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  1. Back in June of 2009 Professor Sekanblogger took our blog to PotClass101 with a post he titled, “Legal Weed May Save America.”

    A well-researched, well presented post I highly recommend you reread!

    Here’s what Professor Sekanblogger said were his Top 10 reasons to legalize:

    1o) Give Mexicans a legal job. Lots of jobs.

    9) Spike the junk food market. More jobs. Stoners need cheetos, tacos and ice cream. Often.

    8) Improve international relations. Barry could be getting ‘faded’ over a few hookahs with some Kings and Shahs, then a couple of kosher doobs at the wailing wall. Next thing you know, the whole middle-east is singing Bob Dylan tunes and sharing roast goat.

    7) Improve driving skills. Most stoners think they can drive or ride a motorcycle better when high. Never mind you forget where you were going. …..hey, there’s a donut shop!

    6) Improves relationships. It’s really hard to stay mad at anyone who just keeps grinning at you!

    5) More productive workers. That’s right. They can feel safe sharing a spliff with their sweety, sleep well, eat healthy, and relieve stress (off-duty).

    4) It would make Conan O’Brien funnier. Something has to. Anything.

    3) Promote home horticulture. Let’s face it. The stuff is really a weed. It will grow damn near anywhere. After you get the hang of it, plant some peppers and tomatoes. You should be hungry.

    2) It would give millions of non-drinkers something to do at the bowling alley on league night.


    1) I could help KEEP IT LIT when it goes around in a circle!

  2. Sounds like Minnesota’s 6th congressional district which skews heavily Republican will take the good news of Michele Bachmann not running for reelection and turn it into more of the same. The linked piece tells you who is running to replace her and ensure batshit crazy and racist bigotry will continue.

    (from the link): The race is between two candidates from diverging wings of the Republican party: There’s Tom Emmer, the social conservative who hews closely to Bachmann and Phil Krinkie, a small-business owner whose mission in life is to block tax increases.

    Meet the Next Michele Bachmann

  3. (from the link): The authors did not investigate the reasons for the decline. However, since rates of abortion fell consistently across almost all states, and the time period covered by the study predates the surge of state-level antiabortion laws, the overall decline is likely not the product of new restrictions, the study notes. A few states, however, may have experienced declines related to new restrictions. Missouri’s abortion rate dropped 17 percent between 2008 and 2010, the authors note, perhaps reflecting the impact of a 2009 state law requiring women to seek in-person counseling before getting an abortion. Still, Jones and Jerman write, “It is crucial to note that abortion rates decreased by larger-than-average amounts in several states that did not implement any new restrictions between 2008 and 2010, such as Illinois (18%) and Oregon (15%).”

    The increased use of contraceptives is thought to have played a role by reducing the number of unintended pregnancies—in particular among women living in poor economic circumstances who may have used birth control more consistently during the recession and the sluggish recovery period that followed.

    Declines in abortions were steepest in Midwest and Western states, and all but six states—Alaska, Maryland, Montana, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Wyoming, some of which had lower-than-average abortion rates to begin with—experienced decreased rates of abortion.


    My son and DIL live out in the country and use propane for heat, water heater and cooking.

    The DIL called for a refill last week and was told they are limiting to 100 gal and the price is now $4.50/gal

    Their last refill was in November and the price was $1.25/gal – with no limit.

    When DIL asked why the price was so high and the limitation, she was told it was due to the pipeline had problems and the producers make more money when they export the gas overseas.

    Bottom line – my kids had to pay $450 for 100 gal which is 1/4th of the tank capacity. In November they paid about the same price of $450 but they filled the tank to its full capacity of 400 gal.

    I did some research on this issue – and found this statement from the NPGA – which basically says what the DIL was told.

    But…….I have to ask…….if the US is so short of propane gas – then why are these producers still exporting 20% of the gas?

    I know, I know……it’s about MONEY….

    reasons given in the article:

    1) pipeline was offline due to repairs
    2) exports are now 20% as compared to 5% previously
    3) larger amount of propane gas was used during harvest time.

    The industry underestimated the need for propane gas ………is what was told to my DIL……but they still have their gas they are exporting…….so, all they would have to do is redirect that gas to the US customers – wouldn’t they?

    Besides – I wonder how much of that propane gas was used for these corporate farms back in the fall? I also wonder – how much of our tax dollars have been given to these corporate farms to ensure they make a nice profit?

    I also wonder….how many average Americans will have to pay through the nose for their propane gas to keep their families warm?

    Priorities…… this what is lacking in our country today?



      Never fear – Gov Sammy is here to save the day – well, for all those poor people (big eye roll)

      Wow – I wonder how those poor people are going to pay for propane when Republicans have taken such delight in cutting their benefits?

      Or, do you think Sammy and the Repukes will be using a federal government program to help them pay for the higher-priced propane?

      Hey – Sammy – why don’t you ask the propane gas producers why they have enough gas to export overseas for a bigger profit..

      • LIEAP – one way for Sammy to help the poor with energy costs?

        Take a closer look as to who funds this program. I have no problem helping people keep their homes warm – but at least Sammy should give credit as to where this ‘help’ is coming from…..that federal government that Sammy and his Repukes take such delight in HATING…


        Well, lookie here……..Sammy has told the DCF to look into directing the poor to use LIEAP …

        My, oh my, why would any self-respecting Repuke want to touch that evil federal government money?

        Here’s a suggestion – let’s get these mega churches in our state to loosen their grips on their gold-filled purses and actually HELP people.



        And then we have the Governor of Iowa who is apparently trying to make this President Obama’s fault for the propane shortage.

        This dude is asking Obama to ease the restrictions on delivery..

        Well……dude……in the same article, it states that governors in 33 states have already eased their restrictions……, exactly what is this dude’s point?

        Other than to make it appear that Obama does not care if people freeze this winter?

        Let’s not forget – Michelle Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll in 2012 …….

        I suspect it’s not only the corn that grows high in Iowa – it’s also the pile of B.S. that flows through their political veins..

    • Everytime I hear or read what a republican says it is HATE. They hate as a priority it seems to me. Even the few things they say they want — tax cuts, spending cuts, restrictions on _____, laws against — involves hurting people. I don’t know how they live with themselves.

      • I have come to the conclusion that most CONservative Republicans are incapable of feeling shame or even embarrassment.

        Think back to the first day of President’s Obama first term – while our new president and his wife were dancing at his first inauguration ball – what were several prominent Republican leaders doing?

        They were down the street – having dinner (on the taxpayers’ dime?) – and they were plotting on how to bring down President Obama.

        This dinner gathering was reported in the national news – and what did these Republicans do?

        Di they show any twinge of embarrassment?

        Oh HELL NO….this is when Mitch McConnell doubled down and publicly stated that it was the GOP’s #1 goal to make Obama a one-term president.

        Rush Limbaugh jumped on top of the GOP circus car and publicly boasted that he wanted Obama to fail.

        Who in the right mind would openly and publicly wish for our new president to fail – when our economy was teetering on the edge, our soldiers were still in Iraq and so many Americans were hurting??

        I will NEVER understand the way Republicans acted during that time.

        Unless – these folks are just incapable of feeling shame or even embarrassment – that is the only logical thing that makes sense.

    • Exports per existing, binding contracts with punitive liquidated damages clauses. So, it was about the money, but a bit more than that as well.

      • I can understand binding contracts – but have you noticed these CONS use the excuse of binding contracts have to be honored with overseas folks but the contracts between workers and employers (like the company pension plan) can be stripped and dumped at the employers’ whim?

        I still remember the Republicans ranting and raving about how Wall Street CONS had to be paid their big bonus check – even when those same Wall STreet banks went belly up and the taxpayers were bailing their sorry butts out of the fire.

        GWB and his Buddies INSISTED and DEMANDED that every Wall Street vulture got their bonus checks – because it was a binding contract.

        Yeah, sure, big eye roll

    I’ve been thinking about the graphic in today’s column – cannabis (marijuana, hemp)

    I did some searching and found this article about the Founding Fathers and hemp.

    I did find it rather humorous that myth #1 busted states that the word marijuana came into being AFTER the Founding Fathers were supposedly smoking the stuff and using hemp for paper, etc.

    But – just because it is called by a different name- does that make it an entirely different product?

    I did notice the reference that hemp in the Founding Fathers time was not like the marijuana of today due to less THC..

    I must confess, I know nothing about marijuana. I am probably the only one in my generation that has never smoke the stuff. But I have never smoked cigarettes – I am just not inclined to do that.

    So…….I am the least knowledable person on this subject. But I am willing to look at what our so-called War on Drugs has brought us and is it worth all the wasted taxpayer dollars to continue this?

    If the problem is the level of THC – then just lower it.

    Or – is the problem that if marijuana is made legal that the black market merchants (and some of those folks would likely be some of the most upstanding citizens in the town) would lose their huge profits…?

    Why do I suspect it is the latter ? Isn’t it always about the M-O-N-E-Y ???

  6. R.D. Liebst

    Well I guess they could not convince him to shit his pants so today they kick my grandson out for kissing a girl? He was surprised and said he did not kiss any girl. I asked him in front of them if he kissed a boy then? He said “nooo”. Joyce warned me before hand to hold my tongue and not cause trouble. That woman knows me so well! I was prepare to accuse them of wanting to find a way to just kick all the kids out so they could set around playing their I pads.

    • I am now leery of any fundraisers these schools have the kids participate in because I was told last year’s fundraiser went to buy iPads for the teachers.

      Hmmm….I thought these fundraisers were to help the kids?

    • R.D. Liebst

      I asked my daughter if they had these kind of problems with the school district when her and the boys were living in Wichita? She said no then said something I have been thinking and saying… “I think they are wanting to get me to pull the boys out of 402 school district!”.

      • That could be a possibility. Although, most school districts welcome the extra money from special needs classes…

        But, didn’t our beloved and wise Governor reduce the money given to schools – so maybe they are trying to get rid of the need for a few of their special needs teachers?

        You know, nothing warms a Republicans cold heart like laying off some teachers…..

    • R.D. Liebst

      This is causing an outrage among the Nazi-cons, that an American company would be putting out their cans in languages out then English.
      Good ole Alan West is the one making a fuse in public to upset the puppets.

      • Isn’t this the Coca Cola Company?

        Has anyone ever noticed that Coca Cola products have been sold around the globe for a long, long time now?

        I wonder if this is now such a hot topic because Coca Cola dared to run that ad during Super Bowl that dared to show America as the melting pot of many different people?

        RD – you came up with the correct word – ‘puppets’ –

        Damn, I wish someone in the Far Right Winger Fantasy Land knew how to read a book filled with factual statements.

  7. Although some people maintain their relationship was only platonic, Bates lived with Katharine Coman, who was a history and political economy teacher and founder of the Wellesley College school Economics department for twenty-five years, until Coman’s death in 1915. In 1922, Bates published Yellow Clover: A Book of Remembrance, a collection of poems written “to or about my Friend” Katharine Coman, some of which had been published in Coman’s lifetime. Bates’ 1891 letter to Coman read: “It was never very possible to leave Wellesley [for good], because so many love-anchors held me there, and it seemed least of all possible when I had just found the long-desired way to your dearest heart…Of course I want to come to you, very much as I want to come to Heaven.”

    • Did you also notice in the comments from Tea Party CONS when they were ranting about Coca Cola’s advertisement?

      Several of these ‘scholars?’ actually said that it was not right for our national anthem to be sung in foreign languages.

      Hmmm…..since when is ‘America the Beautiful’ our national anthem?

      Like I said before – I wish just one Tea Party CON would pick up a book and read some actual facts.

  8. Some Kind Of Wonderful…

    Paul Saginaw, co-founder of Zingerman’s Deli in Michigan, pays his 630 employees up to $21/hour, offers health and dental benefits to all workers, provides paid time off, and 401k retirement plans. This week, Mr. Saginaw is in Washington lobbying Congress and the restaurant industry to raise wages for all workers!

    This made me laugh……..every adult needs to read this and see how brilliant a 5-yr-old can be…