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2014 republican platform


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  1. Arkansas state Rep Josh Miller’s vote to deny Medicaid expansion despite his own dependence upon the program is THE FACE of today’s republicans. Like so many in the GOP, now that he got his, why should he walk in someone else’s shoes and allow any “low life moochers” to collect the kind of “handouts” that helped him survive? He deserves it, but they, whoever “they” are do not.

  2. The problem on Facebook, when you have declared certain things like you are a Republican. suddenly you find so many brain dead and delusional post from organizations and people you do not know or want to it would seem.

    • Facebook has many problems in my opinion. That said, I don’t know how to stay in touch with people like Zippy, CF, Cap’n, other long-time friends and family without Facebook.

      • I have not been on Facebook for a long, long time. My husband and I have had some so-called family friends be very dogmatic in their views and their insatiable quest to track us down.

        Hey, if I wanted to keep in touch with you – I would have made it a point to keep in touch with you.

      • I understand, there are a number of people I know that I would have no idea what was going on if not for Facebook.

  3. They’re back. Keep your eyes open and ears to the ground! They tell you one thing and do the opposite! This time the ‘stated’ plan is to look back at a bill that passed in 2013 and was signed into law by Brownback.

    Religious freedom and gay rights debate will re-emerge in Kansas Legislature next week

    • If these Rabid Religious Righties want to push for religious freedom – then it is okay with them (by their own proposed law) that if I choose to put up a sign that I do not want to serve any Bible Thumpers because it goes against my religion – would be okay in their eyes?

      Religion is a two-sided sword…..and those who choose to use their religion as their weapon – are the first in line to be sliced and diced by the other side of that chosen weapon.

      I listened to one Arizona legislator try to justify voting for that anti-gay law by using the analogy of a Jewish deli being asked to serve pork products.

      Uh, where in any law does it state that businesses have to serve all kinds of food?

      Anybody with one working brain cell knows that if you want pork products at a catered event – you don’t use a Jewish deli.

      Same way I feel about Rabid Religious Right folks – I don’t like their flavor of Christianity, so I would never go to their events.

      God, use some damn common sense…….

      • Makes sense to me and sounds like something I would do when the spirit hits me. It would certainly make the news and if done right would make the point and generate good discussion.

    • Then, there is this —

      The City of Topeka Human Relations Commission meets on Monday, March 3 at 5:30 in the Holliday Buildings – 620 SE Madison. There will be discussion about the proposed ordinance that would add gender identity to protected classes for employees of the City of Topeka, add same-sex partner benefits for City of Topeka employees, and establish a Domestic Partnership Registry.

      Meetings are open to the public and there is a public comment period. Please feel free to come and share your thoughts about LGBT equality.

      I think this sounds like PROGRESS!!

      • At least the second bite at the apple in Topeka, IIRC. The first time, the opponents shoved the proposal up the a** of the proponents by many actions. Hope this one fairs better.

  4. For all this wailing and gnashing of teeth by these Rabid Religious Right Republicans about Christians being so persecuted – then pray tell, why is there a movie titled ‘Son of God’ that is being marketed to everyone within earshot of a television?

    Can you imagine the outrage from these same Loud-N-Proud Christians if a movie about Muslims and Allah were to be marketed ?

    But…if you truly believe in capitalism, free trade and religious freedom – then both movies should be allowed – and even encouraged.

    I suspect these Rabid Religious Right Republicans would have all their tightie-whities in a twisted frenzy if any Muslim movie ever dared to be made in America..

    THIS is also hypocrisy – IMHO.

    If RRR’s truly believe in religious freedom – then let them show it by the way they act.

    • The RRRR’s want prayer in the schools – or so they say.

      What these folks really mean is they want THEIR prayers in schools – nobody else need apply.

      And then – as we have all seen – the RRRR’s are not content with any Christian prayer – it has to be a certain ‘type’ of Christianity portrayed… other need apply.

  5. The author of this piece has it figured out!

    (from the link): “When I say that my material fortune is the result of God’s blessing, it reduces The Almighty to some sort of sky-bound, wish-granting fairy who spends his days randomly bestowing cars and cash upon his followers.”

    • The way these RRRR’s talk about their God bestowing wealth on certain folks also makes me remember how many of these same RRRRs talk about how God heals people.

      Okay – I believe in divine intervention (which is NOT to say I believe in some mystical God figure sitting on some damn golden throne in the sky).

      But….when my brother died at the age of 57 from liver cancer – what these RRRRs are really saying is that my brother was not worthy of God’s healing?

      Or did God just hate my brother and that is why my brother went through agony and pure hell for 3 years while fighting the colon cancer that eventually went to his liver – which eventually killed him.

      So, which is it you RRRRs?

      Does God really heal or is your God a hateful, vengeful and vindictive God that likes to see good people suffer torment and then die anyway?

      My brother was a good person – a Bible believing Christian – so I guess that this mean since God did not heal my brother – that my brother was not worthy of God’s healing?

      These mega church Rabid Religious Right folks are nothing more than a dime-a-dozen con artists who knowingly sell the product of Jesus and/or God because they know the sheeple are truly that stupid.

  6. The first and foremost sentence on the GOP platform should read :

    We believe in taking taxpayer dollars and giving them to the rich under the disguise of revenue bonds or any other fancy-dancy name these thieves can conjur up all in their desire to make the taxpayers pay for whatever fantasy land project they want at that moment.

    True capitalists use their own money – or go out and get their own investors – and not ‘partner with any damn city, county or state government under the disguise that this is good for the economy.

    I don’t give a damn what name they call these screw-the-taxpayer money grabs – bottom line is – when these fantasyland projects go belly up , the ones holding the bag (as always) will be the taxpayers.

    A bond program is a bond program is a bond program – but a pile of dog shit is still just S-H-I-T