Tuesday, 2/4/14, Public Square



by | February 4, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Hope everyone is safe and warm this morning.

    I am so glad I got rid of that ungrateful, vengeful and hateful supervisor.

    It felt so good to wake up this morning knowing that I did not have to get out in this weather and think of her having to go to work and possibly have 3 of her employees call off due to weather.

    Is it terrible that I am smiling?

    BTW – those severe hives and chest pains are gone…..it must have been the stress….

    • R.D. Liebst

      Been there Indy, working at a place that just the thought of going to work makes you physically ill. In my case the boss was the best friend of the owner. You just could not complain to the owner because of it. Of course when it did get too much and I did try to reason with the owner I lost the job. sadly today that boss is still working just he is now as far away as his friend could get him from the plant and his moronic actions only effect a small and minor part of the operation.

  2. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2014/02/03/house-gop-finalizes-debt-limit-playbook/

    Here we go again, folks.

    Republicans – I do so hope they continue with all their partisan crappola – and hopefully they will continue showing how much they truly hate and despise women – especially those independent, strong and intelligent women.

    • http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/04/budget-deficit-cbo_n_4723511.html

      Speaking of the federal budget…..

      I do wish at least one Republican would have the capability to read a book filled with facts….

    • Very sadly, it seems Obama will approve the Keystone Pipeline together with SOS John Kerry. It looked to me like the environmental impact ‘study’ released last week was written exactly the way Obama needed it to be written and give him an excuse to do what he wanted to do anyway. Makes me angry!

      • Even with the best guy in office, when corporate masters stomp their feet – they usually get their way.

        I look at this way – I would rather have Obama in there than McCain or that Mitt the Twit (as the British so aptly nicknamed the dude).

        I do have one question about this Keystone Pipeline – I’ve heard that this is mainly for the oil extracted from the tar sands (which is more toxic and dangerous to move).

        Okay, this is a concern. But I also heard that Americans will not be the ones to actually buy this oil for our purpose – it is only being moved across our country to get to the ports so that this oil can be shipped overseas to the overseas buyer.

        So…..Americans are taking all the risks of this oil being pumped through this pipeline and we get none of the final product?

        WTF…..who thought up this damn plan?

      • So, basically, America has been pimped out to the highest bidder?

        And then we crow like a cock-strutting rooster about how our country is so godly and morally superior?

        Not only are we self righteous and pious – we must be downright S-T-U-P-I-D to be used in such a way.

      • http://keystone-xl.com/five-reasons-why-keystone-xl-benefits-the-u-s/
        Just found this article put out by TransCanada (so, it could be biased towards their side)…

        I was trying to read somewhere if the oil from Canada will be sold to the US or just being transported through our country on its way to some overseas buyer.

        I can usually find my way through a bunch of gobbledygook talk – but I am still not certain if this article states definitively if that Canada oil crude will be sold to the US or not.

        I read where TransCanada has dedicated 1/4 of the pipeline for the US producers to transport their oil crude……..but I have yet to see – in definitive words – what will happen to all that oil crude once it hits the refineries……..who the hell gets the final product?

        But….even with all that decided……is the safety of environment and people guaranteed along this pipeline?

        Will there be more trains loaded with toxic oil crude – or more trucks carrying this toxic stuff across our roadways?

        And why the hell can we not follow the footsteps of other countries that have gotten off the oil teat?

        Just imagine if our country would spend just a drop of the billion spent on useless political campaigns and useless foreign aid being sent to countries that have their own overabundance of oil (yeah, Saudi Arabia, I’m looking at you).. We are sending billions of tax dollars to foreign countries that hate the US – why keep this up?

      • No, the safety is certainly NOT guaranteed and we don’t need to look far to find pipeline leaks galore. But this study says this crude will be transported from Canada to the refineries by rail and/or truck whether the pipeline is built or not.

        NONE of this impacts our dependence on oil! I thought we were going to be smarter — seems not when there are profits to be made…

  3. bobwhitenks

    There is a bit of truth in today’s post. And this truth will continue for the immediate future because the working class has rolled over just as portrayed. In our society the only way for workers to gain a substantive “say” is through unions and the labor laws. And the problem is that most of the working class oppose unions. Not very smart! Take a look at Wal*Mart, etc. History tells a better story. And who, today, knows anything about labor history? Not the working class.

    • The workers do not know labor history – much like the younger women do not know the history of women’s rights.

      It is about time our fellow Americans learn the factual history – and not some Tea Party cartoon pamphlet of how these folks think the country should be run..

      Seriously, if Mike Huckabee can get up on national television and say that women need Uncle Sugar to come in and give them their monthly prescription of birth control because they cannot control their libidos……..and not one prominent Republican had the integrity and honesty to get up and call out Huckabee as a fool – then we will continue to see more of that Tea Party cartoon pamphlet passed off as facts.

  4. I heard today that Chik-fil-A only serves Coca-Cola products.

    Are you laughing with me?

    • Is it terrible that I am smiling?

      hint: this is what one of those folks involved in Christie’s bridgegate had emailed after that first woman – Bridget Kelley – had sent the email stating that iit is time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee..

      Karma – she is a biotch

    • I do hope these God-fearing morally superior folks will rise up against Chic-fil-A and protest their relationship with Coca Cola….

      That would only be the ‘right’ thing to do – wouldn’t it?

  5. http://news.msn.com/us/catholic-school-teacher-in-mont-fired-over-pregnancy

    IF there are rules against unmarried female teachers being pregnant – then where are the rules against priests molesting young boys that will get them fired from their jobs?

    Oh, my bad, the Catholic Church leaders made the choice to cover up the crime of child molestation.

    The last time I checked, being unmarried and pregnant is not a crime…

    Is this just more of the same ol’ Catholic stance on pro-family?