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take your guns


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  1. RD, how is your Mother? We care! Is there anything I / we can help with?

    • R.D. Liebst

      she has a sever Urinary track infection plus though there was always food for her to eat and was prepared. It turns out she has been eating very little and only drinking when I was making her. I have not hear today from a Doctor and she has been sleeping most of the day I was told.

      • Hey RD, I hope your Mom gets well soon. We really are the sandwich generation. Our parents worry us to death and those who have kids and grandchildren get worried by them too! I hope your grandson finds a school soon that will work with him as he is instead of trying to make him over into a completely different person. Ya just gotta think that somewhere there is a teacher who can help. But finding that teacher seems to be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

        Take care of yourself, too, while you are taking care of everyone else. Remember, put your own mask on first!

  2. Obama is a dictator who uses his powers to further his left-wing nazi,socialist,facist,communist,stalin-like,keynesian experiement on the poor American people who were forced to vote for him twice because he sent blacks to polling places to intimidate poor white voters……. how un-americannnnn ACORNNNNN!BENGHAZIIII!BIRTH CERTIFICATE!!!!!!BAILOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guns, Nascar, and Merica….. that is our mission. [eye roll]

  3. Why they have to lower themselves to lies is a mystery. There’s plenty of solid, factual, evidence-supported information to disagree about. Could it be because republicans have no ideas, no solutions, no alternatives, not even a successful track record to back them up, so they go off into wingnutty land and show their ugly butts while making fools of themselves?

    I know that electing people who want government to work makes more sense than having those who hate government in charge of anything more than tying their own shoelaces.

    • R.D. Liebst

      More arguments have been started by me straightening out some cock and bull crap that someone was repeating. I seldom hold my tongue anymore as if I ever truly did! All it takes anymore is for me to hear someone spewing crap like the President is bringing in foreign troops to over throw the United States. Or that the Liberals are wanting to install socialism.

      • R.D. Liebst

        On that note, I have already and more then likely will in the near future P.O. my oldest grandson’s teacher, therapist and case worker. He was transferred from here in Augusta to a school in Eldorado for special ED children with A.D.D. It seems that he manages to only get to go to school two out of five days a week. They keep calling my wife to come and get him because he is not doing anything or not listening to the teacher. They claim he will disrupt the class by not listening to the instructions and having to retell him what he should do. Ahh Hello were they not aware that was his problem?

      • There are more and more people of all political stripes who are getting fed up with the Republicans.

        Especially when it is some Far Right Winger Male up there spewing their hatred of women and our uncontrollable libidos..

        Seriously, Republicans, get an education – would you…

      • RD – I know of teachers who are wonderful….but then I also know of teachers like they ones you have described.

        I also know of many wonderful teachers who have chosen to retire or get out of the teaching profession due to being label lazy, greedy and leeches off the taxpayers money,

        Any nation that does not value education for all their citizens are in going down a road of self destruction – IMHO

        And that means EVERY child should have the God-given right to an education.

        Especially when so many of those who want to deny public education also profess to be such Godly and Moral Christians.

  4. See! Government doesn’t work! [eye roll] All things should be left to the private sector…

    Two Days Later, Atlantans Can Retrieve Cars Abandoned In Storm

    • At the national level the Republican House has made it clear that they have no intention of governing. They shut down the government for 16 days, in case you didn’t get the point.

      I read in this morning’s newspaper that some in the Republican Party have expressed concerns that bringing immigration to the floor this year is a bad idea and explosive debates could wipe out republican political gains over the president’s health care plan.

      It doesn’t matter what needs to be done, what would benefit American citizens, what would benefit our country. All that matters is “political advantage.” Stand in the way of progress, obstruct anything that might improve America and the lives of her citizens, don’t let anything happen that might in any manner accrue credit to Obama. Yep, that’s the republican plan.

  5. Conservative posted this (a site I won’t link here and won’t return to. I hope none of you subject yourselves to the kind of evil found there). This is where they think they can take over Senate seats.

    The six projected takeovers are:

    Arkansas – Incumbent: Mark Pryor
    Michigan – Open seat (Carl Levin)
    Montana – Open seat (Max Baucus)
    North Carolina – Incumbent: Kay Hagan
    South Dakota – Open seat (Tim Johnson)
    West Virginia – Open seat (Jay Rockefeller)

    Three other states that could swing the GOP’s way are:
    Alaska – Incumbent: Mark Begich
    Iowa – Open seat (Tom Harkin)
    Louisiana – Incumbent: Mary Landrieu

  6. I also heard that since Huckabee tied birth control to libido he has climbed to the TOP of favorability ratings for potential ‘conservative’ presidential candidates.

    Does anyone else sometimes just get the giggles when you hear who republicans think could be president?

    Oh, and… the ‘conservatives’ are going to choose their nominee! No one is going to get a RINO past them, not the lamestream media, not the powers that be… This is no empty promise… they really mean it this time! They could have easily won the last two presidential elections if only they’d had a ‘conservative’ candidate on the ballot!

    Did you all know that the very instant Obama isn’t president all will be right with the world!?

    • wicked

      Did you all know that the very instant Obama isn’t president all will be right with the world!?

      Unless it’s Hillary…or any other Democrat…

      • If these Conservative Republicans hate Obama – what do you think they will do with President Hillary Clinton?

        PASS the popcorn…..

        That could be a selling point on why women should vote for Hillary – just to see the heads of these CONS explode….

      • But….my money is on Hillary.

        Hillary will not back down from any of these CONS – AND she knows where these same CONS have hidden all their skeletons in their closets.

        The CONS know Hillary is smarter and more political savvy than any of them – and it scares the BeJeezus out of them..

    • If it is okay to murder a doctor in cold blood (while in his own church) because he performed a legal procedure….

      Then, can I assume it is okay to murder a priest in cold blood (while in his own church) because he engaged in illegal activity of molesting young boys?

      Wow – see where all this craziness leads…

  7. This must have to do with small government, dontchaknow? Kinda like government getting into uteri.

    Kan. lawmakers consider bill to expand gun rights

    Kansas legislators are considering new gun-rights proposals to strip cities and counties of any power to regulate guns and limit local programs to buy guns back from their owners.

    • wicked

      It’s time for the South to secede from thinking…and the country, too. And they can take Kansas with them. Seriously, if I had the means to do it, I’d be gone from here in a heartbeat. I am SO sick of the b.s..

      • Agreed 100%

        I understand why Abraham Lincoln wanted to keep the country together after the Civil War….

        But, damn, he should have cut off the Southern States without a dime. They’re ungrateful, spiteful and way too churchy-churchy for my taste.

    • If the city and county Republicans fall for this B.S. from their own state ‘GOP buddies’ , then our state is truly a lost cause.

      OH, but we do have a lot of huge mega churches on prime real estae around our city – and everyone of them is tax free.

      Doesn’t it just warm your heart to know these big businesses are thriving?

  8. So, the Republican Congress Critters are taking yet another retreat – at taxpayers expense.

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at this particular meeting – wouldn’t you?

    Boehner and GOP leadership know their party is in big trouble with the Hispanic voters and these folks realize that Tea Party/Fundy Christians want all illegal immigrants deported – end of story.

    So….the GOP comes up with a plan to give illegals a path to ‘legal status’ but NOT citizenship.

    Here we go again…..certain ‘right’ folks who believe they have the right to make an entire group of folks ‘ them, over there’ into a second class group.

    I don’t understand people like this – does this type of class-thinking status come from their churches – their political party – or are they just mean-spirited people?

    Personally, I suspect this type of class-status comes straight out of these Evangelical Churches. Think about it – men are Masters and women are subservient (slaves)

    Those folks who are saved will go to Heaven – those who are not go to Hell.

    And who the Hell gets to decide on who gets into heaven – these same Fundies?

    Like I’ve said many times before – if these are the folks who will be in Heaven, then I don’t want to go. I cannot stand these people here on Earth – why would I want to be in Heaven for eternity with their big mouths flapping in my face?

  9. Just when I think I’ve heard it all…..I read this news story.

    Is this really how our country should be?

    Let’s set aside the fact that kids are hungry and good food was wasted – but on top of that – additional fruit and milk was given to the same kids that were just punished by having their lunches thrown away..

    In what alternate universe does this make sense?

    And in Utah – I thought this was Mitt Romney’s idea of God’s Country….

    If these folks are the sales rep for God – then I don’t want anything to do with a god like that.

    • On second thought – I have seen something similar to this happen; but it was at a corporation.

      I’ve seen corporate thinking in action – they will spend $100 to save a damn dime….

      If you need any further evidence that corporations are not that smart – do some research on how many of these same corporations (some big banks) have run their businesses into bankruptcy and then hold their hands out to the taxpayers to bail them out…

      Then the CEO’s of these bankrupted corporations get a big fat bonus check.

      Only in America is this seen as acceptable…

    • So. $%^@ing. Wrong.

    • Here’s what Jim Wright of Stonekettle Station had to say on the subject —

      You really have to boggle at the logic here:

      About 40 students at a Utah school had their lunches taken away and thrown into the trash, because their parents hadn’t paid their school lunch accounts.

      Now, DON’T get me wrong here – the school district is obligated to demand payment for outstanding debts. Absolutely. No argument. And they should. And parents should have made damned sure their kids’ accounts were paid up and funded (I’ve got a high school senior myself. His school uses the same kind of school lunch system. We check the balance online and make sure it’s adequately funded. It’s not rocket science. And the school lets the kids and parents know in advance when their accounts are running low).

      The Utah school in question sent out notices on Monday for students whose accounts were in arrears, so far so good, right? Again, the school district is accountable to the public for those funds, the parents who owe them are obligated to pay. Absolutely.

      But here’s where things go off the rails: later in the week after the notices were sent out, the school claims they had no way to check whether the accounts had been paid at the lunch counter in realtime. So they had each student get lunch, then the cashier rang up the sale and billed the account … and if the account came up with a zero/negative balance they took the lunch away from the student and threw it away.


      So, just to clarify, the school’s nutrition manager decided that the way to balance accounts was to waste perfectly good food on the taxpayer dime – I’d guess the part about publicly humiliating kids in front of their classmates was just an added bonus.

      Seriously, what exactly are we teaching these kids again? What kind of mindset would throw away food, throw it in the trash, rather than FEED CHILDREN? Hell, give it to the homeless. Something. Anything but throw it in the trash. Shit. What the HELL?

      Question: how did they send out arrears notices on Monday if they DIDN’T have an accounting process for checking the balances of each student’s account without ringing up a total at the point of sale? Why didn’t they do that on Tuesday and send out a notice that the kids would not get lunch the next day?

      Answer: The nutrition manager obviously DID have a method of off-line accounting, but decided that public shaming of children for the failure of their parents would be a better, and acceptable, method for recovering the funds. Howdy, folks, welcome to the 1400’s. Tomorrow, we sell your kids to the factories to pay off your debts!

      You know, it’s my perhaps not so humble opinion that certain people shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near children or the education process. Ever.

      If it was up to me, I’d dock the nutrition manager’s pay for the cost of the thrown away lunches.

      • wicked

        I saw that earlier today and was shocked. Yes, really. I’m not being snarky. I also read most of the comments and noticed that many people said that no child in their schools went hungry. If the lunch tab wasn’t paid up, then the child/children were given pb&j sandwiches, a drink and a piece of fruit. I know they keep those sandwiches on hand in most schools around here. We took advantage several times this past summer to eat lunch at one of the schools offering free summer lunches. The kids enjoyed them and it meant one day I didn’t have to cook for all 5 of them. Frankly, some of those offerings looked damn good, and there were always pb&j sandwiches, too. Kids 18 and under are welcome, and they can get seconds, too. At least somebody has it right.

  10. The graphic in our header today also reminds me of how the Religious Right have been played for suckers by the Republicans.

    Reagan used Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority in 1980 to get into the White House.

    Of course, Falwell was more than happy to oblige Reagan – because this was the perfect way for the RR’s to get their hands onto the power of the Grand Old Party.

    But….back to the graphic…..

    Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006 – and yet not one single time did anti-abortion issue come up – WHY?

    For all the protesting these Pro Lifers do…….why did not notice that Republicans had SIX years of total control – and did nothing about reversing Roe v Wade or anything anti-abortion.


    So…being played for suckers is just a requirement for being a CONservative Republican – isn’t it?

    • Or… it something else?

      Let’s remember – during the years 2000 to 2006 – GWB was busy invading Iraq and those Bush tax cuts certainly helped a lot of the ‘right’ people to get rich at the expense of others..

      So…..does their belief in the sanctity of life only becomes an issue when a Democrat is in office – to throw red meat to the sheeple to keep them in line at the voting booths?

      Is that really the purpose of these wedge issues such as abortion, guns and gay marriage?

      Could be…..could be…

  11. President Obama has a new idea to help people save money for their retirement.

    I was raised in the days when a person could work for a company for 20 to 30 years, retire and then draw on their company-provided pension plan.

    Those days are gone……

    So, is this new myRA something that might work?

    BTW – I wonder if those companies and states that have raided their employees pension plans for other uses – will ever be prosecuted for their crimes? Well, at least make them pay the money back to those people who are owed that money..

    What do you think?

  12. bobwhitenks

    Yes, I try —- “living blue in a red state” —- and it is hard; very hard.

    • Did you read my comments a few weeks ago about the former Republican precinct man who has left the GOP and is now registered as a Democrat?

      I was quite shocked – actually – when we got to talking that day. I suspected this man was a dyed-in-the-wool Republican – and he stated that he was exactly that – UNTIL the time George W. Bush was installed (his words) as president in 2000.

      Then, when GWB got the US into the Iraq War invasion – that was when my friend seriously started talking against his fellow Republicans.

      Talk about things getting ugly………..he was a publisher of a small town newspaper during this time.

      He told me that his biggest regret in life was that he did not publish his editorial for the reasons NOT to invade Iraq. He was afraid to do so because he lived in a small town with a family and he was deep in the Red State of Kansas.

      Tell me again, how does that freedom of speech thing go again?

      It does not take a courageous person to stand up and parrot what the crowd is yelling.

      But It does take a courageous person to stand up and go against what the crowd is yelling.

      That is patriotism – IMHO

      Anybody can follow the crowd with pitchforks to kill the perceived monster.

      It takes special people to determine if the perceived monster is truly a monster.

  13. Look! One of Kansas’ finest… [eye roll] … actually, they all seem pretty much indistinguishable.

    Representative Allan Rothlisberg
    House District 65
    Geary County: Cities: Fort Riley(part),
    Grandview Plaza,
    Junction City(part),
    and Milford;
    Townships: Blakely, Jackson, Jefferson,
    Liberty, Milford, Smoky Hill(part)
    and Wingfield

    • wicked

      Then there’s the Treaty of Tripoli, signed unanimously by Congress on November 4, 1796.

      ARTICLE 11

      As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion[my bold],-as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion or tranquility of Musselmen,-and as the said States never have entered into any war or act of hostility against any Mehomitan nation, it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

    • Where in the Constitution does it say Christianity is the official religion?