Saturday, 2/22/14, Public Square

poor persecuted 1 percenters

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by | February 22, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. We all share the feelings about how these billionaires have been able to manipulate our tax system and buy their own Senators and Congress Critter to do their bidding – BUY the real problem is not these billionaires

    The real problem is – those folks who sit and applaud these billionaires. These are the folks who are the most dangerous.

    These are the folks who will vote for every ‘R’ on the ballot and not give it a second thought and then sit and bitch because they want to take their country back.

    Even in the middle of these folks are those who – IMHO – are the worst of the worse – these are the folks who sit in some damn church pew every time the damn doors open and actually profess to be such a damn fine Christian.

    Talk about taking the Lord’s name in vain – that is what I think these folks are doing.

    I have asked several of my Fundy Evangelical friends to show me in the Bible where Jesus ever advocated for these mega churches with their mega campuses and their huge million-dollars budget.

    To this day – not one of those Fundies have been able to show me any Scripture that advocates for such senseless and reckless spending on mega churches.

    Jesus is NOT about who has the biggest and most gaudy church – Jesus was about taking care of the people around him.

    That is SORELY lacking…….