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  1. No matter what you’re reading in the newspaper or hearing from interviews with Kansas Senators, here’s what Thomas Witt said: ” House Judiciary Chair Lance Kinzer, who is the real face behind this bill (Macheers is a dupe), is calling for what amount to cosmetic changes in the Senate.

    We all knew the attempts at hate legislation in Kansas never end. I trust Tom. So don’t let down your guard! Kansas legislators are trying hard to get the hate legislation named House Bill 2453 passed. Also, don’t forget that every single representative in the Kansas House is up for reelection this fall!

    I’m off to write to Senator Les Donovan, who ‘represents’ me in District 27. Find your Senator, write, call, contact!

    • But But But it is not hate it is love! Because they love them they do not want them to go to Hell. They forget that sin is about the individual not the group. If not then the entire population of Germany would be damned to Hell.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Fnord. I agree. The haters will never stop hating and working to turn their hate into law.

    Kinzer has been behind this bill the last several sessions. Of course he’s behind it this year as well. And he found a perfectly willing idiot in Macheers.

    I think national pressure needs to continue, so keep spreading the word outside of Brownbackistan. Or, as I like to call it, Dumbfuckistan.

    • My kids were here yesterday for the granddaughter’s 8th birthday party.

      We got to talking about our governor and how he seems to think everyone is just foaming at the mouth for the opportunity to move to Kansas and join his lovely little band of Morally Superior Religious TPers.

      I made the comment that Brownback is in a tight race to make our state look as stupid as those Deep GOP Southern States of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama.

      My DIL did make one valid point though – at least in those states, they do have things to attract tourism – such as their beaches….

      What does Kansas have?

      BTW – my DIL works at a bank doing commercial loans. She told me she has noticed that a lot of the loan paperwork now is coming through in Spanish. She also said she has noticed that cattle producers are breeding in Mexico, then transfers the cattle slightly over the US border so they can be labeled as USA cattle and then sold as a superior product..

      Hmmm…….this makes think about that damn trade agreement with China over the chickens….

      I guess that is why the loan paperwork is now in Spanish. These folks do not even try to hide the fact they are using cheap labor to produce their cattle but yet will go out of their way to make it appear ‘USA’ cattle in order to gouge the consumers.

      I just wonder how many millions in taxpayer-funded subsidies are these cattle producers getting?

  3. I’ve never known Rand Paul to use his Bible as a thumping tool to change our laws. Or did I not get that particular memo?

    But I have noticed Rand Paul has been sucking up to these Bible Thumpers in order to get in their good graces to get the 2016 GOP nomination.

    That’s the trouble with any GOP nominee who is not a dyed-in-the-wool Bible Thumper. Any way you slice this GOP pie – the winner of the coveted nomination HAS to suck off the Bible Thumpers to get anywhere in these primaries.

    Aw, what a shame….and to think we can thank Ronald Reagan for this ……he was the one that welcomed Jerry Falwell and his Bible Thumpers with open arms into the inner circle of the GOP.

    Thanks….Ronnie……you did it again…….what a boy genius…..

    What’s next – classifying ketchup as a vegetable for school lunches??

    • I think Rand Paul is a bonafide nut job in every possible way. I also think all of those loud bible thumpers are phonies. Rand Paul is an anti-choice, anti-women, racist, white supremacist among other ‘qualities’ that add up to wacko.

  4. (from the link): Over the course of just a few days, the bill to make anti-gay discrimination easier went from being “likely to pass” to “six feet under” with remarkable speed.

    Thomas Witt, the executive director of Equality Kansas, told the New York Times, “The public outcry by midweek had reached such a volume that the Senate just wasn’t going to be able to take it up. I don’t know what surprised me more, the level of public involvement in this or the speed with which the Senate president basically ended the prospects for the bill.”

    Yes, as it turns out, even the fiercest, conservative, red-state culture warriors are sometimes capable of shame.

    It’s important to note, however, that this wasn’t just a matter of right vs. left, or Democrats vs. Republicans.

    To be sure, the proposal drew intense criticism from the Kansas ACLU, Equality Kansas, Democratic leaders, and Kansas’ progressive minority, but my Maddow Show colleague Kate Osborn flagged this interesting item from the Topeka Captial-Journal about the one lobbying force that arguably tipped the scales.

    Legislative leaders said Friday that a bill House supporters passed with the stated intent of protecting religious freedom will be substantially reworked after the state’s business community sided with opponents who argued it promoted discrimination.

    The Kansas Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill. So did the Wichita Independent Business Association. And Kansas City Power and Light. And AT&T Kansas.

    By Friday, Wagle, the state Senate president, conceded the bill “negatively impacts both small and large businesses.” And at that point, support among skeptical lawmakers simply collapsed.

    Proponents have said, however, that they still hope to improve the legislation, so don’t be too surprised if a similar measure makes a comeback in Kansas sometime soon.