Saturday, 2/8/14, Public Square

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by | February 8, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Speaking of ‘control…’

    While our Kansas legislature continues work on a three fifths solution to the “gay problem,” they’ve also decided to see how badly they can mess up other lives by eliminating no-fault divorces.

    I’m unable to form words.

    • Ditto. The entire state budget in the next few years will be devoted to defending these utterly nutty and definitively unconstitutional laws being passed today.

      Wingnuts. Can’t live with ’em and it’s against the law to kill ’em.

      • I saw this on another blog just last week:

        Religion is used to keep the poor people from killing the rich people.

        But Wingnuts are a different class of religion – IMHO. These are the folks who truly believe that they – and only they – are God’s favorites and the rest of us are heathens destined for Hell.

        Hey – if these Wingnuts are in Heaven – would that truly be heaven?

        Not in my definition – Heaven should be a place of eternal peace and unconditional love.

        When was the last time you knew of a Wingnut that did not constantly stir up the hatred pot?

    • Oh, and as regards today’s header graphic?

      I vote for the nachos.

    • Hey – Pastor Sam is a devout Catholic – maybe he will make it a law that men can just have their current wife fill out annulment papers and POOF – like magic – there NEVER was a marriage.

      So there is no need for a divorce. Men will be free to marry as many women as they can get with the help of taxpayer-provided erectile dysfunction pills.

      Hey – this has apparently worked in the Catholic Church for quite some time.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Really, Kansas is so like never before trying to rival wonderland!

  2. R.D. Liebst

    OK after reading the posts on face book that are coming from blind and others then people I know. I want to stand on notice: patriot watch and the like. I am not stupid, I do not see only one side and actually read and reason what is put here. I am not some moron that blames it all on Obama because he is a liberal to hide that I really don’t like him because he is skin is not Lilly white skin color and I can not stand the thought of having a “Colored” man telling me what to do. Do not forward such crap to me, I don’t buy dog shit as hot dogs and I actually think as bad as the Nazis-cons hates someone who does.

    • R.D. Liebst

      That is what I posted to my face book page LOL believe me if I was speaking it instead of typing it I would have been stuttering and spitting more then what I had to go back and correct on that post!

      • RD – my grandpa was the type of person that liked the art of debate. He was never a formal debater – he simply liked to throw out an idea and see where the conversation went from there.

        IMO – this is the problem with these Far Right Wingers – they have to see the world as Black and White – and their version of the facts – or else these folks turn into mean, bitter, hate-filled and vengeful creatures.

        While I do not go to certain blog sites to try to reason with these folks (because, let’s face it, these folks do listen to facts or reason) – but I do go to their blog sites to see what is being said and who is spewing the same old GOP talking points.

        It’s best to keep apprised of what the other side is doing – and if you have a little fun offending these hate-filled people – then have your fun – IMHO

        Hey – it’s not like these Far Right Wingers would ever stop demeaning and degrading the rest of us – will they?

      • correction: folks do NOT listen to facts or reason

  3. R.D. Liebst

    yapper if I keep offending people like I have been I will end up walking down empty streets whistling to myself a happy tune but only so it is not so quiet around me!

  4. Our kansas legislators are gonna free the shit out of us.

    • Isn’t this what colonization was all about?

      White Puritans illegally crossed the American borders to take away the land and resources from the Native Indians.

      Who was it that installed all these Indian reservations – and why?

      Just because you carry a cross and blaspheme the name of Jesus to justify your selfish agenda does not make it morally right.

      • Look at South Africa apartheid – which is why Nelson Mandela became such a beloved world-wide leader for human rights.

        Let’s not forget how Ronald Reagan and his Buddies still consider Nelson Mandela to be a terrorist threat.

      • It certainly explains The Crusades in one visual.

        We haven’t come very far. The loud-mouthed radical religious right are trying to purge the world of reason because they are so obsessed with their angry, aggressive gawd’s mission. No minding their own business and practicing their religion in private. These are real loonies, don’t underestimate them!

        Christian fundamentalists believe that because of their active presence in the US political process, and because of earlier generations of pious Americans, the United States is special in the sight of God. Therefore, patriotism and militant nationalism are consistent with fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

        Such thinking is remarkably similar in tone to that of the National Socialists in Germany. The Nazis held the absolute conviction that what was good for Germany and German supremacy was always right and was to be vigorously pursued at all costs, no matter how detrimental that might be for individuals, smaller groups.

        The radical religious will seek to restrict not only freedom of thought but ultimately even freedom of religion itself.

        In particular, once the radical religious right succeeded in establishing totalitarian control, it would likely make moderate forms of Christianity the targets of surveillance and persecution.

        Fundamentalist Christians regard the “religious left,” which includes Christian groups seeking to improve human rights and social conditions for the poor, as being under the influence of the spirit of Antichrist.

        From the fundamentalist perspective, the spirit of Antichrist seeks to replace the gospel of Christ with liberal, secular thinking that appeals to the “unsaved” but that does not lead to true salvation.

        In their view, only Christ can save the world from its problems. Any attempt to replace Christ with other solutions is ultimately motivated by Satanic forces. Socially progressive or charitable groups would find their freedom to operate and to express their views restricted.



    Now we’ll have the Far Right Wingers jumping on the bandwagon of high-fiving the Little Cowboy President for – sticking it in the eye of the IOC.

    Can’t you just hear it now? George W. Bush is a true patriot because he told the rest of the world how great the USA is and we won’t back down or let anybody tell us what to say.

    Hmmmm….Salt Lake City Olympic games…..that was the one where MItt Romney was given all that taxpayer money to put on a show. I heard somewhere that Romney had all the accounting records of those games to be destroyed – so nobody can really prove where all that taxpayer money went… that true?


    Has the world gone freaking NUTS?

    We have people in this country who are homeless, unemployed, hungry and trying to raise kids on minimum wage jobs and we have buffoons paying how much money for clothes?

    May I improvise on a saying that Prairie Pond uses a lot – Jesus wept.

    Jesus must surely be on a crying jag about now….


      One bright spot – these sweaters were made in the USA.

      Remember the backlash from the London Games when Ralph Lauren had the USA athletes clothing made in China?

      But……isn’t it interesting to note from this article that the company Lauren chose is a company owned by Korean immigrants.

      Hmmm……foreigners who came to America and built a business.

      I wonder if these Korean immigrants would have fit in nicely with the Coca Cola Super Bowl ad with all the different Americans singing ‘America the Beautiful’ in their native languages?

      But….even if Ralph Lauren did do the right thing this time by having these sweaters made in the USA – I still think these prices are way out of line for the average working person to buy.

      Or, am I being too cynical here?