Sunday, 2/16/14, Public Square

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by | February 16, 2014 · 6:00 am

4 responses to “Sunday, 2/16/14, Public Square

  1. Dammit, I wish Thomas Frank would stay out of my head. He gives a really great comment or two here about the do nothing Democrats in Kansas who let this repuke bullshit go on and respond by moving their little party further right as though they were chasing the repukes instead of going left and moving away from the repukes. It’s why I’m so consistently outraged at the Democrats in Kansas almost more than the repukes. We expect the repukes to be the party of stupid and bigotry. The Democrats should be DOING something instead of just standing around and thinking demographics will solve their problems and oh, by the way, where else do voters have to go?

    Jesus Wept! Delusional democrats indeed.

    • Pond I tend to be guilty too of thinking that the obvious is plain to other then me. That pointing it out will suddenly open someone’s eyes. Generally it is to someone who already has their eyes closed by shit. Then I get bewildered when it does not open them. I spoke out in church this morning at something said by a visiting pastor. You would have thought I was saying it to God himself instead of another Christian. I ended with you can not follow God and be an example of being Christian by thinking that making other feel less then a human being and less then you are.

      It will be interesting next Sunday If I am allowed in the building again…

  2. Good for you, R.D.! Thanks for being a stand up guy for truth.