Sunday, 2/23/14, Public Square

ass kissers


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  1. Thanks to this graphic – every time I watch this movie with my grandkids, guess who’s faces I will be seeing….

  2. I doubt they’ll even recognize, but THIS is their future:

    • Remember when George W. Bush allegedly won the election by getting the Soccer Mom votes?

      The presidential 2016 election will be determined by all the women – not just those who can afford to buy the biggest SUV they can find and drive around their kids to some expensive-soccer games.

      I had a coworker that told me they paid up to $500 for their 4th grader to play football….and that is not counting the cost of traveling around to get to these games.

      Not every parent has the extra money to do that – do they?

      • For many it (football) is considered an investment, laying the foundation for an athletic scholarship in the future. Very misguided, but that’s how it is.

        Would the parents and students be better served by spending the money for tutoring, or saving it for post-secondary education? 99% of the time, without a doubt. But, hope springs eternal. . .

    • Again, only if women vote as a bloc in super-majority numbers. Hopefully, it will happen, but color me very dubious.

      • Oh ye of little faith…

        The percentages of of women voters voting for the Democratic Party have increased each of the last several elections. And, minority women have grown at the fastest rate!

        Since the last election we have even more reason to be pissed and borrowing from the WSU Shockers VOTE ANGRY!

      • OK, fnord, I prefer to think of it as political reality rather than being of little faith. First, while the number of women registering as Democrats is increasing, with the greatest increase being minority women, where do they live? In other words, if these good folks are residents of districts in states which are already represented nationally by Democrats, what real difference does this make in changing the balance of power in the House? Next, if they are in red states, does the increase outweigh the majority already voting Republican? Then, there is the problem with turn out in off year elections, the disparity in the money available (from my reading) in off year elections, and the fact that while certain groups are “Democrats”, these groups do not vote that way at a 100% rate.

        I honestly do not see it for 2014. I fear a narrowing of the Democratic majority in the Senate, and a continuation of the Republican majority (perhaps an increase) in the House.

        One of the most meaningless statistics I read is that over a million more voted Democratic than Republican in 2012. BFD. The fact remains this vote was concentrated in a small number of states, and until there can be real gains in Democratic voting in all (or most of) the states, this is an irrelevant talking point.

        Does this mean I’m surrendering? No, it does not, but it does mean that there is much more to be done other than feeling all warm and fuzzy about how the Republicans are screwing the pooch by their anti-women votes and how this will certainly bring a change in the next election.

        Sorry about the length and tone hereof. Thanks for allowing me to vent.

  3. Hey, is it possible the Religious Right has simply been reading the wrong Constitution all of this time?

  4. Well this evening I went to a birthday party at guess where? Fox’s church, Yes there I was feeling like Daniel in the Lions den. It was a child’s birthday party not a revival. So it was all warm and cheery, Ok other then my looking around and for Terry Fox. He was not there and other then talking about the grandkids there. There was no talking about the world or anything else in it.

    • I cold no think of the name it was summit church.

      • That’s funny… on my way home from my seeing my grandkids – I made a comment about that big neon sign showing Terry Fox and Joe Wright marketing their Summit Church.

        My husband reminds me every time I pass by that same sign that I make the same comment..

        Let’s just say… comment is not at all flattering……