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  1. During her announcement in Arizona yesterday that she would veto the outrageous “religious freedom” bill SB1062, Governor Jan Brewer stated, “It could divide Arizona in ways we cannot even imagine and nobody could ever want.” May I submit to you that SB1062 has already damaged the state and indeed, the entire nation? We cannot put the genie back in the bottle. The reality is that there are people in this state and in other states across the country that truly believe this was a GOOD bill and are at this very moment attempting to pass similar legislation in their own states.

    What is the purpose of distributing so much false information trumpeted as news? Is it simply power or the lack thereof? Power is in short supply for the Republican/Tea Party in America. They are furious that they cannot regain it. They have managed to drum up hate for “the other” since Democrats had the gall, the gumption, to vote for not just a Democrat, but a black Democrat… and not just once but twice! They have spent billions trying convince this country that we, the liberals, the Democrats are the source of all evil. They may have failed, but they have not given up.

    If Republicans cannot win on their own tired ideas that have run the economy into the ground and for the past 30 years contributed to the decline of a strong middle class, they will cheat to regain their power. Take a look at the many voter suppression laws being enacted. Republicans have even given up pretending those laws “protect” against voter fraud. A false argument from the start that cannot be defended in reality, they have actually stated in public forums and in court documents that these laws are designed to keep Democrats from voting. Even with money labeled as speech, they cannot regain their power.

    So Jan Brewer takes credit for saving Arizona from itself but she gets no applause from me. She is part of the problem in this country, she and the others like her that pander to the hate and fear. She is but one of the multitudes of leaders in America who just cannot bring themselves to stand up and denounce the haters, fear mongers and outright idiots who actually BELIEVE every word that comes out of their own mouths.

    Lady Liberals

  2. Every day evangelinuts insist on taking literally what Paul said about homosexuality, but at the same time refuse to take literally what Jesus Christ himself — who never said a single word about homosexuality — said about money in the same book? The book they call the inerrant word of their gawd. Smorgasbord hypocrites.

    “Sell your possessions and give to the poor.” (Luke 12:33)

    “You cannot serve God and Money.” (Matthew 6:24)

    “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.” (Matthew 6:19)

    “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Luke 18:25)

  3. well you know me , I seem to have a battle going with a teacher at my grandson’s school. One morning she called to say that Lucas was wearing underwear that had defecation that appear to be several days old if you recall. Even though he had taken a shower and had on fresh clothes that morning. Anyway, I had to run some clothes up this morning and Joyce gave me the warning to keep my mouth shut since anything I say will be taken out on Lucas or any of the grandsons.

    So it took everything I had to not elaborate, but me being me I told the secretary that I had been told not to use the term, “sanctimonious ass”.

  4. Let’s just hope that Jan Brewer’s veto of the anti-gay bill (and that is exactly what that bill was intended for – and had NOTHING to do with religious freedom) will be one more crack in the upcoming Grand Old Party implosion.

    I keep hoping that these Tea Party Evangelinuts will get tired of their Establishment Republicans (the business side of the GOP) getting their way and throwing these social issues to the ditch.

    If I know these evangelinuts (and I’m sure they are much more mean than when I left them in 1977) – these folks never give up.

    You see – it is not about what is morally right or wrong. These evangelinuts are fighting to be the WINNER – that is all that matters to them.

    Morals are just something these evangelinuts sell to the sheeple to keep all that tax free money coming into their pockets.

    If these folks truly believed in morals – then the Catholic Church would not have paid out millions to victims of child molesting priests.

    IF these folks truly believed in morals – then several mega church preacher boys and their cousin Bubba, the televangelist, would not be fleecing their sheeple on a weekly basis.

    If these folks truly believed in morals – there would be more of them actually cleaning up their own backyards and leaving their neighbors’ backyards alone.

    • Maybe the 2014 midterm elections will be the final crack in the Grand Old Party and all-out civil war will be declared?

      God, between both of them – the lesser evil ones are the Establishment Republicans. And these folks are nothing to cheer about.

      Pass the popcorn….

    I just saw this and thought I would post it here.

    This NFL player came out as gay in 1997 on the Phil Donahue show.

    I’ve got a question. Where was all this outrage from Evangelinut Republicans back in 1997?

    Why are we seeing all this hatred in the past few years?

    Could it be these Evangelinuts see the tide going against them and the majority of Americans support gay marriage?

    Could it be these Evagnelinuts are more emboldened by the corporate money of Tea Party Billionaires to cause havoc within the political arena?

    Could it be these Evangelinuts see their power grip slipping away – and with that, their tax free money might also go bye-bye if more sheeple wake up to the fact that God does not hate homosexuals?

    Or, could it be the fact that a black male Democrat had the nerve to be elected – not once but twice – and that was the last straw for these Evangelinuts?

    God, if they react this way when the black man is in the White House – just wait until Hillary Clinton gets in to the White House…

    My, oh my, what gnashing of teeth and wailing will we witness?

    • If you read article about this NFL player – notice that he shared in his book that he had been raped by a neighbor when he was 10 yrs old.

      That is another problem our country seems to have – isn’t it?

      Young children being raped. Women and young girls being raped.

      And what do we hear from these Evangelinuts about the rape problem?

      We hear NOTHING…..but the fact that women are ultimately responsible for their own rape.

      And, as for children being raped, just take a good look at the Catholic Church’s history of having to pay out millions to victims of child molesters. How many of those guilty perverts were prosecuted – or even kicked out of the church?

      Evangelinuts love to preach down to others about their lofty morals – but just take a good look at what the truth is….. it is not a pretty sight.

  6. Texas. Kentucky.

    Doesn’t this make you giggly? I don’t think Mitch MConnell and Rand Paul are going to be happy campers.

    (from the link): Ruling in a suit brought by four gay and lesbian couples, Heyburn said that while “religious beliefs … are vital to the fabric of society … assigning a religious or traditional rationale for a law does not make it constitutional when that law discriminates against a class of people without other reasons.”

    Heyburn said “it is clear that Kentucky’s laws treat gay and lesbian persons differently in a way that demeans them.”

    Ky. ban on gay marriages from other states struck down

    • Don’t forget Oklahoma. Their appeal of the ruling that struck down their hate amendment is coming up soon.

      Oklahoma. Let that sink in.

      And yet, crickets from Kansas…. We’re in the same judicial district as Oklahoma. If that ruling is upheld, I don’t see how it can be long before Kansas falls. heheh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      I think I’ll send Terry Fox and Joe Wright a sympathy card. On second though? Naaaaaaa.

    • I heard Susan Page of USA Today (I think?) say this morning that she has never seen such a turnaround of public opinion since her early days in the 1980’s as she has seen the public support for gay marriage.

      She stated there is a public tide going against these anti-gay folks who pass legislation like that Arizona anti-gay bill.

      But…you do realize…..that hearing statements like this will just make it all the more easier for mega church preacher boys and their cousin Bubba the televangelist to fill their pockets even more with tax-free money from the sheeple.

      The best way to rake in more tax free millions is by preaching a good ol’ sermon of – God needs us to fight for what is morally right.

      Never mind the fact that these Evanglinuts have the morals of back alley snake.

      • Instead of hating homosexuals – why don’t we ever hear of hating child molesters, adulterers, liars and thieves?

        Why don’t we see these Evangelinuts passing legislation to discriminate against these folks?

        At least these the sins of adultery, lying and stealing are in the Top Ten List of Sins – as is told in the Bible that God himself wrote those laws.

        Why just hating the homosexuals?


    Seems there are three countries that put their money where their beliefs are ….

    But notice what the Uganda president said about how the homosexuals are ‘dear’ to the West – homosexuals need electricity.

    Okay – then – as their president – HE should be providing that electricity and not depend on the money of outsiders…

    God – isn’t that just like a damn Evangelinut – they want to demean and discriminate against the homosexuals but don’t you dare think about stopping the flow of money to the Evangelinuts…

  8. I wonder where Zippy is and how he is doing. I’d love to hear his comments about this Arizona stuff.

    We miss you, Zippy!

  9. Been thinking about the graphic today and this came to mind:

    Republicans hate the Muslims so much they want to go bomb Iran and get rid of these heathens.

    Hmmm……..then these same folks will worship at the feet of St. Ronnie Raygun and proudly pat themselves on their own backs as being such ‘loyal patriots’.

    Hmmmm……..Reagan was the one that sold weapons to Iran – our enemy at the time – but yet these same Republicans don’t see that as being a bad thing to do?

    What was that I said about their morals being that of a back alley snake?

    BTW – Republicans – I am not as stupid as you need me to be to swallow all your S-H-I-T

    While we are talking about Evangelinuts – let’s not forget that it is not only one religion that seems to have this idea they their church is the one and only true way to God ….

    It appears the Church of Scientology has it’s own set of problems… evidenced by this woman’s story.

    The problem is not one’s spiritual faith.

    The problem is when man-made religions rear their ugly heads and want to go to war over who has the God that can beat up all the other Gods..