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  1. R.D. Liebst

    That cartoon said something I have been thinking for several days and when ever I watch Fox. what kind of moron would think that having good health care would promote someone to quit their job? What realism of reality must someone live in if they think others only work because of insurance? That might work if the only thing in your life is being sick or injured.

    You would quit your job to get one that pays better and has better benefits.
    Not because you suddenly have a single benefit!

    • I don’t think republicans serve any purpose these days beyond providing material for Jon Stewart. The Senate filibusters pretty much anything President Obama favors. The republicans in the House have various view points often at odds with one another even though they’d burn down the country if that’s what it took to oppose democrats. I always remember when McConnell filibustered his own bill and realize there really is NO hope with this bunch. They lack the simple ability to think beyond obstructing and attempts to legislate morality while controlling American’s bedrooms. If Mitch McConnell objecting to himself doesn’t tell you the whole story, remember they shut down the government as part of their childish hissy fits.

      • I read something yesterday that said after they raise the debt ceiling, congress should just close up shop and go home until next year. It’s clear they are doing and will do nothing of benefit to the nation, so they might as well save us expense money if not salary. Just go the phuck home if you are not going to work! Yes, I feel sorry for the staffers, etc. who will be out of work, but it has no integrity to pretend actual work is going on. Let’s just call a spade a bloody freakin’ shovel and send them all home either to campaign and show their asses or retire.

      • Can we at least kick their asses while they do nothing?

  2. When my boy was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at the age of 5, I was told by the social worker to divorce my husband and both my kids would have their health insurance until they reached legal age – along with other government benefits. I was not working at the time – but I was told to also quit my job, so I would be a single mother with two kids.

    Ronald Reagan was in the White House at the time – 1985. Where was all this outrage about health care benefits being a disincentive for people to work at that time?

    I was told the same thing when I was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer and had already been through surgery and facing months of chemotherapy.

    I was told (again) to divorce my husband, quit my part time job and go on welfare in order to get my health care. But this time – I was being told to divorce my husband by an employee of the Catholic-owned hospital. Again, I saw no outrage at that peculiar advise – especially coming from the Catholic-themed environment of how marriage is so damn sacred.

    George W. Bush was in the White House at that time in 2007. Where was this outrage from Republicans at that time?

    But….let’s put it another way…..if these RePUKES are so outraged that people would choose to not work in order to get health insurance – then why do these same RePUKES have no problem with corporations choosing to NOT create jobs in America and STILL get taxpayer-funded subsidies and special tax breaks?

    RePUKES are those folks who are always sitting in judgment whether this person is ‘worthy’ of getting government benefits – correct?

    Please explain to me why corporations making record profits are ‘worthy’ of millions in taxpayer dollars and Americans needing health care are not ‘worthy’?

    RePUKES are those folks who are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment. I suspect this is why they have manipulated the Fundy Evangelicals into making the RePUKES appear as if they are doing God’s work – when in reality, these Fundy Evangelicals are just as money-hungry and power-grabbing as the RePUKES have been in the past.

    There is a reason Ronald Reagan welcomed Jerry Falwell in the inner sanctum of the GOP. Ever since that unholy union, the RePUKES have brought nothing but self destruction to our country – IMHO

  3. Maybe Walmart is behind this latest GOP talking point?

    Just imagine if older people can not quit their jobs and retire because they can get Obamacare until their Medicare kicks in.

    I suspect a lot of those blue vests and walkie talkies would be abandoned in Aisle 6.

  4. R.D. Liebst

    LOL I have went into the lions den so to speak, I was reading the on-line news this morning and came across Col. west and his comments about the President. I hit the link and got to a discussion site. Most of my questions have not been posted after moderation by the site.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Oh and it seems that using the “N”azi word is offensive to them. Though the moderator did not make it plain it was the word Nazi that was offensive. He just posted it was my use of the “N” word that was not allowed!

      • Was this moderator a real person or a machine? If you typed it as “N” – maybe that was the red flag?

        But – using the word Nazi does tend to offend these righties – as much as calling them Racists.

        The proof is in the pudding – as my grandpa always said.

        And from the color of these Right Wingers’ pudding in the last 6 years – the words Nazi and Racist do tend to fit their particular pointy little heads – IMHO

  5. http://news.msn.com/obits/shirley-temple-iconic-child-star-dies-at-85-1

    Shirley Temple died yesterday. From all accounts I’ve read, this lady was something special. Both in her movies and UN Ambassador duties.

  6. I received a rather odd email this morning. It’s from a friend and it is about some movie (based on a play) is coming out depicting Jesus and his disciples as gay men.

    This email wants me to pass this email on to as many people as I know in an effort to keep this movie from being shown anywhere in America.

    Okay – I looked this up in Snopes – and it appears this type of email wanting to ban this particular movie first circulated in the mid 1980’s…..

    This arose my curiosity whether there is even a movie in existence?

    When I Googled, I did find where a movie with the same theme but this was like in 2008 and 2010. I’ve not read anywhere if this is a real thing or not.

    Does anyone here know anything about some movie titled ‘ Corpus Christi’ ?

    But this email is somewhat vague as to how exactly my passing this on to folks I know will be able to keep this movie from being shown…this email even states there is no petition to sign, no letters to write, no phone calls to make.

    So……exactly how is this going to prevent this movie from being shown?

    And if you don’t want to go see it – then just don’t go. How about that way of treating this movie because the last time I checked, Americans do have the right to freedom of speech.

    • It’a the method right-wing nutjobs use to keep their constituency afraid. Guess what? With their constituency it works! [eye roll]

      Of course, you do realize Snopes is some left-wing communist, socialist, lying liberal… đŸ™‚ Because republicans have decided what the ‘facts’ they’ll believe are.

      • The most profitable method to keep the sheep afraid is fleecing these fools out of all their money in the name of God or Jesus or gay marriage or abortion.

        There is a good reason why Republicans never even attempted to ban abortion during their 6 years of total control from 2000 to 2006.

        The puppet masters need their puppets to be kept stupid, dumb and afraid to think outside of the Foxxies Hen House and that Hate Talk Radio neighborhood.

      • No wonder I never truly fit into the Fundy Evangelical Christian movement – I asked way too many questions…..and I persisted in asking questions.

  7. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/11/winter-storm-south_n_4769122.html

    At the risk of sounding like an uncaring Republican, why don’t these good Southern folks who spew the GOP talking points of hating the government and being people who ‘build things by themselves and pull themselves by their own bootstraps’ do just that?

    Why do those folks who scream the loudest about that evil government spending money we don’t have are always the first ones in line if a dangerous storm hits their asses?

  8. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/11/catholic-hospital-atheist_n_4747995.html
    Well, at least this couple was not told to divorce in order to get welfare.

    Is it just the Catholic-owned churches that think this is okay – or is it the region they were in?

    Bottom line – I don’t think that question should even be asked – if you’re a religious person, then wouldn’t your particular preacher or priest just know that you’re in the hospital and would like their services?