maximum amount.

    As a general rule, this is also the person who is living with the father of her kids but they are not married – so she gets to file as a single mother (another BINGO chip worth money).

    My question is this:

    How is the above system manipulation fair to my grown kids who have chosen to get married – and stay married – and have their kids after they got married?

    My grown kids all work and they do not qualify for Earned Income Tax Credit.

    And in large part – it is due to the fact they are married.

    But yet these Republican idgits think that gay marriage is what is ruining our country?

    I call Bull Shit……….

    • Just make the minimum wage a “living wage” and eliminate the EITC.

      Gaming the system = anyone who knows there are ways to lawfully minimize income taxes and takes appropriate lawful actions to so do. Applies to both corporations and individuals.

      • Yes, this is true. But, my grown kids chose to get married and have their kids after they got married – isn’t that the morals and values our society is supposed to value?

        Hell – why should couples get married anymore – look at the damn priests molesting kids for years and they didn’t get thrown into Hellfire.

        The Catholic Church leaders that knowingly covered up the crimes of child molestation did not get their hands slapped – they still look like little plump, fat degenerates who have yet to miss one meal.

      • Not sure any more, indy.

  5. One more thing to add to George W. Bush’s statement in the above graphic –

    respect the religions of your neighbors

    Nothing makes me more angry than to see a bunch of White Christians go into a foreign country and try to convert the native people.

    And ….have you noticed that is usually these White Christians who think they have the right to go into any foreign country and adopt native kids?

    Hey – Bible Thumper – if your God is so all knowing and never wrong – then why did God place that foreign kid in his foreign country and not put that kid within your own womb?

    Are you saying God was wrong when he placed that kid in his foreign country?

    And you’re there to correct the mistake……

    Is that really what you’re saying???

    • Speaking of God dong the wrong thing…..

      why do you suppose God put all that oil beneath the feet of Muslims or Communist Russians?

      If God really likes White Americans the very best – then God really did blow it big time by putting all that beautiful oil in the wrong countries…didn’t he?

      • To take this one step further – if your God truly loves the White Christians the very best – then why did God make his son be born a Jew?

        1) Jesus was a Jewish man that did not have a mega church, did not wear Gucchi robes and blinged out gold jewelry.

        2_ Jesus was born into a working class family in the carpentry business.

        3) Jesus stood up to the fake religious leaders by protecting the vulnerable, outcasts of society, thieves, prostitutes.

        4) Jesus healed the sick for free and even made a dead man come alive. (wow, can you imagine the profit Jesus would have made if he had charged for his health care services?)

        5) Jesus fed the hungry – without demanding any Return of Investment (ROI)

        6) Jesus also told the thief next to him on the cross while dying that he would be in Heaven with him.

        7) Haven’t you ever wondered why Jesus did not take the opportunity during his last minutes on the cross to speak to the fake religious leaders and the other rich men in the crowd?

        8) Oh yeah, that’s right, the fake religious and rich men were the ones who were laughing and mocking Jesus as he was put to death.

        9) It was the WOMEN who took care of Jesus after his death. It was the WOMEN who truly benefited from Jesus’ love and compassion.

        And, by GOD, I hope it will be the WOMEN in 2014 who vote for political leaders who actually know what the true message of Jesus and Christianity was – and it was certainly not to become filthy rich off fleecing the vulnerable sheeple for tax free money – provided by that evil government they preach about every damn Sunday).

        I have no problem with the true message of Jesus. What I have a problem with are these fake mega church preacher boys and their cousins Bubba the Televangelist – and their distant cousins the Pope and HIs Boys.

        Just because you wear the clothes of a preacher does not make you the messenger of God’s love.

        You’re just one well-dressed CON man – at the expense of all your sheeple being very good sheeple.

      • And , don’t get me started on the CAtholic Church and their pro life stance and pro family.

        These folks love to rant and scream but it is perfectly okay for a man to annul a 25-yr marriage that produced 5 kids because he found himself a new trophy wife. As long as the Pope gets his 30 piece of silver from the man, then everything is okay – you betcha. wink-wink

        And I have not even started on the many years of child molestation done by priests and with the Catholic Church leaders knowingly making the choice to cover up those crimes.

        And NOBODY seems to give a damn about that in today’s society.

        My ex-devout Catholic friend actually used the words ‘it’s a little problem’ when we were discussing this issue several years ago.

        It is NOT a little problem…..it is a huge problem. Especially when these same santimonius, pious and self-absorbed Catholics continue to support the very same church leaders involved.

        As for this new rock star Pope – I still think he is just a marketing gimmick to get everyone to forget about their ‘little problem’.

        When I see this Pope actually put up a Yard Sale sign at the Vatican – then I might just start to believe this man gives a damn.

        Until that day………it is a marketing gimmick – and apparently it must be working.

        After all, we are living in a consumerism and marketing world – aren’t we?

        How many times have we heard the Republicans say that they just need to know how to ‘market’ their message to women?

        NO, ass wipes, the problem is YOUR message……

  6. I just received another email……

    This time it is from a group that makes me want to scream every time their television ad comes on……..one of those Christian online dating services.

    Again – I have to ask – if your God is so all knowing and does every thing perfect – then why would his believers need to pay this Christian dating site a bunch of money so you can get laid?

    Think about it………..

    • BTW – whoever bought the marketing gimmick list where my name appeared to get this email might just want to check on some facts..

      I am married, 37 years to the same man, and I am NOT a loyal robot devotee to any of these mega churches where this online dating service is the latest trend….

      What’s next? An online service to tell you when to piss?

  7. http://t.foxsports.msn.com/nfl/cowboys-restructure-romo-two-others-to-save-cap-space

    Here is a perfect example of what I was saying the other day…

    Just because you call something by a different name, does not change the overall fact that it is still what it was originally.

    For example – this overpaid football player’s contract has been ‘reworked’ so the team can meet the maximum cap.

    Hmmm….so they did this by changing this overpaid player’s base salary to part bonus and with reworking other overpaid footplayers’ contract – the team can qualify for whatever benefit they are seeking.

    Tell me….bottom line……did Romo’s total paycheck get changed – or even pruned?

    Oh HELL NO……….

    Just another pile of dog shit being labeled as something else – so that some imaginary rule can be met…..

    Why not just change he damn rule and be done with it?

    This is just like all those government deals that local and federal government give these certain 1% wealthiest. I don’t really care what you call the government-packaged financial deal when it comes to building a damn theme park with a big-ass noah’s ark – then shouldn’t it be something the government has NOTHING to do with?

    • As you might ascertain – I am in a bad mood today.

      • I’ve had the flu since Sunday – I was only out of the house once and that was to Walmart on Saturday to stock up for the coming bad weather.

        Well, I did go through the Pharmacy Department…..I wonder how many damn flu germs I got from all those Tea Party folks who were there to get their free meds – thanks to GWB . Medicare D – another federal program from Republicans that was never paid for…..

      • I hope you get better fast. You have to! There’s a baby coming. 🙂

  8. http://t.entertainment.msn.com/first-lady-bringing-soul-singers-to-white-house?toc=music

    Here she goes again – our First Lady Michelle Obama is bringing in ‘those people’ to represent the women of American.

    Every Stepford Wife Republican woman knows that SHE is the epitome of what a ‘true American woman’ really is…

    Stepford Wife Republican woman rules:

    1) Always have your hair done – and preferably in that Nancy Reagan hairstyle – you know what I mean girls, never mussed………

    2) Always wear your Sunday best dress (and a fresh change of underwear) – you never know when Jesus will come back and grab your arm to take you up into Heaven.

    3) Always walk 10-20 feet behind your husband (or in some cases, your second husband, third husband or just your damn partner in adultery).

    4) Last but not least – because this is the most important rule – sit down and STFU.

  9. Arch conservative George Will slams right wing warmongers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham on Obama foreign policy, says US position of weakness in Ukraine is not really Obama’s fault, and that kind of thinking is “Narcisistic Policy Disorder.” And he said it on Fox News, too.


    • But you know there are more yahoos on Fox News than there are people like George Will, who on occasion can sound like a reasonable person.

      But, don’t dare turn your back on any of them..

      BTW – According to the Obama Haters – Obama is a tyrant one day and then a weakling the next day

      How the hell can he be both?

      It is only possible if one truly HATES the black man in the White House.

      I’ve said this before…….CONS do not give a damn about what they say, how they say it, the words they use or who the hell they hurt in the process.

      These folks are nothing more than a bunch of P.O.S. floating at the top of the GOP sewer tank.

  10. Who works for who?

  11. Paul Ryan’s report titled “The War on Poverty: 50 Years Later” is probably the most amusing, yet aggravating, thing I’ve read in a long time! In it he critiques the federal government’s anti-poverty policies, claiming they have had little success and actually created a “poverty trap.” He uses the data in this report to back up the upcoming release of the House Budget, which wants to cut money from many social programs. Just one problem…

    He doctored the data! Multiple economists have reviewed the report and pointed out various errors in the methodology — creating misleading evidence and conclusions.

    Economist Jared Bernstein wrote an article detailing the many problems with the report, stating: “While much of the commentary suggests that federal antipoverty efforts have failed and are fraught by wasteful duplication, the evidence — some of which is in here and much of which is conspicuously missing [sic] — belies that facile claim.”

    Ryan simply dropped the two most successful years of poverty reduction off the report! In fact, many of the economists that Ryan cites in the report itself have spoken out that he misinterpreted their data!

    “According to an article in The Fiscal Times, numerous economists whose research was cited in Ryan’s report have noted that their work was misrepresented across a range of issues, including the effectiveness of past welfare reform efforts and the effect of housing vouchers on labor outcomes. Additionally, Columbia University economist Jane Waldfogel claimed that, in its assessment of the war on poverty, the report “seemed to arbitrarily chop off data from two of the most successful years of the war on poverty.””

    It is sad that the GOP standard seems to be “If you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em!” I can agree with the quote from Mark Twain, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Numbers can be twisted to make anything look right. And of course Fox “News” has had people on many of its shows since the report came out touting how ‘brilliant’ it is. So if your right-wing-nutjob friends mention Ryan’s report, try to resist the urge to laugh outright or beat them over the head with insults. Just explain the truth and hope that it somehow matters anymore.

    What Economists Say About Paul Ryan’s Report On Poverty

  12. This says, “As Ryan’s own analysis points out, numerous progressive-minded spending programs have helped millions of Americans and significantly reduced the nation’s poverty rate. Below are 16 examples from Ryan’s own report of how the government can help lower-income Americans make ends meet:”


  13. (from the link): Ben Shapiro’s new ebook How To Debate Leftists And Destroy Them: 10 Rules For Winning The Argument comes complete with eleven rules about how (and three more about when) conservatives should act like mean, nasty bullies, in order to help them defeat liberals, who have a tendency to make conservatives look like mean, nasty bullies.


  14. Yet, they’re ever eager to send other people’s kids to die in unnecessary and pointless wars!

  15. (from the link): I understand why anti-war folk don’t like Rumsfeld, but if you were pro-war you really shouldn’t like him

    A Soldier’s Stories: Iraq Tour Yields Fictional Homecomings
    Author Phil Klay on the inner lives of vets and the incompetence of Donald Rumsfeld.

  16. Lindsey Graham wants Obama to be a decider like George W. Bush, and just go to war already.

    President Obama is not going to do that. In fact, he is pursuing a strategy that the war crazed right abhors. In each of his statements, the president has made it clear that if action is taken it will be with the international community.

    There will be no “go it alone” strategy under the leadership of Barack Obama. The president isn’t going to declare Russia to be part of an axis of evil, or tell the world that they are either with us or against us.

    What Sen. Graham doesn’t understand is that real presidential strength and leadership comes from the ability to build support and coalitions that will accomplish the objective. George W. Bush might have been decisive, but he was a weak leader who could never get the world behind his invasion of Iraq.

    The United States should lead the world, not go it alone.

    Republicans like Sen. Graham can almost taste the blood that a new military conflict would spill. They are aroused by the idea that their Cold War fantasies of war with Russia could finally be realized.

    President Obama is reacting to this crisis in the way that a strong leader of the global community is supposed to. The days of cowboying it up, and sending our young men and women to die in wars of choice are over.

    What Lindsey Graham is criticizing as weakness is exactly what makes Obama a strong president and his comments are proof that Republicans have learned nothing from their many failures during the presidency of George W. Bush.

    Graham’s comments illustrate why Republicans still can’t be trusted, or put in charge of our troops and foreign policy.


  17. What a concept.

    “In 2005, Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker. So, the state began giving away apartments, with no strings attached. Each participant in Utah’s Housing First program also gets a caseworker to help them become self-sufficient, but they keep the apartment even if they fail. The program has been so successful that other states are hoping to achieve similar results with programs modeled on Utah’s.”