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  1. Mike Huckabee does his mansplainin’ about female libidos and contraception to the annual meeting of the Republican National Committee,

    Republican Congressman Steve Pearce’s memoir argued that wives should “voluntarily submit” to their husbands,

    one of the very first votes of the year in the republican-dominated House is a disingenuous and dangerous attack on women’s health. “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” is a solution in search of a problem. Despite your attempts to confuse people with the bill’s misleading title, federal funds cannot be used for abortion under the Affordable Care Act. In fact, Section 10104 of the law specifically prohibits taxpayer funds from being used to purchase abortion insurance coverage in the new health care exchanges.

    Just three tiny examples of republicans newest and greatest actions in their War on Women. We don’t need to go back very far to remember their “legitimate rape,” and pregnancies as a result of rape are a “gift from God.”

    These aren’t slips of the tongue or words that came out differently than were meant. Long before all these men stepped in it, the term ‘legitimate rape’ was used in legislation set forth by Paul Ryan. It isn’t just a flawed way of speaking about the message, it is part of the Republican Party Platform!

    Women are smart and they know who is on their side. And they know that a woman’s medical decisions are best left up to her, her family and her doctor — not politicians waging a radical assault on their lives and their health.

    • wicked

      They’re scared. They know women outnumber men in this country, and their grip is slipping. The only way to stop that is control…of everything women can do, but men can’t. We of the female persuasion need to rise up, grab control of the world and dump these brainless twits in the sewer where they belong.

  2. wicked

    Insanity is running amok in the Republican party. Take our (un)illustrious governor for example. Instead of a State of the State Address, we got a sermon. A sermon! Separation of Church and State? Our Forefathers are spinning in their graves.

    • But…but…..Sammie loves his Jesus and just wants to share the good news with all of us HEATHENS…..

      I have had my fill of these Rabid Religious Right Republicans and their version of Christianity.

      I saw a graphic just the other day that made me chuckle…

      Jesus called – He wants his religion back

      This sums up how I feel about these RRRR’s – they have twisted their version of Christianity that I believe Jesus himself would have to just say WTF….

  3. Did everyone hear the newly-released republican plan dubbed the ‘Patient Choice, Affordability, Responsibility, and Empowerment (CARE) Act?’ It’s intended to replace The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act (ACA, Obamacare). Here’s a bit of what the republicans propose:

    Reverse the ban on denying coverage due to preexisting conditions. The only exception is if you have “continuous coverage,” meaning you’re either already insured or have been able to maintain some form of insurance despite losing the coverage you had through your employer.

    It dismantles Obamacare’s prohibition on gender rating, meaning that women will go back to an era where they are charged $1 billion more for their health care on a national level than men.

    While the plan would keep the ACA’s ban on insurers’ imposing a lifetime limit on insurance benefits, annual limits could return,

    Dismantles Obamacare’s consumer protections, like a free checkup, preventive screening for HIV, a mammogram, colonoscopy, or no-cost birth control, “essential health benefits” like maternity care, mental health care, and prescription drug coverage. The bill places no such requirements on insurance companies so junk policies where people pay for nothing will be sold again and pad the obscene profits of insurance companies.

    The plan would repeal the ACA’s requirements that most people have insurance, and employers offer insurance or face potential fines.

    The republican proposal also would eliminate most of the taxes and fees that the law imposes on companies to pay for the generous tax credits offered to help people pay for the required insurance.

    Lets insurers charge older people more.

    Leaves the Medicare provisions of the health law untouched (“this is not about Medicare,” said one of the aides). But it would dramatically remake the Medicaid program, which is undergoing a big expansion as a result of the ACA.

    The republican plan offers its own set of tax credits to help those with lower incomes afford coverage, and like those in the ACA, they would be adjusted for age but not for geography. That means the tax credit would be the same across the nation, even though insurance costs differ widely in different parts of the country. The tax credits would be available to those earning up to three times the federal poverty line, or $34,470 in 2013. That’s less than in the ACA, which provides help for those earning up to four times the poverty level, or $45,960.

    Workers’ insurance premiums are paid for with pre-tax dollars but this plan caps the so-called employer health insurance exclusion at 65 percent. That means that for the average worker, 35 percent of the health insurance benefits that are currently tax-free would instead be considered taxable income, meaning everyone with an employer plan would have to pay taxes on 35 percent of their premium — a TAX HIKE on 150 million Americans who get coverage through their employer.

    • But….but….Republicans HATE to raise taxes – don’t they?

      Oh, what am I talking about? These folks hate to raise THEIR taxes – but the working class Americans can have their taxes raised at anytime.

      Yeah, we know how much these CONS love the majority of working Americans……and we have not even talked about how these folks profess to ‘love’ the women…

  4. Here’s a succinct overview by Ezra Klein —

    The Republican plan for replacing Obamacare doesn’t replace Obamacare

  5. Wow…..this convicted rapist thinks he is cured because he has a relationship with Jesus?

    We may shake our heads – but how many of those Rabid Religious Right Republicans would line up to vote for this guy?

    Hey – all it takes is some CON to get up in front of a RRRR crowd and profess how their life has changed because they now know Jesus.

    Amen… Brothers and Sisters….Amen


  6. Remember Rick Santorum during the 2012 GOP primary campaign when he said that the GOP will never get the ‘smart’ people to join them?

    I’ve often thought about that and the way all these CONservative Republicans applauded him……

    What type of person actually applauds after they’ve been told they are obviously the ‘stupid’ ones because they do belong to the GOP?

    That makes as much sense as this:

    1) health insurance premiums cost my husband and me $400 every 2 weeks because it is employer-provided. $400 x 26 pay periods = $10/400/yr

    2) housing costs are rising – rental rates have skyrocketed since the 2008 economic crash leaving a lot of foreclosed homes and families flooding the rental market – which increased the rental rates due to demand.

    3) food costs are rising – because they can and due to drought, floods – But I suspect it is because these agricultural corporations CAN raise their prices at any time they want.

    4) Gas prices are steadily hanging around the low $3/gal range – but can spike whenever these record-breaking profit oil companies want to make extra profit. Have you noticed how these gas prices always seem to go up whenever the major employers in town have their pay days?

    5) Child care – do some research into the cost of child care. When a woman does work – if she is paying private pay for child care – the majority of her check goes towards paying child care. I don’t see how some of these parents make it….

    6) Health care costs – even when you do have health insurance – there are still those things that come out of your pocket – co-pays, deductible, certain items not covered by insurance. These costs can be overwhelming.

    And in what universe does it make sense for my family doctor’s office visit price go from $98 to $300 just because the Catholic-owned corporation bought out his office?

    And these are just the main costs of living that I have listed.

    NOW – consider this – Republicans’ answer to all this:

    1) Eliminate the minimum wage – let the bosses decide what to pay.
    2) Eliminate regulations on businesses
    3) Eliminate taxes on businesses
    4) Raise taxes on working people.
    5) Deny health care insurance to those they deem ‘unworthy’
    6) Ban all birth control
    7) Encourage women to get pregnant – but don’t dare help in any
    financial way during their pregnancy, birth and the life of the child.
    8) Allow these polluting companies to continue the water, air and
    ground pollution.
    9) Install the declaration that America is a Christian nation – and that all
    dissenters are not welcomed.

    Have I covered everything?

    Now – my question is:

    How the hell can the average American even begin to pay for the cost of living when their wages are stagnant (if they keep their job) and the Republicans get to fulfill their wish list – to add just more costs to living.

    The health care insurance premium at $10,400/yr alone would price a lot of good, hardworking Americans out of the market – wouldn’t it?

    If you make $10/hr and have a family to feed, clothe and house – where is the extra $10,400/yr going to come from? And that premium is what we pay as a couple – we don’t have family coverage.

    I realize Republicans poo-poo getting an education – but basic mathematics will tell you that the GOP plan just will NOT work…..

    • I think the only two points you left out are EDUCATION and GUNS. Buy guns, hoard ammunition… kill people if you feel it necessary — and yell self defense.

      Education shouldn’t be available for the masses, because republicans need as many dumb voters as they can make!

      Yep! That now completes the Republican Party.

      • You’re correct…..I did forget those two issues.

        Here’s a video of Jon Stewart after Bill Clinton gave his DNC 2012 speech – which included the infamous ‘arithmetic’ ….


      • Speaking of Bill Clinton….

        I found it more than interesting that recently Rand Paul saw the need to bring up Monica Lewinsky in an effort to throw mud at Bill Clinton with the hope that the same mud will hit Hillary Clinton’s face.

        Does this prove Wicked’s assessment that Republicans are running scared?

        When asked after he was blaming Hillary for what Bill did – Rand Paul quickly dismissed that notion – but went on to say that Bill Clinton’s behavior should be a factor if Hillary runs for president in 2016.

        So…in other words……YES, we blame the wife for what the man does…

        Is this something that goes along with that idealogy of Submissive Wife crappola?

      • You’re talking about Rand Paul… All I can say is trying to make sense out of nonsense doesn’t work.

        Republican men make themselves look small. It just tells everyone a lot more about them than their target!

    • Much has been made of President Obama’s low approval rating.

      Here is a graphic of past president’s approval ratings…..and I fail to see Obama’s lowest rating get anywhere near the bottom where the Litlle Cowboy GWB’s was…..

      In fact, Obama’s has held pretty steady throughout his years in office.
      Which, is surprising, when one factors in these Republicans even bragged about how they were going to bring down Obama and make him a one-term president.

      I know, I know……these are facts and facts do not enter into the GOP Fantasyland where Obama is at fault for everything..


  7. Excuse me, can someone please explain to me why grown men – take time off their real jobs – to participate in these online games?

    As I understand this – it is a virtual game and people around the world are invited to play – or simply be spectators.

    And this man has an alarm app to let him know when something has happened on this game?

    Seriously….I don’t get this…….maybe it’s a man thing?

    I don’t mean to be flippant or rude when I ask if it is a man thing -but, are there really women out there in the world that are into this thing?

    Men and women are wired differently…..maybe that is what I should be asking….

    Or – is this a sign of the times where people are more tuned into a virtual world online than to actively participate in the real world that lies outside their front door?


    • I am not a gamer. I know plenty of folks of both genders who are. The most dedicated gamer I know is a female, albeit the next several in line in dedication are males. Pure escapism.

  8. This case is sad but yet very thought-provoking. This case involved end-of-life issue and because the woman was pregnant, it also touched on the issue of what to do with the fetus.

    This man and his wife’s family has gone through a tragic ordeal. Cases like this is why our society needs to come to grips with what our current medical technology can provide. And at what moral and financial costs?

    This is also where if Pro Life supporters think that every pregnancy is a gift from God -then did God also give this pregnant woman a gift of a blood clot while she was pregnant?

    Life is not black and white -it is a very messy color of grey too many times.

    But – take note – that the Republicans thinking of running for elected office have all vowed to make the Texas law even more strigent if they do get elected.

    What do they mean by that – to make it even harder for families to do what is best for their loved ones?

    What is the most sad – IMHO – is the fact this man lost his wife and baby girl but yet felt it would be better to have no memorial service because of possible protesters….

    That is the saddest part of all…….why can’t we as a society learn to embrace one another in times of tragedy and not just have to ‘pick a side’ in some perceived battle.


  9. Minimum wage advocates love to point to Australia’s $16.88 an hour minimum as evidence that a very high wage floor needn’t stifle a country’s growth. After all, Australia hasn’t had a recession in 20 years. But Australia is hardly an outlier. Most developed countries have a higher minimum wage than we do, as this chart from Business Insider’s Matthew Boesler — using data from the ConvergEx Group — shows:

    More charts and info at the link–


  10. Giggles and grins! Loads of fun being poked, the comments are good too!

    What Time Is The State Of The Union? How Should I Drink During The SOTU Address?
    Read more at http://wonkette.com/540500/what-time-is-the-state-of-the-union-should-i-drink-during-the-sotu-address#uhTMHUT0uwBpBIYO.99

    I think the live blogging will be a blast!

  11. Did you hear Bristol Palin impugning the mothering skills of Wendy Davis?

    You just can’t make this shit up!

  12. I’m a sap. Every State of the Union Address, I once again believe in America. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Through all administrations, I’m pretty sure I wear gullible as a badge of patriotism.

  13. Included “diplomats” along with “the men and women of our armed forces.” Stick that up your Benghazi, Lindsay and Issa!

  14. For the idiots screaming stupid words like “dictator,” and “unconstitutional.”

    • I missed watching the speech due to granddaughter’s music concert tonight – but just got home in time to see Kansas’ Tim Huelskamp make an ass of himself with Rachel Maddow.

      Huelskamp was actually giddy while Rachel asked him exactly where in the speech was President Obama being lawless and/or dictator…

      Huelskamp never did answer her questions – he just kept smirking and chuckling to himself like some one who is Stuck on STUPID…

      After Huelskamp left the video screen and the MSNBC panel was discussing what Huelskamp was trying to get at……Steve Schmidt (McCain’s 2008 campaign manager) even said that the word nutshell (used by Chris Hayes) described that Huelskamp guy….

      Hey – Steve Schmidt should know a nutshell when he sees one…