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  1. (from the link): During Apple’s annual shareholder’s meeting today, CEO Tim Cook angrily rebuffed a representative from the National Center for Public Policy Research or NCPPR — a conservative think tank — that asked the company to disclose the costs of its sustainability programs, such as solar energy facilities, and to embrace a corporate policy that focused on profits above all else.

    The representative asked Cook about the impact of the company’s renewable energy programs on its bottom line, and also asked Cook to commit to only undertaking projects that were explicitly profitable.

    The CEO did not take this well, according to a report from MacObserver, which said that Cook’s body language changed significantly and his gentle and controlled speaking style gave way to a rapid-fire response.

    Tim Cook Angrily Rejects Political Proposal Asking for Profits-First Policies

    • Isn’t Apple also the company that uses cheap labor overseas to make all their phones?

      While I applaud the CEO- Mr. Cook – for telling this shareholder back….but in the end, that conservative think tank got Mr. Cook to go on record that he does not really put the ROI as his first thought – didn’t they?

      And – for those folks who think that profits come before people – they got exactly what they wanted – the chance to make Apple look bad.

      These conservatives do not give a damn about what is morally right or wrong – they are only concerned with WINNING the argument….

      These folks are F-O-O-L-S………nothing we say or do will ever change their foolish minds………..

      But, these conservatives are not big fools when it comes to knowing how to manipulate the tax dollars to get what they want……..

      Abraham Lincoln should have cut off the damn Southern States without a single dime……

      All their shit has not been worth any of their good points – IMHO

      • By good points – I mean – the coast line states for trade purposes, their oil and other resources from their states.

        If these damn CONS would put their energies towards accomplishing something positive -instead of all this damn fighting – it would make a world of difference.

        But, alas, I went to college in Chattanooga in the mid 1970’s and my husband’s corporation relocated us to Chattanooga Tennessee in 1990.

        Let’s just say – 20 years had passed but you would have never known it once you got to talking to the local people.

        The most used phrase down there was – if it was good enough for my grandpa, then it is good enough for me.

        Okay, I an agree with that sentiment – to a point. But these were folks who were fighting repairing the roads and bridges and/or building new routes.

        Tennessee did not have any State Income Tax at that time – and these folks always said – my grandpa never paid no taxes – why should I?

        Throw that type of thinking in with those plethora of mega church buildings down there – and maybe now you an understand why these CONservative Rabid Religious Right Republicans are the way they are…

        BTW – Down there, everybody went to church on Sunday morning – whether you were sober or not.

        It was well known fact – the bars would get closed down on Saturday night by those sitting in the front row at their mega church – just a few hours later.

        And – let’s just say – the hooker street in down town Chattanooga always did a brisk business from all those churches………….

        Yea, all these folks loved to live like the devil during the week – but, BY GOD, they were in the front row listening to that preacher spew his hellfire and brimstone to that ‘other guy over there’.

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  3. I agree with the Sister’s assessment of being pro-life in the graphic today.

    But….she left out the fact that her own church leaders knowingly made the choice to cover up the crime of child molestation for years…..decades…..

    So, my question to her is – why is still a NUN?

    I liked the video of Sonya Reece – she included the child molesters in the church.

    There is really something wrong when Pro Life Catholics go on and on about how evil birth control and abortion is – but yet will give a Get out of Jail free pass card to their Catholic Church leaders who knowing made the choice to cover up the crime of child molestation.

    How come these Catholic Church leaders – all male – get to have ‘choice’ and women don’t?