Friday, 2/28/14, Public Square

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  1. The only thing missing from Jamie Dimon in the above picture is his holding up his Bible to thump.

    I put these mega church preacher boys and their cousin Bubba the Televangelist into the same category……..fleecing the sheeple is their first priority..

    • BTW – how many news reports did we hear about how Dick Cheney’s corporation – Halliburton – was not bringing the services they were paid for with tax dollars to our troops in Iraq?

      How many tax dollars went missing down some black hole and NOBODY ever questioned it?

      The mighty ones think they can get away with whatever crappola they want to dish out…..and, apparently, these mighty ones are doing just that.

      It is time for WE the PEOPLE to stand up and say – OH HELL NO…..

      When will Americans finally wake up and realize what is going on?

      But, first, they need to put down their blinged-out cell phones and their designer mega-sized coffee cups and give a damn…..

  2. The GOP has finally given up all pretense of supporting the troops and are using veterans – brain-injured, unemployed VETERANS – as hostages to get what they want. Senate Republicans filibustered Bernie Sanders’ bill that would open or expand more than two dozen veterans medical centers, extend a program for brain injured vets and make more veterans eligible for in-state tuition at public universities.

    Why? Because it is too EXPENSIVE and paying for it with money used to fund the war in Afghanistan that is winding down this year is not real SAVINGS to Republicans since the money wouldn’t have been spent anyway. Follow that logic down a rabbit hole why don’t you?

    Oh wait. Did I forget to mention Republicans wanted an amendment to add MORE sanctions to Iran despite pleas from the administration to allow time for diplomatic negotiations to work? The GOP: Not content with destroying America within our borders; they need to sabotage diplomatic foreign policy as well and are happy to use veterans to do it. But of course, it’s the Democrats fault, just ask any Republican.

  3. When you’ve got an outgoing Republican putting on a full frontal assault using her office against her sitting governor and legislators, it deserves some attention.

    Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger
    warns consumers about proposed legislation

    TOPEKA, KS – Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger today warned Kansas seniors that legislation being considered by state lawmakers would place federal funding for all health care services and health plans under the control of the state legislature and governor.

    Click to access Legislation_news_release_2-26-14.pdf

    You read that right, here’s Kansas plan: To take the money allotted to hospitals, medicaid, child funding, etc. and allow the state legislators – the same ones who spent the last few months debating more extreme anti-abortion legislation, anti-gay legislation and tax cuts a chance to decide how to spend out healthcare dollars.

    • I like Sandy Praeger – and have voted for her every chance I got.

      IIRC – she is a member of that 6-woman bipartisan Kansas group that someone posted on our blog last month?

      Jill Docking was also in that group – remember?

  4. Please read this. Know what the crazies are up to.

    (from the link): If Kansans thought the 2014 legislative session couldn’t get more absurd, they haven’t seen Senate Bill 401, which would alter the crimes and punishments for promoting harmful materials to minors.

    This bill was introduced to the Senate Judiciary Committee by member Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, R-Shawnee – the same woman who sought to ban surrogacy, roll back sex education and who held a public sonogram demonstration inside the Capitol building. It is supported by American Family Action of Kansas and Missouri, which has spearheaded a campaign to remove a bare-breasted statue from an Overland Park arboretum. It has quickly made its way through committee.

    • Is passing out those Fundy Evangelical pamphlets about being saved from the eternal Hell fire and damnation considered to be – harmful material to minors?

      I have received some flyers in the mail from a few Biblical prophecy seminar group that actually frightened my grand kids with all those pictures of the beasts and hell fire everywhere.

      And since my grand daughter can read – if she gets to the mailbox before I do, she is reading this B.S. and then asking me if she is going to go to Hell.

      I consider that crappola to be harmful material to minors – but it still shows up in my damn mailbox.

      There is a phone number listed on this flyer – but the address for this seminar is usually just a room that has been rented by some faceless group.

      The phone number has a recorded message that is nothing more than just the same ol’ prophecy shit that is pictured on the flyer.

      There is never a person that picks up the damn phone……just the damn recorded message.

      How do we get off their list – especially since it is simply addressed to ‘occupant’ or ‘residential homeowner’?

  5. V E R Y interesting charts, graphs and information:

    Visualization: Big Money in Tax Breaks

    All we need to know about the tea party is in the last paragraph of this article.

    These are the folks that want to see Obama brought down at any cost – they want the IRS and Benghazi to be investigated.


    And these are the folks who profess to hate wasteful government spending?

  7. Jim Wright at Stonekettle Station hit the nail on the head again when he addressed Jan Brewer’s veto of the ‘hate gays’ bill in Arizona. And, this time he did it with a few words (compared to his usual long-winded posts). It has little to do with any religious convictions and everything to do with the republican’s worship at the altar of the almighty dollar.

    (from the link): “When Brewer was forced onto the global stage to very publicly choose between state sanctioned Apartheid and the almighty American dollar, not to mention political power, Brewer did the predictable thing.

    She did what these people always do when forced to chose between conviction and profit.

    She took the money.”

    30 Pieces of Silver

    Speaking of harmful material……anyone remember Attorney General Ashcroft and the story about his covering up the naked lady statue?

  9. Look! Evangelinuts have come out with a brand-new set of 10 Commandments!

    So, based on what the GOP stands for, I present to you the Republican Ten Commandments

    1)Thou shalt worship no other Americans but Ronald Reagan.

    2)Thou shalt pay no attention to the fact that tax rates have nothing to do with capitalism. Remember, we were in fact a nation based on socialism before 1980 when our savior was elected.

    3)To speak ill of Ronald Reagan means you are not a real conservative.

    4)Thou shalt honor Ayn Rand’s economic ideologies, but ignore the fact that she was an atheist who thought religious people were fools.

    5)Thou shalt respect your mother and father by ensuring that we privatize Social Security and Medicare so that private corporations can profit from these programs.

    6)Guns are the only means of salvation. Thou shalt live in fear every moment that someone is out to get you.

    7)Though adultery and divorce are acceptable and frequent occurrences (especially in “strongly conservative” states), it is same-sex marriage that will ultimately destroy the traditional family and ruin the sanctity of marriage.

    8)Women are to be treated as subservient to men. Their rights will be determined by panels consisting entirely of males as it is clear men know more, and are better suited to determine female equality and how to handle women’s health.

    9)The poor are but leeches on society seeking a handout from everybody else. The rich suffer the greatest burden of all and it is your responsibility to ensure that the rich are properly taken care of, for they are the job creators.

    10)Thou shalt remember that greed is good, the poor are lazy, gays are bad, women are wicked, Rush Limbaugh is a respectable citizen, Sarah Palin is intelligent and George W. Bush was a great president.

    See more: The Republican Ten Commandments

    • Also from the link above: “These “Ten Commandments” have been sponsored by the Koch brothers, big oil, Fox News, FreedomWorks and the Heritage Foundation. Any attempt to discredit this list of sacred rules is just a liberal conspiracy to destroy the United States of America.”

      • I keep thinking that these Republicans have sunk to the lowest level of their sewer……but they keep surprising me by finding yet another sub-level of the slime they were just in.

        These folks have no shame…….

    • But….but…..if our state takes the federal funding….then that makes Obama the winner….and Republicans will NEVER allow that happen.

      The fools would rather see our entire country come crashing down around them than to give Obama one ounce of credit…

      Hey – a lot of these same Republicans did not seem to care that their LIttle Cowboy, George W. Bush, crashed our economy which threw a lot of Americans out of work……

      If that did not bother these Republican – then I repeat what I posted above.

      These folks have no shame….

  10. After thinking about the graphic above – there might be one explanation as to why this man is not in jail….

    He is not black and wearing a hoodie?

    Apparently, that is what a criminal only looks like to some folks…

  11. Checking (I am sure I have brought this up before) my e-mail it amazes me how much total lies an crap I get. Mainly about the President and how he is selling out this country. It can range from the old stuff about his birth to his religion. Quite a few times in the comment section I point out the lies and state the truth. Oddly if I check back later my comment is gone?

    • Facts seem not to be welcomed into their ‘reality.’ It’s much easier for them to believe what they want.

    • Many of those emails I get from ‘well-meaning Religious Right Republicans’ – are just the same old emails that have been circulating for years.

      There might be a few changed words sprinkled throughout – but the basic emails are being sent around and around the Internet – with no thought to verify the accuracy before some Rabid Religious Rightie decides to add my email to his/her huge paragraph-sized listing of the lucky (dare I say, chosen) ones to receive the good news……

      Whenever I get one of these emails – I first go check it out with Snopes and then I email the response in Snopes (debunking the erroneous email) right back to my well-meaning religious friend……

      At that point – I will also politely ask them to not include my email address in their long list of recipients because I do not want my email address to be available to any yahoo that then thinks he/she can forward me their crappola.

      I recently had to do this to a friend that I did not think was a RRR – but apparently she must be – and boy she must hate Obama.

      Anyway – I politely asked her to not include my email address in her long list of recipients.

      I also made this statement – I have never done anything like this to you – so, why do you feel you have the right to do it to me.

      It’s been 2 months … reply from her……

      Was it something I said?

  12. Rand Paul has set up a block to Obama’s nomination of Surgeon General.

    Why? Guns. That’s why.

    Dr. Vivek Murthy had the temerity to say “Gun Violence Is A Public Health Threat.”

    Rand Paul, “sort of” Opthamologist.
    Rand Paul, show boating clown.
    Rand Paul… who set up his own board to be certified so he could make up the own rules of his certification as a doctor. That’s like you and I creating the “Kranium Kids Klub” and then saying it’s okay for us to do brain surgery on children.

    This guy is a joke. And if you fall for his line of crap, you’re the punchline.

      Since Rand Paul has clearly shown his aspiration to become a presidential candidate for 2016 – I suspect this question of Rand Paul’s board certification will – and should – be brought out into the light of day.

      Perhaps – Rand Paul will decide to answer fully and completely as to why this board where he, his wife and father-in-law appears to be the only key people dissolved after such a short time.

      And why this board they created has not been recognized in the State of Kentucky to be on their list of recognized certified eye doctors.

      I would like to ask one question – if Rand Paul presented himself as board certified and the State of Kentucky did not recognize Rand Paul’s own board on their list – then if Rand Paul took Medicare and/or Medicaid money for his services – is that legal?

    • Bottom line question – why do such Rabid Religious Right Republicans feel the need to be armed to the teeth?

      Don’t they have any trust in their God to keep them safe?

      Next logical question – if God is all knowing and has pre-destined our lives, then wouldn’t God already know if these Rabid Religious Right Republicans are going to be shot and die?

      So, why all this obsession about being armed to protect one’s life?

      Seems to me – if you profess to be such a Religious person that trusts in the all knowing God – then why not just ask that God of yours why he decided to have someone shoot you – if that is your reason for needing so many damn guns…

      The NRA has become a powerful tool in the hands of idgits…….


    This is a very sad commentary on our country – IMHO

    While the Republicans are busy buying all the guns they can – we also hear from these Loud-N-Proud folks that they are God fearing, pro life and pro family folks.

    Hmmm…. How many .Newtown kindergarten kids being mowed down by a young man who was given his guns by his mother does it take to make our country wake the hell up?

    Why are those folks who scream the loudest about being such morally superior folks seem to be the ones with a bunkerful of guns and ammo?

    Something is very wrong……..very wrong….

  14. Did you hear about the republican (of course), greedy, self important, entitled, douchebag, hypocrite, Arkansas Rep. Josh Miller, who seems to think he lives in The United States of Josh Miller. Sounds like a nice place. For Josh Miller.

    Yeah. About 11 years ago, when he was in his early twenties, he was in a catastrophic car accident that broke his neck and left him paralyzed. Medicare and Medicaid paid the $1 million plus bill for his hospitalization and rehabilitation. He was driving with a friend, alcohol was involved, but Miller said he couldn’t remember who was driving. When he arrived at the hospital with his life-changing injuries, he was uninsured.

    And you know what he’s doing today? Miller took office as a state legislator in 2013. He’s living off the government teat (Miller receives ongoing coverage through government programs, including Medicaid-covered personal care assistance) and he is fighting to deny Arkansas residents in every way he can.

    The Arkansas legislature must re-approve funding for Medicaid expansion with a 75-percent supermajority to keep the program going. The funding bill remains a few votes short, including Miller’s, in the 100-member House.

    His is a fairly normal republican response, “I’ve got mine, FU!”


    I just heard about this documentary on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show tonight.

    Imagine, two judges being paid millions to keep for-profit juvenile prisons full.

    Hmmmm….tell me again how our country is all about justice for all and how much we just love our kids……and we’re so pro life and pro family….

    • Please note – the kid that committed suicide was set up by his own dad. The police ‘found’ a bong in his car – which was planted there by his dad who was ‘helping’ the police scare this kid straight.

      Yeah, straight to his death….

      Don’t get me wrong – I do believe in having consequences for breaking the law – but these are juveniles and if you’re framed by your own father, shouldn’t the father also be prosecuted and sent to prison for having that bong in the first place?’

    • IF it’s the “right” family, the “right” color and deserving…

      For -profit prisons. Where the state / city / county has to sign a contract that ensures occupancy. You think they’re going to let the numbers get below what they guaranteed?



    Remember this guy – the creationist that debated Bill Nye?

    Hmmmm……so he has a non-profit ministry (aka the golden fleecing of taxpayers) AND he got revenue bonds from the city where he plans to build this theme park.

    OH, oh,…..but the bonds will be repaid by revenue from the park…

    Hmmm……can we all say Wild West World in Park City?

    What happens to all that repayment of the bond money IF the theme park goes belly up?

    Hmmmm……golden fleecing of the taxpayers and all in God’s name..

    Praise JEEZUS……Amen Brothers and Sisters….pass the collection plate the sheeple are ripe tonight…

    • Indy, should the revenue not be adequate, the Trustee for the bondholders will foreclose on the property, sell it, with the holders eating any loss, to be softened by the appropriate provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. That’s what will happen.

      • Some further thoughts. The taxpayers would be on the hook if the bonds were General Obligation bonds, such as those issued by a city for capital improvements (think a new waste treatment plant, street improvements, etc.). These bonds, as described, are not GO bonds, thus the outcome set out earlier.

    • But the key point here is – if there is any loss….

      and pray tell, did the proceeds from Wild West World cover all the original bond money?

      Besides that – IMHO – why is any nonprofit ministry allowed to get that many millions in public tax dollars?

      Where is this guy’s faith in his God – why doesn’t God provide him with all the money he needs?

      Those who scream the loudest about the evil government are the first ones in line to get that government check made out to their name.

      • indy, it’s not public tax dollars. The public is not on the line for IRB issues. There are two purposes for IRBs: lower interest to be paid by the borrower (the project); and, in some cases, the interest paid is tax free to the holder. This allows the project to go forward at a lower cost. The concept behind IRBs is quite obvious: a successful project generates jobs and makes a positive contribution to the local economy. I’m aware of IRBs being used for “nonprofit” nursing homes, hospitals, etc. in addition to normal for profit corporations. Interestingly, in many issues, the corporation (think Boeing) buys all the bonds.

        As to Wild West World, the bond holders did not receive 100 cents on the dollar from the proceeds of sale of the assets. The losses were not made up by Sedgwick County, the City of Wichita, or any other governmental entity. The bondholders were able to deduct their losses on the bonds as capital losses, as is done on losses on any other security.

      • IF the revenue bonds are not tax dollars – then why did the city have to issue these millions to this non-profit ministry?

        A city is not a group of investors – or at least, they should not be.

        Or are cities now a for-profit venture ?

        As for non-profit hospitals and nursing homes – we all know that non-profit does not mean there is no profit being made…….it’s just a big mess of tax-free money that only the select ‘right’ people can use..

        You betcha….wink-wink

        As for this theme park – there are no tax dollars being used to build roads to get to that damn park?’

        Who is paying for that – those investors?

        And let’s be honest – Boeing has received many more dollars than they ever put in any city or taxpayers’ pockets.

        I have a problem with all these revenue bond projects.

        If these projects are so damn great – then why don’t these folks go to the banks and get a loan in their own names???

      • I remember the building of a fancy upscale residential community just outside of Andover.

        These folks built multi-million dollar homes and expected the City of Andover to just let them breeze in and take over as much money as they wanted to take – in order to sell these overpriced homes to the elite folks in Wichita.

        You see – these developers did not want these elite rich people to have to pay for the roads – water lines – sewer lines……

        But, the City of Andover turned this project down….

        So, the developers came to Rose Hill (the small town of Rose Hill) and pitched their ‘investment’ opportunity.

        Rose Hill city council folks went along with the developers and as a side bonus – they all got free memberships to the damn elite’s golf club……

        And what did the homeowners in Rose Hill get? Higher taxes……to pay for all those roads, water lines and sewer lines for the likes of those elite folks from Wichita who were infamous ‘good ol’ boys’ of Downtown Wichita Developers Mafia…

        These government issued bonds are nothing but a way to put the homeowners on the hook for some fancy-dancy rich guys’ latest fantasy land to be built.

      • I know of a non-profit nursing home who got revenue bonds to embark on a huge building project.

        The city now owns the nursing home……what the hell does the city know about running a damn nursing home?

        And why would any non-profit group want a government entity to own their place?

        That makes no sense……and is this really a good use of city money?

        And where does the city get its money to do these project – can we say taxpayers?

      • Sorry, indy, most major corporate borrowing is done by issuing bonds, not by going to the bank to get a loan. Rose Hill issued GO bonds, it is obvious. The amusement park is not part of any church, and the income therefrom is UTBI (unrelated trade or business income) subject to taxation at corporate income tax rates.

        The city issues the bonds to the investors, and holds the naked legal title to the assets financed thereby. This is subject to a first and prior mortgage in favor of the bondholders (real estate and fixtures) and a PMSI also in favor of the bondholders. If/when the debt evidenced by the bonds is paid, title to the assets is transferred to the owners of the project, who have been paying rent/lease payments to the city during the term of the bond issue.

        The city does not get the money for the projects financed by IRBs from the taxpayers. It comes from the buyers of the bonds. IF the project is financed by GO bonds, the city gets is money from the revenue generated therefrom as well as the taxpayers. A huge difference.

        I understand your ignorance of how IRBs work; I didn’t understand the basics until I’d been in practice for 10 years. We all need to learn, though, so we don’t get run over too many times.