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  1. I heard a few members of congress say “the president doesn’t make policies, congress makes policies” in response to President Obama’s State of the Union threats to act on his own. So what they are saying is “the president’s failed policies” are their failed policies?

    You know what? Republicans say stupid shit!

    • I suspect ‘Executive Orders’ will now be placed in the Republicans’ bag of political tricks alongside the issues of abortion and gay marriage?

      Don’t expect Republicans to do anything but sit back and whine (they do that so well, don’t they?) the rest of this year up to the midterm elections. Then, depending on the outcome of those elections, we’ll see if Republicans continue their drumbeat as to how much they hate the president using executive orders – when by this graphic in this article I posted – displays exactly how many executive orders were used by presidents from both political parties.

      You see – the GOP is just a bunch of churchy-people that will not raise one eyebrow when their guy uses that executive orders but these same folks will YELL and SCREAM when their perceived enemy uses the same power.

      This is about power and control for the GOP.

      But….I suspect Obama knows that each time he uses an executive order – he will rally his base.

      And in the midterm election cycle – it is all about getting out your base.

      • President Obama has issued fewer Executive Orders than recent presidents, so maybe he’ll make up for lost time! They’ll last until a republican president overturns them — Reagan overturned those put in place by Carter, Clinton overturned the ones put in place by both Reagan and GHW Bush, George W Bush did away with Clintons and Obama did away with Dubyas. But look at it this way — without BIG changes what chances do republicans have of electing a president?

    • R.D. Liebst

      I think some times it is that they say what people want to hear.

  2. Kansas Day commemorates the admission of the state as the 34th in the Union on January 29, 1861.

    • Just another Male Republican Bully or is a village missing their idiot?

      And why was Huelskamp smirking and laughing throughout this video? He was being asked direct questions as to his past votes and to his current tweets during the SOTU speech.

      Why can’t Huelskamp simply answer Rachel’s questions – without smirking, laughing and looking like the village idiot?

      But…I’m sure Timmie’s performance made a big splash in his district.

      On this day when Kansas is celebrating our admission to the union as the 34th state – the news story is Timmie and his smirking, laughing and downright disrespectful behavior.

      The Mean Girls Club mentality has taken over our political arena – have you noticed?

      • That was a long seven-and-a-half minutes of listening to Huelskamp behaving poorly and showing his butt. I had successfully managed to avoid being exposed to that man’s rantings before so I didn’t fully realize. Put a mic at his mouth, have a camera ever at the ready. And then stand back a safe distance while he self destructs.

      • And Kansas will return him to office as often as he wants to run. Hell, they’ll probably make him Senator one day since the Big First seat has produced most of our Senators over the decades. Think Pat Roberts, Jerry Moran, Bob Dole, etc.

        Kansas. As stupid as you think.

      • What flavor of Theocracy does little Timmy prefer? And, what is he wearing so tightly that the circulation is cut off to his brain?

      • You’re right – Prairie Pond – can’t you just imagine how many folks in many Kansas districts had a wonderful night sitting around and smirking, laughing, having tirades of Obama hate and then the master ordering the little woman to give him his good dose of her ‘wifely submission’?

        Well (that wife submission thing courtesy of Uncle Sugar paying for the happy-ending pill).

        Yeah, boy, that’s what being a true American Patriot is all about…

  3. Yet, again, another anti-abortion bill passes in the House (which was totally unnecessary because the Hyde Amendment has banned federal dollars being paid for abortions for the past three (count them 1-2-3) decades.

    This latest anti-abortion bill is nothing more than throwing red meat to the Rabid Religious Right Republicans – so these RRRR’s will run out to vote for every little R on the ballot.

    I still have to ask……..if Republicans really wanted to ban abortions – then why was nothing done by any Republican when they had total control from 2000 to 2006?

    Oh, yeah, that’s right, these folks were too busy in running the country up to invade Iraq and get into an endless war – to kill themselves a bunch of Muslims.

    You know, these folks are pro life and are just protecting the sanctity of life – big eye roll..

  4. All the republicans are alike in their desire to control women. And what a stupid bunch. You would have thought since they obsess with sex they may know something about it. Then they open their mouths and prove they are clueless.

  5. Can someone please explain to me the difference between my tax dollars being used to feed hungry kids and my tax dollars going to subsidizing farmers (which, we all know by now, very few real family farms are left – it is mostly corporate agricultural companies getting these tax dollars)

    Take note……some of the subsidies are now called farm insurance – in which farmers have to have actual losses before they get a payout.

    Okay……but my tax dollars are still being paid to these folks – and I’ve worked in corporations before, they can always manipulate their books to show a loss – that is not big deal.

    Besides – in what other occupations does the government pay out money to those who incur losses?

    Just asking….

  6. I’ve heard on the interwebs that Lindsey Graham had to retire to his faintin’ couch after President Obama laid out his foreign policy vision.

    Just breathe Lindsey, honey. Just breathe. Think calming thoughts. For your own good, ya hear.

  7. Rabid Religious Right Republicans should follow the example of their Puritan forefathers.

    Climb aboard ships and go off searching for a new land where they can kill off the native people or round the surviving natives onto desolate reservations and then declare that God has blessed them with their new homeland.

    I wonder if the Native Indians ever regret not having strict illegal immigration laws when these Puritans crashed into that Plymouth Rock?

  8. PP wrote:

    Kansas. As stupid as you think.

    The Grand Old Party = Stuck on Stupid

  9. That Huelskamp video is further evidence that Rick Santorum was 100% correct when he stated in the 2012 GOP presidential primary campaign – the smart people will never join the Republicans.

    I can truthfully say that is the only time I have ever agreed with Rick Santorum on anything.

  10. I saw this comment on another blog I saw this morning –

    Religion is what keeps the poor from killing the rich

    Is this the reason Republicans need to keep up the appearance they are the Party of God?

    • wicked

      Did everyone see Rachel Maddow’s interview with Huelskamp? I swear I saw him spewing spittle. I’m embarrassed that he holds any office in KS.

      • I noticed him smirking and even laughing all through his interview with Rachel.

        I also noticed that Tim did not ever answer any of Rachel’s direct questions.

        If you closed your eyes and just listened to this Tim ranting – you would swear you were listening to a 15-yr-old girl trying to be the queen of the Mean Girls Club

  11. John Boehner in 2010 spoke of how Washington is broken and he vowed to listen to the people and also spoke of how our country needs jobs.

    That was in 2010…….WHERE ARE THE JOBS Johnny?

    What legislation has been passed by your Tea Party buddies in the House that created jobs?

    In the year 2013 – two things out of President Obama’s list of 42 requests from his SOTU address was passed by the House under Boehner’s leadership.

    1) Debt ceiling passed
    2) Reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act

    BOTH of these bills were passed with many, many Republicans voting against the bills.

    So….Johnny….where are the bills that create jobs?

    Is Speaker Boehner more afraid of the Tea Party than his moral obligation to do the best for the country?

    From where I see things – it is blatantly clear that Johnny cares more about keeping his seat of power than to lift one finger to even give the appearance that he wants to create a single job.

  12. We need some loving energy sent to RD and family!

    They took his Mother to the hospital this afternoon. Sounds kinda awful. Not eating, not drinking, bp is 289/118, blood sugar is 290, very lethargic. RD is (according to Mrs. RD) taking this hard (of course!).

    If I find out anything more, I’ll let you know.