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smallest govt in 47 yrs


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  1. This isn’t really fair … but it’s so funny I just couldn’t resist sharing. Who could use some giggles and grins?

  2. This is good! I don’t have much confidence congress critters are able to understand it, but you can’t simplify it much more than this does.

    How Our Economy Works (and doesn’t work), In Words And Pictures

  3. (from the link):

    “Republicans have never been known as a party fighting for the poor or the middle class. They have never been known as a party that believed in a social safety net. The problem for Republicans is that 90+% of Americans fall into that category.

    The level of intolerance by the GOP is incomprehensible until the strategy is understood. It is easy to dismiss comments by a few. However when it becomes a chorus line that is perfectly synchronized, it becomes a strategy.

    Republicans balk when one speaks about the Republican war on women, war on the poor, war on the environment, war on gays, war on minorities, and many other select micro wars. They don’t want these wars called out. And the reality is these should not be called wars at all. It is much too simplistic.

    It is a war on democracy. How do you win a war on democracy when there are many more subjects than you? You fight many battles. So the battle against the poor, the battle against women, the battle against gays, the battle against minorities, the battle against education, and any other micro battle to keep the subjects occupied is the modus operandi. It does not matter if in the process a few of the battles are lost. After all their eyes are on the ball, the destruction of a functional democracy.”

    Meet The Man Who Told The GOP How To Destroy America’s Middle Class

    • (from the link)
      The Powell Memo came up with the plan, the blueprint. Based on the ideas presented in the Powell Memo, the Republican party created think tanks responsible for dispersing misleading information with a false cloak of authenticity

      How about the cloak of godliness being dispersed? That is what Reagan did when he invited Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority into the inner sanctum of the GOP.

      Let’s face it – if these Chamber of Commerce Republicans were to lose the Rabid Religious Right – they would NEVER win a national election.

      And the same goes for the RRR’s – if they broke off from the GOP, they would never win a national election.

      So….this is why we are witnessing this civil war within the GOP today. Which one is going to win that war?

      But….just like in 2008 and 2012 – when push comes to shove, both the COC and RRR’s will band together against the Democrat – especially if he is a black man.

      If you think these RePUKES treated Obama terrible – just wait until Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee in 2016.

      As we are already witnessing…….Rand Paul and his Buddies have targeted Bill Clinton as the ‘predator’ in an attempt to smear Hillary Clinton’s name. And this is just February 2014 – the 2016 campaign has not even kicked off yet.

      JUST wait until these RePUKES really bring out their big nasty guns….

      This is when I hope and pray that the American WOMEN, and the men who love them, will come out strong against the COC and RRR RePUKES.

      Tea Party and RRR’s like to rant about how they want to take America back…….OH HELL NO…….and for one good reason – it is not ‘theirs’ to take back.

      • The 2014 midterm elections will be a good display of how women will react to the current Republicans’ war on everything that is not a part of the 1% wealthy getting even more wealthy off the government teat.

  4. Don’t even attempt to use facts to convince these Tea Party Republicans about the government being the smallest since 1966.

    The one difference between 1966 and now is – we have a black man in the White House – and these RePUKES do not like it..

  5. This op-ed from Hutch News makes too much sense to be heeded by idgits, but they’ll never be able to say they weren’t warned.

    Exit strategy
    Legislature should save Kansas by ending session early

    • Great editorial. I think I said something similar recently. If they are not going to do serious work, they should just close up shop and quit wasting taxpayer money, not to mention making the state look like an ass. Truth in advertising, maybe the state IS an ass, but we don’t have to publicize it. They should take the doctors’ oath. “First, do no harm…”

    • I just finished posting about this very same idea about the upcoming 2014 midterm election.

      WOMEN, and the men who love them, will need to come out in big numbers to show these Republicans they are not going to just walk in and take our country from us..

  6. More grins and giggles.

    Ever wonder what other cultures think of America?

    10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

  7. Ahh I check my e-mail several times a day, it is always quite interesting to say the least. Most of the e-mails are from far right lunatics Ok quite a few from Alan West supporters and campaign. OMG what they say is beyond reality. Take the most out there and unbelievable stuff and they say it about President Obama. Not just he is a commie but is a devil worshipper.

    Funny thing is that I respond and correct what is said and I still get more! I actually accused Alan west of being a Nazi and no reply?

  8. And, this is why we can’t have nice things. With the largest Democratic PAC sitting out the midterms, no damn wonder we have to deal with such knothead repukes in the House and Senate.

    Jesus wept.

  9. wicked

    Totally off our normal topics, but I told my daughter I would ask.

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    Back to work for me…

  10. HEEEEE I have so much fun addressing the Nazi -cons lies I get in the e-mails.