Friday, 1/31/14, Public Square

Reality: Obama has averaged fewer executive orders, per year, than any president in the last 125 years.

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  1. Chart of the Day: An Awful Lot of People Think Obamacare is Hurting Them

    (from the link): Unfortunately, this is fertile ground for Republicans. If they really have the discipline to avoid shooting themselves in the foot this year over idiotic confrontations with the president, running their midterm campaign solely on opposition to Obamacare might be a winner.

    chart and more info —

    • Tea Party folks also spew the nonsense that Obamacare forbids St. Jude Research Hospital giving free medical care to their kids with cancer.

      NOW – that does sound terrible – doesn’t it?

      To think that Obama would tell St. Jude Hospital to stop giving free medical care to sick kids..

      BUT – the truth is – this is nothing more than a GOP talking point – ie a big fat L-I-E…

      But – try getting a fact through a Tea Party’s thick skull – that is the impossible task.

      • Here is an article about St. Jude’s reply to the Tea Party GOP’s talking point where they cannot give free medical care:

        P.S. – notice the last section of this article. There is a provision in the ACA that requires nonprofit hospitals to conduct a community needs survey every 3 years and submit it to the IRS to ensure those needs are still there.

        So….the Tea Party CONS are upset because how dare anybody ask a nonprofit group to actually prove there is a need for their services?

        Tea Party folks are those that just like to stir up the trouble pot – and all based on half-facts, innuendos and/or outright gossip.

        NO facts needed Ma’am……just let the TP’ers spew their S-H-I-T

      • I heard an interview with a “doctor” who said doctors are concerned about the ACA because a nonmedical 3rd party may decide the patient should change to a generic or another drug and that if the doctor wants to fight that it takes a lot of time to appeal. Well that has nothing to do with ACA. That is the way insurance is and has always been. Seems even worse when those who should know better either intentionally deceive or are just dumb.

      • My cousin just posted this to her Facebook page:

        I waited until this morning to post this because I was so shocked and angry by the ignorance I was afraid I’d post something inappropriate. Bill and I went to a restaurant last night and Bill asked if they still had onion rings as an appetizer. The server said they had to take it off the menu because of Obama Care. I didn’t even try to control myself but I stayed calm. I said, “Obama Care is insurance and has nothing to do what’s on a menu. What you said is wrong.” The server then said it had more to do with “Her” than “Him” because she wants people to eat healthy. It went on a bit — no sense of “I may be wrong.” When our drinks were delivered the server did say they realized what they said was rude. I said “Yes and it was wrong.” It was both incorrect and inappropriate. I am still surprised at how people spread untruths so confidently.

      • Unfortunately, untruths are spread quite easily every day and every week.

        What is the saddest part in all this is how some preachers and televangelists are leading the pack in spreading all those lies.

        Doesn’t the Ten Commandments talk about not bearing false witness – ie telling a lie?

        Speaking of televangelists – I noticed Brother Pat Robertson has been doing his telethon again – gotta keep bringing in those dollars…….

      • Fnord, I think what is scary about your cousin’s post is the saying that a lie, told often enough, becomes the truth. Good for your cousin for calling out the lies. That’s what has to be done. Otherwise? The lies become regarded as the truth.

        A guy I used to work for said “all evil begins with a lie.” I believe that to be true.

  2. Well, here’s an amazing grasp of the obvious. I know it’s behind a paywall but some of you can read it. For those who can’t here’s the shocking headline. Kansas ranks near the bottom of business creation in the nation. And all since pastor sam took office.

    How’s that great economic experiment working? Better call the Laffer express for more of that $75,000 advise.

  3. R.D. Liebst

    Ahh here we deal with facts and reality, but when I try to bring it outside of here. I get the deer in the headlights look and a denial of any facts! Often if something I find here is noteworthy and shows reality I repost to my Facebook page. Finally the diehards within the family have quit arguing with me. Not that they are convinced but that they figure I am just to pigheaded to reason with!

    BTW, they have decided to put my mother in a long term care home at least to give some more time to see if she will recover and regain her wits. Fact of the matter… I know this happens to everyone, it is going to happen as sure as the passage of time. I know she is getting good care, but to add to my worries her dog has not moved out of her bedroom for days now. No one has seen him eat or drink. I can not get him to do much more the raise his head when I go in there and talk to him and pet him. I kind of wonder if I could arrange it that they could both see each other if it would help both of them. LOL yeah kind of wonder if she loves her dog more then seeing me?

    • RD – talk to the Social Services Director at the long term care home and see what ideas they have about letting your mother’s dog come visit her.

      I know of several long term care homes with their own ‘facility dog’ and the response from the residents is overwhelmingly positive.

      Much luck to your mom and if there is anything I can help you with in the area of long term care, please just ask.

      My husband has been in long term care management for 36 years…..we’ve seen this business change a lot over those years. Placing a loved one in long term care is difficult and can be frustrating if one does not know how to navigate the system.

      Like I said above – if you have any questions, just ask.

    • RD, a severe UTI can make people go completely out of their heads. I know it sounds incredible, but once the infection is cleared, she may indeed regain her wits, as you put it. Of course, as you well know, there may be other things going on so nothing is guaranteed. But with proper medication, nutrition and care, she may be back to normal sooner than you think.

      When my mom was in the nursing home, they let me bring my dog all the time to visit her. My girlfriend also brought her dog when she visited and it always was a cheer to my mom. The dogs were allowed as long as they got along with the facility dog. And, as a funny aside, there was never a fight with my dog and the facility dog, but boy, was the resident dog ever jealous of my girl! Concha, my dog, was beautiful and friendly and batted her big blue eyes at everyone and they instantly fell in love with her. You could just see the facility dog looking side ways at her. It was as if she could talk, she would say “Bitch! These are MY old people!” heheh. Concha thought old people rocked. They drop a lot of food and she was only too happy to help clean the dining room.

      Dogs. I wish humans were as straightforward and generous of spirit.

      Best wishes to you, RD and your mom. And give the pup a hug and see if they’ll let him visit. It might do everyone some good.

      Love ya dude!

      • PP – you’re correct in your description of a severe UTI – it can make a person more confused. Then the elderly is at more risk of falling, forgetting to take their medications, to eat, etc.

        Add the UTI to any other medical problems such as diabetes and it will take some time to get things cleared up.

        In today’s long-term care setting – it no longer just a place for old people to go live. Many long term care homes are now used as respite care, short term recovery (which are usually 30 days or less).

        Long term care homes are cheaper than hospitals – and most times you get better care in the long term home than you do the hospital.

        At least the nurses are closer and within reach if you need help.

        When I was in the hospital for 32 days – some nurses were wonderful and then some where the absolute P-I-T-S.

        Let’s just say – if my husband and kids were not there with me 24/7, I don’t know what I would have done because some nurses just don’t answer the call light to help the patient.

    • RD, I hardly ever find the words I wish I could when a friend has hard times. My head spins and nothing worth squat comes out clearly. I really do care, and if there’s anything I could do to help I really want to. It sounds like your Mother is in good hands in the exact place she needs to be. Hug the dog because hugs are always good and both of you could use an extra one.


    Michelle Bachmann – here is a true Tea Party winner – threatening to sue President Obama over his threat to use executive powers.

    Excuse me, but did I miss the day when Obama declared himself to be the king?

    But…..doesn’t that make a good soundbite to get sheeple to send you their money to fight that perceived enemy?

    Yeah, boy, who does that black man think he is…..getting so uppity….

  5. With all the ranting about the number of President Obama’s executive orders, most of us are aware that he has used far fewer than many presidents in history. Topping the list is FDR (3,522), Woodrow Wilson (1,803), Calvin Coolidge (1,203), and Theodore Roosevelt (1,081). Even in more recent years most presidents have issued far more executive orders: George W (291), Clinton (364), George H W (less with 166), and Reagan (381). President Obama has issued 168 as of 01/29/2014.

    What have presidents done with their executive orders in the past? There is the good, the bad, and the ugly such as:

    • President Lincoln freed the slaves in the states that had seceded from the Union.

    • FDR created the Works Progress Administration which created jobs for 8.5 million people, built over 600 miles of roads, 125,000 bridges, 8000 parks, and 850 airport landing fields. Not to mention the number of painters, sculptors, musicians, and writers that it funded as well.

    • Truman desegregated the armed forces.

    • Roosevelt, to his shame, created the Japanese-American internment camps during World War II.

    • Grant, in response to Congress passing the Indian Appropriations Act, created dozens of reservations.

    • Many presidents have used executive orders to award jobs to buddies.

    • W Bush strengthened an executive order from Reagan that censored or delayed release of previous presidents records, which President Obama then revoked with another executive order.

    In fact, many Executive Orders have been revoked by the next president who uses an Executive Order to change what was.

    So what has President Obama done or has said he plans to do by executive order? Already the president’s team has enacted 300 economically significant regulations including things covered in the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd–Frank banking reform. Additional orders either already signed or in the works include:

    • Have the FDA work on getting trans fat out of processed foods. The FDA is also finalizing a rule, required under the health care law, that mandates calorie counts be posted on vending machines and in many restaurants, revamping the familiar Nutrition Facts label. And it’s looking to reduce sodium in processed food, though that will likely be introduced as a guideline, not a mandate.

    • The EPA is working on rules to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. The new mandates will add huge expense to existing power plants — and critics say they could make it impossible to open any more coal-fired plants in the future. Up next: a crackdown on pollutants coming from oil refineries. New rules limiting the sulfur content of gasoline. And new fuel-efficiency standards for trucks.

    • Pushing public schools to improve by offering funding only to the states that pledge to follow the administrations reforms.

    • Tweaked the transportation grant formula to influence urban planning by encouraging better access to shops or homes by public transportation, including launching urban streetcar projects across the nation.

    • Shutdown many degree programs in for–profit colleges that don’t meet the administrations definition of success because graduates don’t tend to earn enough to pay off their student loans.

    • Drafting gun control regulations meant to broaden the database used in background checks and keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill.

    • How smokeless tobacco can be marketed.

    • The IRS is going to monitor political advocacy groups with rules limiting how much “candidate-related political activity” — including get-out-the-vote efforts — advocacy groups organized as 501(c)(4) nonprofits can undertake.

    • Raising the minimum wage for federal contractors to $10.10 an hour.

    • Expanding affirmative action on federal contractors ensuring that at least 7% of their workforce consists of employees with disabilities.

    • The president is extremely concerned about income inequality. He announced this week that he would use his executive powers to create special retirement savings accounts for working-class families. His administration is weighing more aggressive steps, too.

    • The Education Department is mulling how to push states to distribute effective teachers more equitably, so poor students don’t end up so often with the rookies or the rejects. And the administration is working on rating colleges by metrics such as how many low-income students they serve and how much debt their alumni carry — with the goal of directing more financial aid to the institutions that boost more graduates to success. (That last would require congressional approval.)

    • The Justice Department is writing official guidance to encourage banks to help marijuana salesmen process their piles of cash.

    While some of these do upset various industries, many are drawn up in a collaborative effort with industry leaders. The administration “is willing to gather the facts and listen to disparate views to arrive at responsible solutions that benefit the common good,” said Sean McBride, executive vice president for the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

    How can the president be expected to continue to sit around and do nothing while the obstructionists in Congress fail to act to improve the lives of Americans and society in general? White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president stands willing to work with Congress, but is also determined to use the power of his office when faced with gridlock. “As we’ve said many times, executive action is not a substitute for robust legislation action, but the president won’t just wait for Congress,” he said.

    It’s not as though President Obama’s administration is signing every executive order that is suggested, much to the disappointment of many liberals. “In 2011, the White House killed a tough air-quality standard aimed at diminishing smog, so angering the EPA chief that she almost quit. The administration also backed off voluntary guidelines to limit the marketing of junk food to children, under heavy industry pressure.”

    Sure the Regressives have called the president’s tactics abusive and arrogant, a brazen end run around the checks and balances built into the Constitution, but as listed above it does not appear the bulk of his orders are detrimental to society, especially when compared to the previously listed orders from former presidents. Please tell me what on the above list of enacted or proposed executive orders from President Obama are dangerous or bad for society? I’d really like to know.

    • Republicans are just mad because their ‘boy’ is not in the White House and signing all his executive orders to make the wealthy and certain religious folks even more powerful than they are today.

      You see, Republicans really do not care if a president has the executive powers to bypass Congress – these folks just don’t like it when it is NOT their boy with the power.

  6. The three biggest lessons we learned from the era of shared prosperity in the first three decades after World War II:

    (1) America’s real job creators are consumers, whose rising wages generate jobs and growth; if average people don’t have decent wages there can be no real jobs recovery and no sustained growth.

    (2) The rich would do better with a smaller share of a rapidly-growing economy, fueled by the purchasing power of a large and growing middle class, than they do with a huge share of an economy that’s barely growing at all.

    (3) Higher taxes on the wealthy to finance investments in better roads, bridges, public transportation, early-childhood education, world-class K-12, and affordable higher education, are investments in the future productivity of America, from which all of us gain, including the wealthy.

    Why have so many (especially right-wing Republicans, corporate executives, Wall Street moguls, and supply-side economists) forgotten these three lessons?

    Robert Reich

    • There are more people who think like we do here on the PPP blog than the right-wing media wants us to believe.

      for example – my friend who is the ex-GOP precinct man in small town Kansas.

      His wake up call was the invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush and Buddies.

      I think each and every one of these RINO’s have to reach their own wake up call point in their journey as a Republican.

      Reagan was a smooth talker – GWB just plain blew the largest hole in the budget on his insatiable quest for war – and the Far Right Wingers are pushing their version of Christianity down everyone’s throat when trying to make their absurd beliefs into the law of the land.

      At what point do the moderate and rational people in the Republican Party wake up and start to take their Far Right Fringies to the woodshed for a good old fashioned spanking…

      • Or, should I say…… taken to the woodshed for a ‘Come to Jesus moment’?

        I do not condone beating obstinate and ill-behaved children – but a well-warmed butt might just be the only thing to make these obstinate and ill-behaved Far Right Wingers to get the message.

  7. Obama is also somehow an atheist and a Muslim; and, somehow a communist, a fascist and a socialist.

    • There it is……Obama is not ‘one of us’ – remember those words during the 2008 presidential campaign?

      Who spoke those words – who drove those words into the psyche of every Foxxie dittohead…..

      Yeah, those Ten Commandments do cover the sin of telling lies……but isn’t it telling how those who want to display the same commandments are also those who break the commandments every time they open their big fat mouths.

      • BTW – is this the picture of the latest model of the GOP Stepford Man?

        I swear….this kid looks exactly like most of those males I went to college with – at that Fundy Baptist College in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

  8. This from our local newspaper. I recommend the comments — most prove there is intelligence in our state, although not much of it in our elected representatives.

    Legislators formulating plan to remove Kansas from Affordable Care Act

    Read more here:

    • “That’s the beauty of it. They get to determine,” Ellis said. He argued that states are better suited than Washington to make that determination for their residents. ******* States would still receive the funds allocated for Obamacare but would have the discretion on how to use them******


      I copied and pasted this particular section in that article you posted above.

      Notice the sentence I have highlighted with ******…………………….*****.

      Isn’t it very telling how the same people that HATE the federal government are also the same people that will NEVER refuse the federal dollars?

      I liked the one comment that said something to the effect – this is like the teenager running away from home in the parents’ car and then demands the parents still give them their allowance.

      I swear…..Mean Girl Club is the mentality of the GOP.

      Sorry, GOP girls, I grew up a long time ago. Might I suggest you do the same?

  9. Jerry Springer…..IIRC was a former mayor of Cincinnati (?) – tells it like it is about President Obama.

    Springer also hit the nail on its head – why would anyone go to Hell for wanting all Americans to have health insurance?

    The lack of disrespect in our society is a big problem – IMO

    It is not only evident in the way Obama has been treated – but in our everyday lives.

    This lack of common courtesy – common respect of the rights of others – is being shown every day on television – in our workplace – in too many of our churches and way too many political stunts.

    For example – Rep. Michael Grimm of New York recently threatened to break that reporter in half – like a boy – and throw him over the balcony. This heated threat was caught on camera….and what happened to that bully?

    NOT a damn thing…….

    There seems to be no consequences for the basic outrageous behavior. In fact, in some circles, the more outrageous the behavior – the more money and celebrity status gets heaped on the offender’s head.

    I just don’t understand this mentality……..and I’ve said it before – it feels like I am in some Mean Girls Club movie where everyone is so afraid to tell these bullies back.

    Where are the true leaders???

    • Speaking of Michael Grimm……..I came back from running errands and find this new story.

      So….there will be no charges against Grimm for his videotaped heated threat to break a reporter in half – like a boy – and throw him off the balcony

      Hmmm……..but let’s look at the reason there are no charges being filed….

      Capitol police determined there is no complainant….

      This means the reporter is sticking by what he has already said – he does not want to press charges…

      Hmmmm……what if this was domestic violence case? Wouldn’t someone doing all that yelling be going to jail?

      Things like this is why our country is going downhill very fast……there are NO consequences for those who behave badly……..

    • wicked

      Common courtesy has gone the way of muskets in this country. I see it every day, whether driving or shopping or walking down the street (or living next door to a dumb ass). I do my best to treat others the way I want to be treated. I suppose my parents taught me that, but I don’t remember the lessons. I’m trying desperately to instill it in my grandchildren.

      Courtesy doesn’t mean I’ll hug everyone or even agree with them. I might be thinking someone isn’t worth the air s/he breathes, but I would never say it or imply it. I will give them the respect every human should be afforded.

      I have a bad feeling this isn’t how many of our congressmen and women think, but on the other hand, I think a lot of their rudeness (not Grimm and others like him) is nothing but theatrics.

      • I suspect there are some in Congress that actually believe bullies should be rewarded and placed on very high pedestals.

        How sad – IMO

      • wicked

        Agreed, Indy.

        Darrell Issa was on Bill Maher tonight, and he appears to be a good sport. He enjoys disagreeing with Bill and some of the guests, but he’s never rude. In fact, he usually makes for a good show, speaks clearly and states his opinion. I’ve read some not so good things about what he’s said in the news, and maybe it’s because the audience is flagrantly liberal (YAY!), he keeps the nastiness at bay. I don’t agree with him on many things, but he doesn’t appear to be as over the top as, say Rand Paul and friends. He’s not a tea-partier, by any means, and leans more to the old conservative than the new.

        He’s a self-made millionaire and considered the richest member of Congress, but he doesn’t have the pomp a strut that many of the wealthy politicians have. You know, that “you owe me” crap.

        Maybe being in California makes the difference. He “grimaced” when Grimm’s little tantrum was brought up, as if he found it as distasteful as the others did.

        Still, I wouldn’t vote for him.

      • There were some rather ‘shady’ deals in his climb to status of self-made millionaire, and he knows the path of snake in the grass quite well, may have been the trail blazer for part of it. He does seem to possess a sufficient amount of ‘hate Obama’ to please even the tea baggers. But if he is also capable of appropriate polite behavior, I’ll give him that as a positive!

      • wicked

        I don’t doubt Issa was involved in some shady deals. These days, those who claim multi-millionaire or billionaire status got there;using ‘questionable’ practices. At least Issa is personable enough that I don’t gag or scream at the TV. There are those of Bill’s guests who do have me doing that. One in particular, and I don’t remember his name, but the desire to punch him in the face is my first reaction to him.

      • IMO – Darrell Issa is very good in the role of the GOP pit bull to show the Tea Party folks that Obama is Public Enemy #1…

        In reality – Issa is not just about Obama hatred – I suspect he would play this same role as pit bull towards any Democrat in the White House.

        Let’s not forget – the GOP is under tremendous pressure to get one of their guys in the White House – they have now lost two presidential elections….and that has to hurt…

  10. wicked

    I haven’t finished watching this, but the few minutes I did made an impression. I’m going back to finish after I hit Post Comment.

    We’re six women, 3 Republicans and 3 Democrats standing together to fight extremism.
    We want to put an end to Governor Brownback’s failed Roadmap.
    We want to protect our children, rural communities, and financial futures.
    We want to bring sanity back to Topeka.

    The video is available here.

    • wicked

      Here’s the website. Video is available there, too.

      Sign up for emails! I want to comment on their blog. I’d comment “Go get ’em, ladies!!”

      • “Go get ‘em, ladies!!”

        Yes. It does seem to be the path forward! I don’t know how it can be ignored but I still see many male (mostly republicans) doing nothing more than placating the ‘little ladies.’ I haven’t figured out whether they are really that dumb or genuinely oblivious, but they do have a surprise in store.

      • wicked

        I don’t think these ladies will be placated. 😉 And once they show that women aren’t afraid to stand up and speak their mind, without backing down, others will follow. Of course, they may be voted out, but at least I feel, as a woman, that there’s someone out there representing me as a woman and a Kansan who doesn’t think with a little head.