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  1. I found this interesting. According to a poll (and it’s carefully pointed out this is a small sample from a single poll), tea partiers approval rating of Chris Christie has increased since investigations in possible misuse of the powers of his office have surfaced and began to be investigated.

    (from the link): it’s a fascinating finding, confirming that for at least some non-trivial group of Republicans, all a politician has to do to win their favor is to get attacked by anyone outside of the conservative bubble.

    Which is, to put it bluntly, pathetic.

    But it does suggest — at least a little — the appeal of a Sarah Palin or a Herman Cain….Or, for that matter, the continuing appeal of Newt Gingrich to some conservatives despite his frequent and major deviations on public policy over the years. If the core credential for being a Real Conservative is to be attacked (by liberals? by the “neutral” news media? by prosecutors?), then demagogues, charlatans and the inept have a real advantage over responsible, competent politicians. Which really is a problem for the Republican Party, but beyond that, is an even more important problem, I would think, for actual ideological conservatives — that is, people who care about public policy and ideology, as opposed to being purely concerned with tribal allegiances.

    …conservatives have turned victimization into a high art over the past few years—led, as Bernstein points out, by the high priestess of grievance and victimization herself, Sarah Palin. When reports surface that make you look bad, just spin them as desperate attacks against real American values by East Coast elitists and you’re golden. After all, if the lamestream media says you did something bad, then you must actually be doing something very, very good…

    • I also think Tea Partiers actually like bullies.

      Let’s not forget how the country became acquainted with the Tea Party -shall we?

      These were the folks than went from town hall to town hall with the intended goal to disrupt, loud, obnoxious and bully their way.

      And how did many of these Tea Partiers get to these town halls? Money from corporate brothers to keep those buses running.

      The first target was health care reform – remember?

      Isn’t it very telling that those same corporate brothers certainly got into the line for government assistance to help pay for health insurance for their retirees.

      Hmmmmm……paying for buffoons and morons to act like bullies while holding both hands out for money from the same evil government you profess to hate.

      Profit at all costs – goes with the graphic today, doesn’t it?

  2. Clay Aiken sounds like someone who should be considered, listened to, learned about, and if proven to be what this says, it would be good for America if he is elected.

    • Clay Aiken sounds like a good person. If I remember the link I posted yesterday he is a teacher now?

      North Carolina might be a true test to see whether these Tea Party/Fundy Christian Republicans are losing their death grip on the southern states.

      Hey – even if Clay Aiken does not accomplish everything that he wants to do – he is a far sight better than any Republican in that same seat – IMO

  3. Then there’s this example of a ‘conservative.’ No matter how often they try to convince voters they’re high minded, reasonable types, we see too many examples like this one of who they are.

    Klingenschmitt: People Not Going To Heaven Do Not Deserve Equal Treatment By The Government – See more at:

  4. Robert Reich asks —

    Behind the political theater over Obamacare – from the botched rollout to yesterday’s false claim it will increase unemployment – is a reality that’s barely mentioned, not well understood, but the most important of all: It’s leading to the biggest consolidation of insurers and health providers in history. Giant insurers like WellPoint are taking on an ever-greater share of enrollees, hospitals are merging into huge systems, and physicians are fast becoming system employees. Last year alone 247 hospitals merged, three times as many as in 2008. A decade ago, hospitals owned a quarter of all physician practices; by 2011 they owned half. Why? Because large insurers and giant hospital systems are each racing to increase economies of scale and market power over the other — in order to capture more of the revenues from the Affordable Care Act as well as an expanded Medicaid and, not the least, the surge in baby-boomer Medicare.

    The endgame here is either (1) huge healthcare monopolies that rake in tens of billions of dollars a year while delivering mediocre services, or (2) a single-payer system with regulated prices that turn on healthy outcomes. I predict (2), within the next decade. Which do you predict?

    I want so badly to agree with him! But if republicans have their way — and they have created fear out of the ignorance — it will be the first option. We have to work harder at countering republican lies and exaggerations, work harder at erasing the ignorance and misunderstandings. Republicans won’t be able to scare people who have facts!

    • Did you know the reason so many of our hospitals and doctors clinics have been bought up by the Catholics?

      Our regional group has merged with the group in St. Louis – which is a massive monopoly – IMO

      We have Walmartized everything in this country – to the point where there is very little free market, free trade and competition.

      What is the saddest part of all – we have churchy-people being the cheerleaders by trying to call all this Walmartizing as being free market, free trade and competition.

      But to pull this P.R. stunt off – these folks need voters to be as dumb as rocks – which is why we see Tea Partiers being the group that loves Chris Christie even more since he has been picked on by the media.

      Or when these same CONservatives love Sarah Palin or Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh – when each of these folks play the victim card.

      None are so blind as those who REFUSE to see…..or even be willing to look behind that curtain to see exactly who is pulling the strings and the reasons why.

      I think this is why these CONS don’t particularly mind if the Southern States have been the largest group of government teat suckers – it keeps the masses happy and it keeps them under the GOP’s thumb….

      There is a reason why the Fundy Evangelical Christian are concentrated throughout the Bible Belt (mostly southern states).



    What do you think would have happened if this had been a 16-yr-old black male under the same circumstances?

    I seriously doubt if we would have even be hearing of this case in the media because I suspect Texas would love to have charged a black 16-yr-old male as an adult and found some prison cell for him – pronto.

    Hey – knowing this is Texas – they might have even found a way to put the black male to death….just to show how much Texas wants to see justice served.

    Yeah sure, oh boy….

    • Why not make this teen at least be the caregiver for the two boys that were riding WITH him – that are now paralyzed?

      I realize 16 yr olds make stupid mistakes…..but he was 3-times the legal limit to be drunk. There needs to be some consequences to his actions……and a posh $450,000/yr rehab place is going to be the right punishment?

      But even with the rehab place being posh – the fact this judge gave no minimum time this kid has to spend at that rehab place is highly suspicious – IMHO.

      Is this another example of how certain folks get to play the victim card and still have their cheerleaders?

      Better watch out – this 16yr old could grow up and become a Republican Senator one day – or maybe even President.



    This will be interesting to watch…. Soda Stream is an Israeli company. And if I remember correctly, their latest spokesperson – Scarlett Johanson – recently was criticized for her association with this company.

    I need to go find that article…

  7. R.D. Liebst

    Ok here is one for the books, one of my seven years old grandsons has been suspend for three days for sexual harassment. It seems that someone said he was seen kissing a girl on the cheek. Now the girl said that my grandson did not and he said he did not but school policy requires he be suspended!

    • This is happening when they’re 7 years old? What has our society come to?

      Besides – why take the word of a third party when the alleged victim (the girl) said it never happened and your grandson said it never happened.

      Maybe the third party is learning early how to manipulate his/her surroundings?

      • R.D. Liebst

        Yes and in my opinion it belittles the very serious incidents and it does happen. sadly in many ways it is the wide open defining of the allegation. If someone makes it no one wants to question it or not believe that it happened. In some case it is simply talking to someone of the opposite sex is considered sexual harassment to someone else. But then at times if a woman talks to a man the man many take it as coming on. How in the hell (pardon my French) are we suppose to be equal if someone thinks that way? I am not a player but I do tend to talk to more women than I do men. Though I tend to be open to everyone and talk to almost anyone that I encounter and if I have something to say. sheer numbers means that there are more women to talk to then men.

        If we can not talk how is there any hope of ever being considered as equals. If every time some does speak to or be around someone of the opposite sex. There is the automatic assumption that there is something sexual about it.
        If the opposite sexes do not talk what is the point in a marriage? It could not be much of a marriage if they do not. shoot my wife and I need to talk to each other and do. LOL Ok and sometimes yell and argue too!

      • You make some good and valid points – what does sexual harassment entail?

        What is so frustrating is when sexual assault or rape has been proven and yet the guilty get a slap on the wrist.

        Then to make my frustration boil over into anger is when I see self-professing morally superior people become the cheerleaders for the guilty rapist. – or when an entire church has been found guilty of knowingly covering up the crime of child molestation and these same morally superior people all continue to support these church leaders.


        How in the hell are we supposed to teach our children about these issues when we look around our society and see where certain ‘guilty persons’ get away with their misdeeds..


        Remember this case where the judge gave the rapist a 31-day jail sentence and 14 years probation. That was not the only details that emerged from this case – the judge also made some disparaging remarks about the young female victim. This judge actually said the young victim seemed to have as much control over the situation as the man did.

        This judge’s actions caused a firestorm – remember?

        The young girl committed suicide – and the judge announced his retirement (I wonder how much taxpayer money he will be bringing home on that pension check?)

        The ONLY reason – I suspect – that this recommendation for disciplinary action be taken is because of the public outrage…..

        If that had not happened……would this judge even be retiring?

        I suspect not…

      • Unless a child has been subjected to inappropriate touch from an adult or other abuses, have they developed sexuality at that age? Does talking about things they can’t understand add to sexuality developing too soon? It’s up to every adult who interacts with children to teach them to trust and to set good boundaries. Children learn feelings and concern for others because they receive those from the adults around them.

        Have you ever seen a child without feelings, one whose mind has been damaged by abuse, beatings, inappropriate touch, the damage done to their minds as they never learned how to trust or set good boundaries?

        Give that 7 year old an extra hug from me, kiss him on the cheek, and tell him it’s good to like people. I’d say tell him school isn’t the place for kissing, but he said he didn’t… How awful that he has to hear all this!

  8. bobwhitenks

    Today’s “Post” states in a round-about-way the point that nothing in our social experience needs more fundamental and intrusive regulation than profitmaking, e.g., big-business.

    • Agreed……we do need regulations – but we need them to be enforced.

      I don’t mind people making profits – even huge profits.

      What I do mind is when these folks manipulate and take advantage of our tax laws and or government’s taxpayer-dollars-filled trough where these folks seem to gorge themselves.

      Then, after gorging on taxpayer money, these same folks get up on their soapbox and do the cock-strut dance that they built their profit-making business all by themselves.

      NO, they did not….they had a lot of taxpayer money…..


    Do rich people deserve to have their own cities and schools? I cannot help but notice that similar efforts has been done in other Southern States.

    Now, what do these Southern States have in common?

    While we were discussing the issue of what sexual harassment really entails …..I came across this article about a school offering a black history lunch of fried chicken, cornbread and watermelon.

    Some folks were offended………does this lunch menu rise to the level of racial harassment? Or are people over-reacting?

    What I would like to know is – was this lunch menu labeled as a tribute to Black History Month? And in so doing – was this action warranted or even needed in this school?

    Is our country so divided – so incensed with each other that both sides are just looking for something to get offended by?

    If this is the case – then as RD pointed out above regarding sexual harassment – nothing will be accomplished if we cannot even talk about these issues.


      Remember this fraternity party at the Arizona University to mark Martin Luther King Day?

      These are college kids…….but where did this learn to think this behavior is acceptable?

      My son has a theory as to why our society has become so insensitive, rude and downright mean-spirited.

      He thinks it is because we have social media at our fingertips. People can sit back, say anything they want to say and not have to actually face the people they offend.

      This type of spewing hatred is seen as acceptable on the social media. We have all seen how people treat one another on blog sites, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media.

      We’ve also seen how people will send photos of themselves on these social media sites and not think anything about it – until it blows up in their face.

      Then they get all apologetic if the public outrage shit hits the fan…

      But….are they really sorry for their actions or are they sorry they got caught?

      This type of instantaneous communication can be used for the good – but it can also be used for the evil deeds.

      How many times have we heard of some young girl who was raped by the football star(s) and then when she reported – the town attacked her and her family?

      This is all done on social media – where any person with a computer, smart phone or tablet can sit down and presumably hide behind that curtain to spew their venom of hate.

      My son might just have a point about the social media’s part in how our society as deteriorated.

      It’s not the media’s fault – it’s the people’s fault. The media just spread their hatred and evil into all corners of the world.

      • Social media allows one to spew whatever s/he wants in a veil of anonymity. Agree that it isn’t the media, but the person using them. I believe this would be occurring for a number of reasons regardless, but the existence of social media has operated as an accelerant much as gasoline poured on a fire.

    Remember the chemical spill in West Virginia?

    Even though this story is not on front page any longer, WE the PEOPLE need to keep on top of things and ask a lot of questions…

    Which is exactly why the Keystone Pipeline should be examined, re-examined and re-examined again………

    There are serious consequences to our fellow citizens and our environment when WE the PEOPLE sit back and let these companies spread their toxic products around with no oversight.

    There is no punishment severe enough for people who can do this to a child.