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  1. The idjits in Brownbackistan’s Congress are in the news again.

    Religious liberty bill opens door for LGBT discrimination

    Exercising some more of their religious liberty privilege. And what the hell does sincerely held mean? If you are even considering that this hate fest may give you permission to discriminate against Jews and Baptists, stop right there! This limits you to discriminating against gays, but, boy, have at it, and unleash all the hate you got on gays in Kansas ‘Merica!

    How much do you think it will cost Kansas to fight this? Will it be enough to actually stop funding schools entirely? Probably will require another tax break for the Kochs…

    Kansas House committee approves gay marriage response

    • R.D. Liebst

      I reposted this to my face book page, LOL a hit to some of my hard right, holier then thou friends and family.

    • R.D. Liebst

      I can picture it now! ” I love you with God’s love… You low-life, scum sucking Pig screwing sinners!”

      • While beating those sinners over the head with the Bible.

        I’ve heard the King James Version Bible delivers a nice ‘smacking’ sound.

        Nothing like a good smack-down for these fake X-tians to feel morally superior.

      • R.D. Liebst

        Indy that might explain why at a Church camp I got told I had the wrong bible because it was not a King James!

  2. Open Mic Poetry with Lauren Zuniga

    Event Date: Thursday, February 13, 2014
    Event Time: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Location: Rhatigan Student Center First Floor

    Lauren Zuniga, a renowned spoken word artist, will be at the Rhatigan Student Center to do what she does best: speak!

    This event is free and open to the WSU community.
    For more information, contact Student Activities Council by email or call 316-978-3022.

    Here’s a map of the WSU campus and location of Rhatigan Student Center (RSC):

  3. Wow – if the bigoted Loud-N-Proud Christians measure their religious liberty by people’s sexual orientation and behavior – then why are these folks doing business with any Catholic church leader and/or supporter that continues to turn a blind eye to the crime of child molestation and the choice that was made to cover up those crimes?

    If the bigoted Loud-N-Proud Christians are so obsessed with knowing every person’s sexual orientation and behavior before they will sell you anything – or do their jobs – then isn’t this downright creepy?

    Who the hell sits around all day and obsesses about other peoples’ sex life?

    A pervert – that is who.. IMO

  4. I woke up this morning to the news about a fatal shooting in Augusta. Of course, there were no names given.

    My heart started beating faster since my son and his family live in Augusta.
    In today’s world of craziness – you never know what is going to happen next.

    I found this news on the KWCH website and it tells of a 12-yr-old boy that called 911 last night because he had locked himself in his room then heard a gunshot, police came and found the bodies of his mother and stepfather in the home.

    With tragedies like this happening in our towns – what the hell do these Loud-N-Proud Faux Christians constantly yap about ?- gay rights

    Just pass me the barf bucket now…….these fake Christians make me want to puke…

    • I am going to check this group out.

      Remember that group No Labels that claims to be nonpartisan?
      I joined that group and all I got from them was Republican-themed emails and they constantly pushed Republicans in my face on how to solve our problems.

      I got my fill of that group and told them to never send me another damn email or anything………

      If you’re going to sit there and tell me you’re nonpartisan, then you had better be NON-partisan and not just a damn corrupt GOP elephant dressed in an Uncle Sam costume.

      • Be careful about this one too, until we have more info — which time will give! All these ‘independents’ who turn out to be people who hate government are to be avoided! Government works fine when you get the KOCHS, ALEC, BIG MONEY, Religious nut jobs, corruption… out of it and get back to the principles of WE THE PEOPLE.

        Reagan started this, and the idjits who swallow stupidity have fallen in line.

      • Agreed 100% – Reagan did a lot of damage to our country and yet these same idjits worship at the Golden St. Ronnie Statue.

        I thought the Ten Commandments said it was a sin to worship false gods?

        Money and Reagan -are two of the biggest false gods – IMO

    • bobwhitenks

      For me, and I do agree there is a big problem, it is as simple as “term limits”. Voters are not “activists” and they will not call, write or fund candidates; that is why a few moneyed interests can corrupt those in office.

      • I have often thought about term limits as the answer to political corruption.

        But, what is the difference between one corporate-owned politician from the other? They are just two different faces.

        What needs to be gutted from all this corruption are the two political parties.

        I say two parties because I think Democrats are just as susceptible to this corporate-ownership as the Republicans have shown themselves to be.

        Along with term limits – why not try a third party?

        I’ve heard all the arguments against a third party – but just once, wouldn’t you like to see a real group of real people elect a real person in the White House?

        If for no other reason than to just see the these political corrupt fanatics heads spin??

        BUT… get a viable third party candidate – WE the PEOPLE have to go stop this partisan bickering over these social issues.

        Which is why I think these social issues are never resolved – they are kept alive to be used as wedge issues to get the same sheeple to vote for the same buffoons that do not want to solve these issues….

        A vicious circle -huh?

  5. A Lobbyist And A Senator Walk Into A Restaurant …

  6. Robert Reich —

    The U.S. economy needs to create over 150,000 new jobs a month just to tread water, to keep up with a growing population. If we’re going to deal with the huge backlog of unemployed (for example, more than 1 out of 6 men between the ages of 25 and 54 don’t have jobs) we need to create 350,000 a month. But we learned today that only 113,000 new jobs were added in January. That’s on top of a paltry 75,000 new jobs in December.

    The Republican answer is to refuse to extend emergency unemployment benefits (as Senate Republicans did yesterday), cut food stamps, say no to expanding Medicaid, block an increase in the minimum wage, fight unions, and reject jobs programs such as highway building and public transportation. They believe that the rich are job creators, and their taxes should be lowered. In short: the wealthiest among us, who have never been richer, need more money in order to be adequately motivated, while the most vulnerable among us need less money to be fully motivated.

    The real reason we’re not creating jobs is 95% of all the economy’s gains are going to the top 1%, leaving the vast middle class and poor without enough purchasing power to get the economy moving. The real job creators aren’t at the top; they’re in the middle and below. Until we recognize and act on this reality, the vicious cycle will continue.

    • Those devoted Reaganettes who still push his failed economic policy of trickle down economics should go back to school (or at least pick up a damn factual book) and learn how plants are watered and fed through their root system.

      The ROOTS are the place where living plants get their nourishment to keep thriving. Without the roots getting nourishment – the plant will wither and die.

      Maybe this is why Reagan-lovin’ Republicans want to get rid of public schools – so nobody can figure out what ST. Ronnie and his Brood has done to us over the past three decades.

      The roots are where the working class comes into the picture. In order to keep these business plants thriving – they need to be nurtured through their root structure – the workers.

      So, the next time any Reagan-lovin’ Republican tries to flim flam you with that tired-out lie of trickle-down economics – just hit them over the head with a book of basic facts on how nature (God) has designed the way plants need their nourishment to continue to live and thrive.

      • Maybe if we put it in terms of God designed the way for plants to thrive – these fake X-tians will at least listen?

        Oh, what am I talking about? These fake X-tians don’t really give a damn what God thinks. These people are so fake they have their own people rewriting the Bible to better portray the Conservative view – remember?

        Phyllis Schafly and her son are working on that rewriting the Bible project – if I remember correctly.

        You know – it takes a lot of gall to actually put yourselves up as being the ones to rewrite the Bible – the same Bible that these same folks profess is the literal word of God…


    Sarah Palin stated there is no Ronald Reagan on the scene today.

    And my reply is – there IS a God….

    Seriously – the last thing we need is another Reagan with the gift of the silver tongue which enabled Ronnie to make people truly believe that him selling weapons to our enemy Iran was a GOOD thing…..

    Think about it……..if Obama was found out to have sold weapons to the same enemy Iran – what do you think the outrage from these Reagan-lovin’ Republicans would be?

    Hypocrisy is okay – as long as it is your guy who is the hypocrite. Well, and the correct God gives his thumbs up to it.

    This is a must read – it describes a new group of people the Used to Haves.

    I also liked the section where this writer talks about how it was not the recession – it was the Great Theft – that happened to our economy.

    Hopefully, the group in the video that fnord posted above – representUS – is on the up and up and are honestly trying to make a difference.

    I plan to watch this group and see where they are going with this movement.

    • I plan to keep an eye on representUS. I want to see what candidates they support. I want to be sure they’re not supporting small government that restricts rights for everyone or are in favor of austerity economics. I want to see our crumbling infrastructure improved by putting WE THE PEOPLE to work. I have had it UP TO HERE with idjits who run on creating jobs and then once elected say government doesn’t / can’t create jobs so we’ll spend our time restricting the rights of women, gays, minorities, poor people, and everyone and anyone else we find undeserving.

      • Agreed….. I am willing to listen to this group and I will let you all know what type of emails I receive from this group.

        While siting here, I remembered a guy’s name from MSNBC – Dylan Ratigan.

        He became frustrated with all the crappola going on and he resigned his MSNBC show. I used to watch this guy and the last episodes I watched was when he took a bus tour around the country and he interviewed all kinds of local people on various issues like education, job creation, taxes, government, etc.

        I did find his site and I signed up for his emails also. I will report back on what I hear from him.

        I have not found where Dylan Ratigan has a formal group or not – or if he is just not doing this on his own…

        The last show I watched him about ready to break down and cry and then turned to screaming about how this country has gotten into this bitter, partisan stupid fighting rather than to try to fix the problems we all face together.

        But…..Dylan Ratigan….just like the others, will have to prove to me they are sincere in their stated motives. If I find at anytime they are simply out to push for their specific narrow agendas – I am out the door.

        I mean seriously – the former Ethics Advisor for George W. Bush is now suddenly so damn concerned about all Americans?

        Please, my momma did not raise no fool….

  9. dnord – I did sign up for the emails from the group in the video above – representUS

    As I was scrolling through their numerous pages, I noticed one of their ‘leaders’ in this group is the same guy that started the No Labels group – Mark McKinnon – a GOP strategist.

    Then – after Mark – there was a picture of the guy who was George W. Bush’s Ethics Advisor.


    There were other people – progressives, a Tea Party Patriot leader and others I did not know.

    BUT……when I saw the picture of that Mark McKinnon – I just about hurled my breakfast.

    I am very leery about this group………it feels like an good old fashioned Revival Tent Meeting where the wolf is in sheep’s clothing.

    • I wondered if it might just sound too good to be true. Thanks for the tip!

      • There is a chance these folks might just be able to do something positive…….I’ve not given up hope on them.

        But, just like my feelings towards the new Pope, I have my eyes opened wide to see if their actions match up to their words.

  10. G-stir

    42 Days ’till Spring!!!!!—- If the Kansas Legislature allows it, of course– it could be a climate change scam!

    • How can there be global warming when there is snow on the ground?

      This CON argument ranked right up with the misspelled Tea Party signs to stop socialized medicine but to keep hands off their Medicare.

      How are you doing this fine Friday?

  11. G-stir

    OK- I’m trying to figure out how to do a Sun Dance and brighten this gloomy mess up.

    What was that you were saying Bob about term limits?

    Sen. Pat Roberts – Kansas – is he a perfect example of why we need term limits?

    • Can you imagine the outrage if a Democrat was ‘renting’ a room from some couple and he/she listed it as their official address so they could vote in the state?

      Like I said previously…..a hypocrite is okay if it is YOUR guy that is the hypocrite.

      But….it appears Sen. Pat is making a lot of Tea Party folks mad back here in Kansas.

      Will Sen. Pat’s butt-kissing of Tea Partiers be enough to save his old skin at the next election?

  13. I hope the Kochs are spending a shitload of money on this interesting race in Georgia which gives the entire country the opportunity to witness the true nature of these faux religious tea baggers. Georgia Republican Saxby Chambliss won’t be seeking a third term in the U.S. Senate this year, and his decision to bow out has eight republicans, including three congressmen, scrambling for his seat.

    An open Senate seat is rare and in this red state it is a crowded republican field! And, although everyone wanted to avoid the campaign-crippling remarks we’ve come to expect from republican candidates (seven men and one woman) vying for the republican nomination represent the worst stereotypes of an anti-science, anti-woman, anti-Obama, anti-immigrant, Mr. Moneybags candidate — a reputation the party has desperately been trying to shed.

    The three men who currently serve Georgia in the U.S. House are leading the pack at this point but none of the three have even a third of the votes.

    Rep. Paul Broun
    Rep. Paul Broun is one of the three candidates grasping at the lead spot in the polls. Even before Broun jumped into the 2014 Senate race he caught national attention for saying scientific theories like evolution and the big bang were “lies straight from the pit of hell.” After national outcry emerged noting that such comments came from a member of the House Science Committee, he later claimed the comments were “off the record.”

    Rep. Phil Gingrey
    Rep. Phil Gingrey, another candidate regarded as one of the strongest in the large GOP primary field, earned himself plenty of criticism for complaining that his $172,000 congressman’s salary was too little. Before the Senate race he also defended then-Rep. Todd Akin’s (R-MO) “legitimate rape” remarks by calling them “partially right,” even though other top republicans raced to distance themselves.

    Rep. Jack Kingston
    Republicans likely looked to Rep. Jack Kingston, who came into the race as the most polished candidate, as the candidate that could avoid a clumsy mistake. But even that hope quickly fizzled. Kingston suggested that middle school students should sweep the floors in exchange for school lunches — when in fact Kingston himself had enjoyed a few free lunches in his time in Congress. Kingston also committed the cardinal Republican sin of suggesting that it’s not completely responsible to get rid of Obamacare without having a replacement.

    Guess what? Democratic nominee Michelle Nunn, daughter of the former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA), is a winner before you even stop to consider what these eight republicans are doing and saying during the run-up to the primary!

    The primary is scheduled for May 20th so there’s another three months of craziness to look forward to while the candidates try to out-conservative one another! They have six more debates scheduled. It’s looking like whoever comes out of this primary is going to be bruised, bloodied and broke. Plus, there’s a real possibility that the large field will split the vote causing a runoff primary between the two lead candidates.

    Remember, republicans need to pick up six additional seats, IF they keep all the ones they currently hold, to take the majority in the Senate. Races like this one in Georgia may make that a bit more difficult!

    Here’s a good write-up on the Senate races considered to be the most competitive:

  14. G-stir

    I wonder if anyone ever thought about turning Kansas into a Dark Ages Theme Park?

    • How do republicans get themselves to believe things like a wealth gap so wide it leaves customers no money to spend, or that infrastructure so outdated it threatens the viability of their businesses and safety of their families is in their own best interests?

      I honestly believe what motivates republicans most is simply being against everything that might benefit anyone other than themselves, they’re selfish. They’ve decided they know who is and isn’t deserving, and will do everything they can to ensure those they deem undeserving suffer.

      • I am convinced that some people just do NOT care….

        They are rich and to hell with anybody else.

        But isn’t it handy to have those mega church preachers and televangelists out there giving the appearance that God blesses those who are the greediest because, after all, God has his favorites – you betcha, wink-wink


    If Obama is a socialist – then why has the government jobs been declining?

    At this rate, Obama won’t have enough government workers to run those FEMA camps.

    Silly Republicans – this is yet another fact they cannot seem to come to grips with.