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  1. This country is full of people who prefer to stick their heads in the ground rather than to face the truth.

    Not only about our obsession with guns and violence….also with these child molesters and killers.

    I woke up to the news story about that Missouri girl who was abducted by a man in a pick up truck late yesterday. He has been arrested on a murder charge and news has reported the child’s body has been found.

    She was ten years old…….

    The man is 45 yrs old.

    What the HELL is going on?

    I am so sick and tired of hearing this same news story – just the names of the victims change – but it is generally around this same age group.

    WHEN will our country wake up to reality and look around and start to give a DAMN about our kids???

    For being so damn pro-life and pro-family – I don’t see any of these RePUKES giving a damn about anything but their own DAMN money in their own pockets.

    I am SICK of it……

    • If you get the sense I am mad this morning……you are correct.

      When my daughter was in the 3rd grade, we lived in Yuma Arizona.

      It was the start of summer vacation. One of my daughter’s classmates was on a vacation trip with her family to the mountains where they had a cabin.

      The girl asked if she could ride her bicyle the last part of the way down the long drive into where their cabin stood.

      Parents allowed the girl to get out and ride her bicycle the last part of the way.

      The parents went on and began to panic when after 10 or 15 minutes, their little girl never showed up. Thinking that the girl just had problems with her bike – they drove down the drive to find her.

      They found the bicycle thrown into the trees on the side of their drive …..but no sight of their little girl.

      It took a few days before they found some man (in his late 30’s) camping in the woods nearby this cabin.

      Police questioned him and their worst fear became a reality when he finally led them to the little girl’s dead body.

      WHO the hell would have thought some predator was camping in the woods nearby?

      This happened in the late 1980’s – how many times has this tragedy been played out since that time?

      How many little girls (and/or boys) have been killed by predators and then tossed aside like they were a sack of garbage?

      Just like our obsession with guns seems to be an insatiable thing…..perhaps our obsession with not caring when our kids get molested and killed is something that WE the PEOPLE just really don’t care about?

      Is this the ugly truth…….

      • I also count the child molesting priests in this same category…

        These men (and their church leaders who knowingly made the choice to cover up their crimes) may have not physically killed their victims…..

        but how many of these victims went on with their lives in pieces and/or committed suicide because of what some damn sick pervert did to them?

        Look at Penn State – how many victims were there in order for the mighty football team to continue?

    Who in the hell would think this is a good photo to participate in doing?

    These are not kids – they are adults that should know better…

    Any person who can sit and defend this church is beyond my comprehension.

    My ex-friend – the devout Catholic, Tea Party Republican, used the phrase – the church as a little problem – when we were discussing this molesting scandal.

    A little problem? In what alternate universe is molesting innocent boys a little problem?

    That was the beginning of the end of our friendship.

    This woman then went on to defend her beloved church for several other things – such as their policy of letting married men with kids by the first wife to send a priest to harass their first wife to fill out those stupid annulment papers (even when both of them were not even Catholic).

    My ex-friend Catholic friend accused me of believing the myths against Catholics and that no priest would ever harass any woman. I told her – I was in my friend’s living room when the damn priest knocked on the door and came in and started harassing my friend to sign those papers – knowing that I was sitting right next to her in the same damn room.

    This priest DID harass my friend and I witnessed it myself.

    My ex-friend Catholic friend response was – I think you’re mistaken.

    NO, biotch, you’re mistaken to think I am that stupid to not know what I saw and heard that day.

    Never mind the fact that what these Catholics did to me during my cancer journey when they advised me to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare just because they wanted their 30 pieces of silver.

    My ex-friend Catholic friend never believed me about that either…….

    I see how this Catholic Church has gotten away with all that crappola for years – if my ex-friend Catholic is their average parishioner.

    Instead of searching for the truth – she called me the liar and that I was just choosing to believe all the ‘myths’ about Catholics.

    DON’T ever let anybody try to bully you…..especially if they are cloaked in self-righteous robes.

    IF there is a place called HELL – I hope there is an EXTRA HOT room just for people like these self-righteous biotches – and their damn priests.

  4. Our local cartoonist, Richard Crowson, responding to the latest idgit legislator, Gail Finney (D-Wichita), who introduced a bill making it legal for parents, teachers and other adults at schools, caregivers… to hit children hard enough to leaves marks. I think she may have been jealous of all the attention being given to republican House members so she’s trying to get her share of the limelight. [eye roll]

    • Before Richard drew this cartoon the best comment I had read addressed legalizing actions if the victim is a child that would get you charged with assault / battery if the person you so much as touched against their will was a adult.

      You know, someone must get it through these hard-headed idgit legislator’s heads that real true problems exist in our state — our schools are under funded, services for our most vulnerable are under funded, people in our state are hungry, cold, and without needed medical care, our state’s infrastructure is crumbling, and there is no way revenue can keep up with the demands of improvements needed…

      • And yet – with all these problems you mentioned are staring us in the face – these Rabid Religious Right Republican Idgits insist on doing nothing more than trying to pass these bills about their version of how people should live love and marry – and not have access to birth control and look the other way when children are being molested.

        Hey – if these idgits think a law needs passed making it okay to leave marks on kids when being spanked – then GOD help these idgits.

        I’d like to take a big 2×4 and whack-a-few of these self-righteous-idgits hard enough to leave marks……..

  5. I wonder what these idgits would do if one of those kids being spanked was packing heat and decided to kill the adult that was looking forward to leaving some marks….

    Would that be okay – because we all know how these idgits love their guns…..

    Maybe the kid could use the stand-your-ground defense?

    Oh what am I saying?

    It all depends on what color of skin that kid was born with….

  6. (I am not sure exactly why I throw rocks at Bee halves I just see something that makes me do it!


    If Jesus came back today not for a Rapture but just to be among the children of God. Just whom would recognize him? would it be the Mega churches… The small church out in the country side? Would it be the preacher who is on the TV on Sunday? Would it be the Preacher whom stands on the state house stairs in front of TV cameras and is protesting against Gay marriage?

    If the Lord Jesus had not changed since the last time he walked upon this earth with his disciples at the sea of Galilee. Who would recognize him as the Lord Jesus who has returned? What if he did not return by splitting clouds and joined by the Heavenly host singing his praises and trumps sounding with the loudness of thunder shaking the mountains. Who would recognize him as the Lord Jesus?

    What if he spoke on the street and talked of love and God, whom would stop to listen if he was not speaking of the wrath of God against sin and sinners? Who would give him a single dine for the poor, or would the Good Christian rather gave a tiding for a large building and a big sign outside of such a building?

    Would he stop at the large church and listen to how his father will strike everyone died for sin or would he listen to the street preacher as they talk to the old man that they just helped out of the gutter?
    Would the preacher whom holds the attention of the masses every Sunday from the pews have his ear or the simple Christian whom is talkiing to the street person about God’s love and offers a warm cup of coffee and another human being that will spent time with them without demanding anything from them.

    Who’s voice would he hear? The simple person who just ask for a simple thing or the loud and boastful who prays for vast favor from God and help in undermining social freedoms. Would it be the voice of the small and weak that he would hear or the loud and judgmental of their fellow man?
    Would he come and visit the sick and down hearted on earth or the rich and influential?

    What would he say to you oh man of God? Would he praise you for actually spreading the word or would he damn you for using the word as a weapon or a justification for making money and acting more like a Pharisee?


    • Amen…..RD……Amen

      I do hope Jesus brings back a very big stick if and when he returns to Earth so he can clean house again………I have a suspicion Jesus would look at these mega churches and take his own name in vain…

      • I saws a comment yesterday on another blog that sums up these Rabid Religious Righties – IMO

        These are the folks who believe a ‘saved’ child molester will be welcomed into Heaven and the good-hearted atheist that follows the Ten Commandments will be cast into Hell for eternity.

        If one truly believes in the Evangelical Christian doctrine – once ‘saved’, that person will never be turned away from entering Heaven.

        So…..does that mean that a serial killer, who has been a model church leader for 30 years (even while during his murder rampage) will never have to face the possibility of not going to Heaven?

        Where is the logic in that?

        I also fail to see the logic in this case….

        At what point do people make the choice to turn their back on a proven science of medicine when it comes to a child’s life?

        And then for this couple’s preacher to continue to say that these parents lacked their spirituality in theirs lives and this is why two of their sons died?

        But……get this…..this couple has 7 other children…

        Count them….seven….

        Which brings me to another beloved Evangelical Christian belief that God is all knowing and he has pre-destined our lives.

        So….this allegedly loving God purposely planned for this couple to have 9 kids and that 2 of them would die at young ages due to their parents not being spiritual enough?

        I call B.S……..

      • If this God purposely planned for these two kids to die in such a senseless way – then put me in the column of those folks who want NOTHING to do with such a God.

  7. You guys rock. Thank you RD and Indy! You are truly caring, loving, people who live exemplary lives!

    I totally understand the ask God to come into your heart and ask forgiveness of your sins and salvation is a free gift if you believe in Christ who paid it all by sacrificing Himself in our place and through faith we have eternal life… From there, it diverges depending on church doctrine (they pick and choose like in a cafeteria) — some require baptism by immersion, some say works are necessary. Matthew’s gospel talks of works, like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, etc. John’s gospel talks about Jesus’ love for us and stresses faith. Paul says that only by faith are we saved but James argues that faith without works is meaningless. We all know the drill.

    But, Indy, you nailed it about the serial murderer who is the Deacon in his Church vs the good, kind, loving, giving person who never asked God into his heart. I also recognize that everyone will say the serial murderer didn’t truly ask for God’s grace, intend to love and obey God, have faith that God will forgive and love him unconditionally and help him overcome his urge to sin. Yep, they’ll judge he wasn’t really ever saved, God knows your heart… We’ve heard it all our lives, some of us have lived it more closely than others.

    Oh, they’ll tell you can’t have ‘understanding’ without accepting the grace of God.

    Yeah, right!

    I don’t even want to consider spending a second of time with these judgmental unloving people, let alone eternity!

  8. Grins and giggles. Kids and dogs. If you leave your dog to care for your baby… 🙂