Saturday, 2/1/14, Public Square

welfar for the rich



by | February 1, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. Sad to say, a lot of people just do not care about the facts in the graphic above.

    We’ve all heard the GOP argument that only rich people create jobs……so whatever the rich get from taxpayers is just fine so long as these rich people continue to ‘appear’ like they are the job creators.

    There is a reason Republicans are against public education. Look around and really see what the average younger American truly is…..

    As long as they are hooked into their iTunes, have their latest blinged-out cell phones and get their ginormous soft drinks or specialty coffees – these people really do not care….

    And for the most part….these younger folks do not see the need to educate themselves and get out to vote…

    Americans have been dumbed-down and we are now seeing the consequences of allowing that to happen.


    Why is this man arrested for his threat and Republican Rep. Michael Grimm was NOT arrested when his videotape threat to break that reporter in half like a boy and throw him off the balcony was shown on national television?

    This is what is wrong with America – we have a double standard. One for rich and powerful – and one for the average American.

    How fast do you think you or I would have been arrested if we had issued the same threat to Rep. MIchael Grimm while on Capitol grounds?

    Don’t get me wrong – the guy that allegedly threatened GWB should be caught and evaluated for psyche needs – IMO.

    But, a threat is a threat – regardless of who the target is – or it should be seen that way if we are a country that truly believes in the idea that Lady Justice is blindfolded…

    • wicked

      Yeah, definitely a nutjob. They’re on both sides. Although, I don’t know that this was political, just a man wearing his heart on his sleeve, while carrying a machete and rifle. đŸ˜‰

      • R.D. Liebst

        Not good tried it not warmly welcomed while walking down any street. People get so concerned when you are armed and deranged for some reason?



    This is something I believe our taxpayer dollars should be used for – for more research and to financially help any family facing cancer.

    Instead of giving another Bain Capital owned corporation a few more millions to ship American jobs overseas – let’s first demand that our tax dollars go towards helping our fellow Americans.