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  1. Seems a few events are ‘in the news’ today so that means there must be cartoons! I like cartoons and often find those talented artists really do find success in drawing the nitty gritty of the situation.

    Locally, Brownback and his minions would still like you to *think* they are for small government and have Kansans best interests at heart vs the protection of their corporate masters. Our own Richard Crowson —

    Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning but before returning to his burrow had a message to deliver via cartoonist Randy Bish —

    Jeff Danziger doubts the wisdom of playing an outdoor Super Bowl in a location where February means business.

  2. Brent Budowsky writes in The Hill:

    “Major legislation offered by Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.) and Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), with a growing list of bipartisan co-sponsors, could create a million new jobs and bring a surprise agreement between the president, Congress, business and labor that would reduce public antipathy toward incumbents and help avoid an anti-incumbent wave in 2014.

    “This bill would allow U.S. multinationals to repatriate $1 trillion of capital, now sitting idly abroad to avoid high taxes, by purchasing low-taxed bonds to finance an infrastructure rebuild of America.

    “This bill would guarantee the creation of dramatic numbers of good-paying American jobs. It would promote a rising tide to lift all American boats and a “virtuous circle” that benefits the 1 percent and the 99 percent together.

    “For business, this is the only realistic option to achieve repatriation. Because infrastructure bonds would be publicly traded, firms could convert foreign-held capital to the bonds and then sell them on public markets, turning them into liquid capital while jobs are created, growth is increased, revenue is raised and deficits are cut.”

    Read more:

  3. R.D. Liebst

    No offense, but you all are just to agreeable and I do not find anything to disagree with here. So I get it out by visiting responses’ to articles about the President on the national sites. LOL I seem to be able to get them so rattled that it ends up with them leaving with them telling me to go poop my pants idiot! Heee I have to find my fun somewhere….

  4. Here’s an interesting written exchange between a sixth-grader named Phyllis and Albert Einstein that dates back to 1936 and addresses the common ground found in considering each other’s positions having to do with science and religion.

  5. R.D. Liebst

    Oh I am needing to get my mind off of things, Mom is still in the hospital and finally after me telling them and finally my wife too. They are rather then simply sending her home and not well they are trying to find a after care place. I hope it is a place that will let her visit with her dog, he since she has been gone laying in her bedroom and hardly lifting his head. He does not even come out to eat or drink so I take him food and leave a bowl of water close to him. I think if some one had told me how adulthood was I would not have been in such a rush to get there!

  6. Even though SNAP is stimulative to the economy and reducing SNAP in a stagnant economy reduces economic activity, Congress has done exactly that. These cuts disproportionately affect veterans and the underemployed. The suffering poor have felt the pain at exactly the same time food prices have increased. In fact most of the pain is in Red States as they are more dependent on government handouts. The stockholders of the stores that service the poor and working poor now feel are now experiencing a reduction in profits.

    Fox Business reports the following:

    Food Stamp Cuts Finally Hit The Profits Of The Rich, Walmart Stores.

    The world’s largest retailer cautioned that its profit will match or fall “slightly below” the low end of its previous guidance for $1.60 to $1.70 a share. Walmart gave the same prediction for full-year earnings, which were expected to hit $5.11 to $5.21 a share.

    Bentonville, Ark.-based Walmart also said same-store sales at Walmart U.S. and Sam’s Club, excluding fuel, to be slightly negative compared to the company’s prior outlook. In November, Walmart projected comparable sales to be relatively flat at its namesake U.S. stores, while Sam’s Club expected results to be between flat and 2% growth.

    Chief financial officer Charles Holley said Walmart saw a greater-than-expected negative impact from reductions in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or food stamps. The cuts went into effect on Nov. 1.

    So will republicans continue to sacrifice their own welfare-dependent red-state voters to make the President look like he is failing or will they now need to pay more heed to their corporate masters?

  7. Or, is it the other way around? Maybe they take turns?

  8. “That Coke commercial showed everything but American people.” – the Tea Party

    Every time ‘conservatives’ try to claim they’re not racist, something comes along that doesn’t fit into their idea of America and they release the bigot hounds. After all, this is “Murica! [eye roll] I’m NOT going to believe that every one of these racist bigoted ‘conservatives’ is a full-blood American Indian!

    Coke Super Bowl Commercial Mutates “America The Beautiful,” Right-Wing Outrage Errupts

    • Here’s one of my favorite replies to the bigoted idiots:

      Coke has just officially waged war against the conservatives. America the Beautiful sung in different languages, a gay family and a white guy handing a Coke to a black kid all in one Super Bowl. Conservative heads are blowing up everywhere. Don’t worry it’s probably covered under Obamacare.

  9. R.D. Liebst

    I am getting so tired of dealing with word press, those morons are not letting me log into my blog. Even after I have reset the password and they approved of it. But when I try it just tells me it is wrong?