Monday, 2/10/14, Public Square




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  1. Hope everyone is safe and warm in this new round of snowy winter weather.

    Just heard on the news there is warming trend coming and possibly in the 50’s and 60’s by Friday……


  2. Funny graphic today! Flog that damn dead horse!

    Indy, we’re safe and warm but watching the gauge on the propane tank. We can’t wait for better weather. The dogs and I are t-i-r-e-d of each other. I told them yesterday they stink. They looked at me as if to say “you don’t smell so good yourself.” Wise dogs.

    617, if you are lurking around, this one is for you.

    An economic school has led to gridlock in Washington
    By E.J. Dionne Jr., Sunday, February 9, 7:03 PM

    One of my favorite moments during the 2012 Republican presidential contest came when Ron Paul, fresh from his strong showing in Iowa, triumphantly told his supporters: “We’re all Austrians now!”

    I imagined many Americans scratching their heads and wondering: Why do we want to be Austrians? They live in a nice country with stunning mountains and all that, but aren’t we perfectly happy to be Americans?

    Of course those in the know, particularly Paul’s enthusiasts, understood the libertarian presidential candidate’s reference: that Americans were rejecting the economic ideas of John Maynard Keynes that encouraged government intervention and provided intellectual ballast for the New Deal. Instead, they were coming around to the principles of the anti-government economics of Austrians Friedrich A. Hayek and Ludwig von Mises.

    Hayek and Mises perceived little difference between democratic governments that used their power to plan against recessions and dictatorships that did the same thing. In this view, the policies of Franklin Roosevelt led down what Hayek called the “Road to Serfdom” and were thus objectively comparable to those of Hitler or Stalin.

    There was some nut job on tbtsnbn who supposedly was a strict Austrian economist. Probably a teabagger now…..

    • PP – good to hear you’re safe and warm .

      As for that propane gauge – my kids were at my house yesterday and they are just hoping they can hang on with this last refill……..

      Both of these kids work full time jobs (my son consistently works 12-13 hrs a day and sometimes weekends)

      And they are finding it hard to keep up with the cost of everything going up sky high.

      My DIL talked about her grocery shopping trip on Saturday. They all like fried chicken and she usually buys a big whole chicken, cut it up and fry it herself.

      She said the bigger chickens that she used to pay like $5 to $6 are now $11 to $12.

      And crawfish – used to be like $10/carton and they are now $16/carton.

      She has noticed this in the last month……..

      WTH is going on?

      • I’m afraid it’s all going to get worse before it gets better. The price of poultry and pork go up quicker than beef because they have shorter growing times to get to market. They are leading indicators of what beef will be. I’m looking for at least a 40% increase in meat of all kinds. Even a farm girl like me is eating less meat. But dairy prices (read cheese) will be going up dramatically very soon. I know a bunch of farmers that are not keeping any animals at all anymore. And crop prices are soft so they’ll plant fewer acres which means even more price increases for grain and feed.

        And… the drought in California and freezes in Florida and the south are going to push fruit and veggie prices to the moon.

        I maybe fighting the dogs for their food soon. Good thing one of my buddies just gave me 50lb of deer meat. I think I’ll be planting a garden this year again and hope we get lots of rain and very little hail.

  3. I just finished watching a movie that always makes me cry – ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ with Robin Williams.

    Remember this movie?

    This movie makes me cry because of personal memories of loved ones forever gone and their lives were cut short and I still want to know WHY…..

    But……when thinking about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars – I find myself asking the same damn questions….WHY…..

    In keeping with the graphic today – one big question is why do these Republicans want to beat the dead horse over Benghazi without holding up a mirror to their own fat, sorry-ass faces and ask themselves one big question – why did they vote to decrease the funding for security at our bases like Benghazi?

    Why is that question NOT front and center instead of all this damn partisan crappola we get from these RePUKES……these folks call themselves the true patriots?

  4. Oh, Indy. Remember, repukes always live a life of no consequences even if they claim to be the party of personal responsibility.

    Personal responsibility for thee but not for me seems to be the repuke mantra.

    • Puritans – through and through – huh?

      It’s too bad these Puritan descendants don’t do as their ancestors did and find a great big ship, sail off into the sunset and find another rock they can land on and declare the new land as their own.

      If the world is lucky, those native Indians will have strict illegal immigration laws and deport them.

      That would be karma…….


    This is a GOP manufactured problem by those GOP-controllted states refusing to expand Medicaid – but now these same GOP governors are blaming Obamacare for shutting people out of health insurance..

    That hateful supervisor I just go rid of was one of these Republican buffoons that totally bought the idea that this problem was created by the black man in the White House.

    UNTIL I told her – hey don’t blame Obama for what Sam Brownback – your guy – chose to do by refusing to expand Medicaid.

    Put the blame where it belongs……

    I wonder if my ex-supervisor misses me yet? LOL

    Hey – I like being able to get up in the morning and knowing I don’t have to go see her ugly mug every day. Some folks are toxic……..and the best thing to do is to just STAY AWAY….


    Well, now she has just gone and stepped into it…….and all Hell will break loose on Hate Talk Radio and Foxxies Hen House.

    How dare she do that….

    What’s next? -will this woman continue to tell our school kids to eat healthy foods and stay in school?

    The nerve of that woman….who does she think she is…..

    brought to you by my telepathic powers directly connected to the Far Right Wing Fantasy Land