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regulate vaginas


by | February 24, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Having been into the lions den, as funny as it may seem they seem more frighten of you then you are of them. God is suppose to be on their side yet they believe in being armed and having a response team assigned? Oh I am sorry it is call security by them of church members…..

    • I was within the walls of that Fundy Evangelical World and ‘fear’ is what those preachers and televangelist boys use as their most effective weapon.

      Fear of losing one’s soul for eternity is powerful stuff….

      • Not if you don’t believe in an afterlife…. 🙂

      • True, Prairie Pond, but to not believe in an afterlife would take someone interested in looking beyond what is the usual regurgitation spewed and the strong desire to ‘conform’ and to ‘fit in’ with the right group.

        It takes more strength and courage to question things than to sit back and just let life go by being contented be just ‘one of the flock’.

        Now, mind you, it does not take a lot of strength, courage or even having a moral compass to belong to the flock – as evidenced by many of these sheeple being caught with their mistress, cheating, lying, stealing… does not matter because these folks have their built-in ‘get out of jail free card’ – it is in the same Bible they use to browbeat the heathens with…

        We all know it…….believers can be forgiven for all their sins and have the sin erased forever ….but those heathens will forever have the hot flames of Hell fire under their wicked butts…and no rest or forgiveness for them..

        I was raised Baptist – and the Baptists seem to love spewing that Hell fire and Damnation …..but these same Baptists have skeletons in their closets that would make Jesus himself blush…

    The next time any Republican brag about how their party supports the troops more than Democrats – ask that person why the Republicans voted to decrease food stamps when a lot of military families are using those same stamps to buy things on-base (which, I’ve heard, is cheaper than off-base).

  3. Also ask any bragging Republican as to why they support a party that hates government regulations but actively pushes legislation to regulate a woman’s body and any same-sex couple’s sex life.

    Exactly why are government regulations needed in either of these two areas?

    The day these Republicans push for legislation to regulate the man’s body by denying the use of erectile dysfunction pills – then maybe we’ll have something to talk about.

    Until that day – these RePUKES can STFU

    • Republicans seem overly interested in other peoples sex lives. Wish they would just get laid so they’d have their very own sex life to think about.

      • LOL … and I think alike…

      • Anyone else remember what G-Stir said to nathan one day on tbtsnbn when the kid was on a holy tear?

        Paraphrasing G-Stir here, he said “you need to take a hit of windowpane acid and get your ashes hauled.”

        OMG, years later I am STILL ROFLMFAO at that comment. I say it all the time. The other day I found myself being out of control grumpy and cranky and I thought to myself, “boy, I need a hit of windowpane acid and to get my ashes hauled….”

        I think that’s what all these men who are overly concerned with regulating our lady parts need. A hit of windowpane and a good ash hauling. But I pity the poor woman who has to haul their ashes. Blow up dolls, maybe?

      • Blow up dolls would be perfect – these old GOP dudes do tend to have the biggest wind bags….

  4. I had an eye appointment this morning at first I went to the wrong office. It was the eye doctor we use to go to so I went there first. when I found out I asked my wife and she said it was next to the MD. I went there and was rudely scolded by the receptionist at the right office. The old me comes back when I am faced with such things.

    After I stew during the appointment I told the Doctor about it and said she was rude and repugnant. Sorry I forget things and can get confused by similar things. But I am not alone I notice.

    • Also as I went out I stopped at the receptionist, told her why I had went to the wrong doctor and she was needing to take into account People really do have more going on that a single appointment to remember. And that I have to make notes often to keep things straight .
      She said she was sorry.

      • RD, I’m sorry when people are rude to you. You are so nice (unless given reason to be otherwise!) that there is just no excuse.

        People do indeed need to remember that everyone is struggling with something. And I totally relate to not always remembering things. It isn’t just illness causing that. I’m just plain getting old!

      • Being a receptionist is presenting the face of the doctor – and some of these folks they get to fill these jobs leaves a lot to be desired – IMHO.

        I remember arriving a few minutes to an appointment with my eye doctor (it’s been about 12 years ago). The traffic was held up by some train and there was no way for me to make the train disappear.

        Anyway – the receptionist gave me a lecture about how I tardy I was (it was about 3 minutes) and that SHE would have to discuss this with the doctor before she could allow me to go back and see the doctor.

        I promptly told this woman to not bother – I wrote her a check for the amount of a broken appointment and told her to take my name out of their patient list. I would NEVER be back in that office.

        The eye doctor called me later and even sent my check back to me…..but what got me the most was that the doctor never apologized for the rude behavior of his receptionist.

        As I said – the receptionist is the face of the doctor………and I found another eye doctor and have never darkened the door of that former eye doctor.

      • BTW – I had a been a patient of that former eye doctor for about 10 years prior to this new receptionist treating me like a piece of dirt beneath her feet.

        One would think that such loyalty to a doctor for 10 years would have some sense of give and take – wouldn’t you?

        In fact, my entire family were patients for ten years – this doctor lost four patients that day……..I guess he really did not care.

        All I wanted was an acknowledgment that what the receptionist did was wrong………I never got that from the doctor.

        His comment on the telephone call was – she was only doing her job….

        3 minutes tardy is worthy of a lecture in front of the entire waiting room?

        Which begs the question – while this receptionist was giving me the lecture – wasn’t she making one of those other patents in the waiting room – tardy- in being taken back to the exam room for their appointment?

  5. Pond I can take them being rude, in fact I do have a tendency of making them feel sorry for it too. I try to be nice and respectful, in general I give people credit and only when they show me that they are not warranting it that I will go after them. The Problem with that is I also think before I respond and that can make them wonder what happen to their idea or ideology.


    I loved the first Ghostbusters movie. Sad to think we have lost yet another great talent.

    I just wonder why ……why are left with all these frustrated, mean-spirited, hate-filled, judgmental, holier-than-thou, pious people who seem to live forever…..??

    My own theory is – it is Medicare. Isn’t it rather ironic that Tea Party folks rand and scream about government spending but yet are the first ones in line at their doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmacies to get their erectile dysfunction pills?

    I confess – I am very cynical about this issue – I have worked in the health care industry for a long time. There is nothing more mean than an old man demanding his erectile dysfunction pills and you’re the one that has to tell them the doctor has to fax or call in a refill authorization.

    Damn….these old men are M-E-A-N

  7. “Damn….these old men are M-E-A-N”

    Well, dudes do tend to get grumpy when Lil’ Willie fails to perform on time. It’s not just the old men that get mean about then. Guys are sensitive animals.

    • I can understand being upset because one does not get their pills – but do these dudes have to take it out on me?

      I am not the doctor…..

      But, it does not help when I have to listen to this same old dude make a nasty comment about that black man in the president that wants to ruin health care.

      That does not exactly make me want to help that old dude get his happy ending pills – does it?