Tuesday, 2/18/14, Public Square

raise minimum wage


by | February 18, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. As long as the general public can buy their 99 cent ‘heart attack’ sandwiches – I don’t think the majority of our fellow Americans really give a damn about the minimum wage being increased.

    And that is the problem – IMHO

    Reagan ushered in the Decade of Green in 1980 and it continues today.

    • BTW – as I was saying yesterday – our beef is now being bred and raised in Mexico – moved slightly over the US border so that it can be labeled as USA beef and sold at a higher price

      And…..our chickens are soon going to be coming from China -thanks to that trade agreement…

      Those 99 cent ‘heart attack’ sandwiches will be made with meat that has been bred and raised in countries with a lot less regulations and monitoring…

      Is that 99 cent sandwich going to cause long-term health problems?

      And those health problems will cost Americans a lot of money……while these huge agricultural corporations – and health care mafia corporations – to get even more wealthy…..

      But….the average American will still not care because they can get that 99 cent sandwich for a good price.

      How many of these minimum wage workers also get government assistance?

      Or, a better question, how many make just a little too much income to qualify for government assistance – but yet their families still need the basics to survive?

      It’s a vicious circle…….but, unless the average Tea Party person is the actual one within that vicious cycle – nothing will be done to improve this by the Republican Party. Not in today’s political climate.

    • bobwhitenks

      I’m not so sure about that, Indy. It is my belief that if put to a populist vote an increase in the minimum wage would be readily approved. I think the problem is that too many of our over-compensated elected representatives are the ones who will not vote for it.

  2. Did you all see the article today in your local newspaper about how the right wing religious bigots in the Kansas House are backing away as fast as they can from the vote for their bill that legalizes religious discrimination? Most of them sound pretty sheepish. I hope Lance Kinzer is listening. Of course, he’ll get all the benefits from appeasing his wingnut base but very little of the blame because he used a shill to introduce the bill.

    I hope he and especially Jan Pauls are veeeeery nervous about this year’s election.

  3. I am sure that there are many aspects of my personality that some wishes had not came back. One is my tendencies to be a “sanctimonious ass” when it seems to be called for. There is a wholly then thou teacher at my grandson’s school. She actually checked my two grandsons underwear today and said she discovered feces in one of them. And said it appeared to be several days old. Now my wife had put clean clothes of them this morning when she got them ready for school.

    In the past, I have been accused of misunderstanding what had been said or not remembering exactly what was said. So this morning I actually took out my little notebook and wrote it all out. Then read it back to her and she said yes that is what she said.

    You know at times I do so take pleasure in being a sanctimonious ass. especially when it involves taking to task someone whom is being a fool in their efforts.

  4. RD, I wish this problem could be solved because I know the stress can’t be doing you any good. I don’t know how you combat a lying teacher, but if anyone can do it, you can. WTF with these people who are supposed to be HELPERS not HURTERS?

    Sending you good wishes and hugs. (((((RD)))))

    • Thanks Pond I am sure it is an extension of those whom think they are somehow doing the better good. Be it from some religious thought God given rights or intellection superiority to them. LOL Now my daughter is on it! And yes she is soooo my daughter!

  5. http://www.kctv5.com/story/24745842/teachers-could-spank-harder-under-bill-pending-in-ks-legislature

    While reading RD’s comments above – I remembered hearing about this proposed legislation on spanking….

    When my husband’s corporation moved us to Chattanooga, Tennessee, my kids were in grade school.

    We were told that Tennessee school employees had the right to spank all the children whenever they deemed it necessary.

    I told the teachers and principal up front that I did NOT give any of them permission to spank my kids. If my kids are that misbehaved, then call me and I will take care of the situation.

    But, let me tell you, when the principal told me that they had one child that was spanked every single day and he still keeps misbehaves.

    OKAY…..then, obviously if the behavior is not changing, then all that spanking is not doing any good – is it?

    I suspected that this principal just did not like this certain kid and she chose that kid to be her whipping boy for whenever she needed to feel superior….

    This is the problem with giving carte blanche rights to spank any kid. Too many times, it is the adult that needs the kick in the butt…..NOT the kid being spanked every day.

    Maybe that is what is going on with your grandsons and this particular lady?

    Maybe this lady just does not like your grandsons (or your daughter, your wife and you RD) and she has chosen to take it out on the grandsons??

    It would not be the first time any person in authority took out their frustration on an innocent kid.

    • It is an old story, one I am sure I mentioned before but one year I had a teacher whom would spank me for miss pronouncing a word written on the board. Until it was discovered I was near sighted and setting in the back of the room at her assignment. No she never apologized for the spankings or her mistaken assumptions .