Tuesday, 2/25/14, Public Square

climate change deniers


by | February 25, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. The creepin’ crud caught up with me — it wasn’t difficult since I don’t move too quickly. Stay warm as you can! This winter isn’t nearly finished.

  2. Take the logic of the cartoon above – since it is raining, the sun is a hoax.

    What do you think the outrage would be if we applied similar logic to these Rabid Religious Right folks’ beloved Jesus?

    I don’t see Jesus in person – I’ve never met anyone that has seen Jesus in person – I’ve never met anyone that knows of anyone that has met Jesus in person…..

    so, Jesus must be a hoax?

  3. http://news.msn.com/us/for-utah-parents-hurdle-to-divorce-could-advance

    I know this is very catty of me…..

    Maybe Mormons should take a page from the Catholics’ book and just call all divorces – annulments – and then ‘ POOF” – there was never any marriage – so no need for that divorce..

    While I can understand the well meaning behind these classes – is it really up to the government to mandate these classes?

    I file this under the Rabid Religious Right Republicans’ strategy that even though they profess to believe in limited government interference – they are more than happy to give government full power over our social issues – such as who gets married and who gets divorced.

  4. http://t.foxsports.msn.com/washington-lobbyist-wants-to-ban-gay-athletes-from-nfl

    Imagine the horror of forcing a son to shower with a gay man in the NFL…

    But, I guess that same son showering with accused rapists and murderers are okay?

    I don’t see these concerned ‘decent people’ this lobbyist is referring to get their holier-than-thou panties twisted in a bunch over the numerous reports of NFL players being charged with the crimes such as I pointed out above – rape and murder.

    But….suddenly….the NFL has lost all morals because they are now openly gay football players.

    God, I wish these Loud-N-Proud and self-proclaiming ‘decent folks’ would just G-R-O-W U-P and let this country move beyond their petty hang-ups.

  5. http://t.money.msn.com/business-news/newsarticle?feed=AP&date=20140225&id=17382432

    What would you do if you found a stash of old coins worth $10 million while out taking a walk on your property?

  6. http://news.msn.com/world/uganda-tabloid-prints-list-of-top-homosexuals
    Read the caption under this photo – this event was organized by a group of born-again Christians…

    Hmmm……do you think that group might just based in the USA and getting tax-free money – and possibly even taxpayer-funded subsidies and/or grants – to do their ‘evangelical work’?

    These groups do tend to be non-profit groups………

    Maybe it’s time we start to push legislation that bans all born-again Christians from sticking their noses in places where it does not belong?

    • Try as I might – I cannot picture Jesus waving his hands and celebrating the fact that a certain population of people are now seen as criminals….and hunted down by the media…..and having their lives threatened by publication of their names…….

      and for what?

      Because a bunch of born-again Christians think they are God’s mouthpiece?

      What a sad, sad commentary….