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  1. But…but…St. Ronnie is a G-O-D……

    • IIRC – one of those Ten Commandments these Rabid Religious Right Republicans like to spew is the one that says NOT to have any other gods before ME.

      Seems to me – these RRRR’s worship several gods:

      1) MONEY
      2) REAGAN
      3) MONEY (money warrants to be listed twice because I have yet to see a RRRR not be able to walk across their dead mama’s body to pick up that extra dime). And this goes to what wicked appropriately named – soullessness – in yesterday’s column.

      A cancer has spread throughout our land – and it is devouring us one by one – with the cancer hosts sitting there and thinking they are God’s favorite.

      • Instead of worshiping Reagan – these Rabid Religious Right Republicans should worship Judas – he was the original betrayer that wanted his 30 pieces of silver…..

        One difference between Judas in the Bible and these RRRR’s – Judas had a conscience later and went out and hanged himself.

        These RRRR’s just continue on their insatiable quest to take all taxpayer money they can…..and then continue to tell the rest of us how to live.

        Especially women – because you know – women have those wild libidos that only birth control can tame..

        Here’s a clue – Huckabee – there would be no need for birth control if there is no man putting his pen into any inkwell he deems worthy.

      • In a way republicans are hanging themselves. A political party can’t alienate every minoriity AND the majority — women — and have any chance of surviving!

      • But hey … remember that ‘tweet’ recently that said something about it being pretty great that republicans are talking about lady parts again since it worked out so well for them in past elections. Then there’s the long-known wisdom: Don’t interrupt while your opponent self-destructs. Go Huckabee, etal! Put a microphone at each of their mouths, have cameras ever at the ready…

      • You’re right about the political party hanging itself…..I never thought of it that way.

        I think we should have one of these Republican males implanted with a live microphone so we can hear exactly what these buffoons say behind closed doors (think about Romney’s 47% video).

        Truth……it does have a way of coming out….eventually

      • correction: one = every one of these Republican males

  2. From MAD Magazine’s “Primer of Bigots, Extremists and Other Loose Ends,” written by Frank Jacobs and Stan Hart and originally published in the September, 1969 issue.

    See the Super Patriot. Hear him preach how he loves his country. Hear him preach how he hates “Liberals”… And “Moderates”…and “Intellectuals”… And “Activists”…and “Pacifists”… And “Minority Groups”…and “Aliens”… And “Unions”…and “Teenagers”… And the “Very Rich”…and the “Very Poor”… And “People With Foreign-Sounding Names”. Now you know what a Super Patriot is. He’s someone who loves his country. While hating 93% of the people who live in it.

    • One update needs to be made from 1969 – these Super Patriots of today absolutely LOVE the ‘Very Rich’…….

      Maybe that is because without the Very Rich’s money to fund their bus trips to town halls to intentionally disrupt and make fools of themselves – there would be no actual setting for their many Tea Parties..

    • wicked

      History tends to repeat itself if the lesson taught isn’t learned.

  3. As if we need further proof that the brainwashed right-wing has gone completely bonkers, this happened.

    Subway restaurants have teamed up with Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ campaign in offering healthier food choices for kids. Commence the right-wing freak-out and when I say “freak-out” what I really mean is hate. What I’m really talking about is a shameful, disgusting thinly veiled and at times outright racist display of what the masses of Limbaugh land REALLY think.

    These people (and in this case I do not feel bad about using the term “these people” because this is a level of sub-human) are frightening. These are people who think nothing about lining up outside a Chik-Fil-A for hours to show “support” for their version of a folk hero who uses his “free speech” to bash gay people. These are the people who walk around patting themselves on the back for being “patriots.”

    No hypocrisy here ladies and gentlemen. Look the other way. It is a train wreck of stupid, pathetic, idiotic excuses for Americans whose definition of civility consists of stopping by a Facebook page to display their utter lack of intelligence. These people are the bullies of an American society being run into the ground by an overwhelming supply of ignorance and hatred. And please, don’t confuse these people with racists…no…it has NOTHING to do with the color of skin. [eye roll]

    These are just a few of the hundreds of comments that garnered thousands of “likes” posted to the Subway Facebook page showcasing the patriots of America:

    Michael McKeithan: Having anything to do with the worst lady is reason to lose my support.
    Robert Collins: I’ll eat a bowl of my own vomit before I’ll eat another Subway sandwich.
    Dave Krueger: I like Subway…but as long as that ugly person’s picture is in your stores, I will NOT buy from you. A lot of other places to get a sandwich.

    The comments from men are bad enough, but it takes a woman to amp up the hatred and jealousy to a whole other level:

    Lisa Nobles Sneed: Done with Subway. You must hate America as much as she does.
    Kimberly Kelly Trimble: I guess you are trying to run your business into the GROUND. Good Luck…don’t see you all in business in a couple of years. NO ONE WANTS to be told WHAT to EAT by the Disgrace of a FLOTUS. LMBO…

    And the icing on the cake…

    LarrynLisa Hawkins: omg!! do you ppl not know putting an anti American heifer like mooooooshell on your bizz like that is going to destroy your bizz..wooohhooo thats great you can let her destroy your company like her P>O>S freak husband is destroying our beloved country….i feel bad for all your employess who will be out of a job when you have to shut down for your shi### choice!!!

    Which garnered this response:

    Larry Derouen Jr: Well said LarrynLisa Hawkins spoken like True Americans to hell with Subway.

    These are the “true Americans.” Yee Haw!

    …please remember…these people vote. Wonder why we are where we are in this country? This is your answer. These people vote.

    • These people not only vote – they also breed. And if they live in any of the Deep Southern Red States – it’s a safe bet these people are also the ones sucking off the government teat – and have been for years.

      • R.D. Liebst

        Yes but there is some rules to the breeding, first off it is done only missionary style. That is the only acceptable form of intercourse! we can not be trying anything that is not up front and face to face!

    • What makes me shake my head is …these same Right Wingers freak out if anyone dares to question one of their businesses and gather support to protest or boycott their ‘Christian’ (I use that term loosely) businesses.

      But these same Right Wingers have absolutely no problem with their folks protesting and boycotting any business they deem as liberal or ungodly.

      This is precisely why we must all be leery of anytime these so-called Christians get the power to bring THEIR prayers into public schools.

      These folks do NOT tolerate anything that dares to question them.

      Hell – most of these folks cannot even tolerate other Christians that do not walk the same, look the same, hate the same……..

    • Don’t forget they’d all march in lock step to worship the Duck Dynasty billionaires and defend the patriarch’s right to promote pedophilia and hatred of “teh gay.” Free speech for him, but not for FLOTUS or Subway.

      Jesus wept.

    • IIRC – Subway has always been promoting their sandwiches as being more healthy – haven’t they?

      Hell – that one guy became their spokesman after he lost a bunch of weight by eating their sandwiches – didn’t he?

      The current advertising for Subway are the Olympic athletes promoting the healthy choices at Subway.

      So….tell me again….why is Michelle Obama suddenly the Villain in all this ?

      • The same folks who call Michelle Obama names are the same folks who think they are being clever by calling Hillary Clinton – thunder thighs.

        Doesn’t this sound a lot like Rush Limbaugh making fun of a young girl in the White House when he implied she was the White House dog?

        When did civility leave our society and a bunch of Mean Girls Club wannabe’s take over our media?

        Oh, yeah, now I remember…..Rush Limbaugh’s first t.v. show – do you remember that bunch of B.S.?

        I do…..a bunch of seated white folks who liked to demonize everyone who did find it cute and clever to stoop to the low level of making fun of some young girl .

        Wow – that sure did take a lot of brave Super Patriots to take down that young girl – huh?

        I wonder if there was lunch of overpriced deep-fried chicken sandwiches waiting for all those Super Patriots after they tackled that tough job of attacking an innocent young girl.

        You know, being a Super Patriot is hard work……

        heavy sarcasm///

      • Here’s a GREAT reaction to the wing nuts all bent out of shape over the First Lady and Subway both trying to fight childhood obesity.

        (from the link): What I haven’t seen is a knee-jerk “Defend Subway” reaction. And the reason – at least my reasoning for it – sort of makes me smile.

        It’s not like Duck Dynasty. The views espoused by Phil Robertson were abhorrent, so people who believe those horrible views needed to quickly rally around him. And LOUDLY. Otherwise, there would be time for them to be painted as the small-minded homophobes they are.

        It’s not like Chick Fil A. Again, as the views espoused were terrible, they quickly had to rally the troops. Otherwise their could be a national discussion about just how pathetic it is for a corporation to have a “chief executive” that believes those kind of things… when he could be demeaning many of the people who eat at his restaurant or work at his

        It’s not like gun thugs after the latest shooting. If they don’t start screaming immediately, somebody might have a sensible conversation that leads to gun reform. Somebody might be allowed to have remorse for the dead, or sympathy for a grieving parent. They have to shout that down.

        When you are on the wrong side of an issue, and you have to defend being on the wrong side of the issue… you have strike quickly, loudly and en masse, otherwise you’re exposed as the sad, bitter, hateful, fearful loon that you actually are.

        If Subway had bashed gays, Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee would have been there by now.

        But there’s no need for it from the other side.

        Because the views in this story AREN’T terrible. The people involved in this story AREN’T heinous. There’s no need to drown out opposition to the message, because the message is good and the opposition to the message is made up of people who look like fools for opposing it.

        There are the times when it’s nice to be on the right side of an issue.
        When you can simply go “whatever,” and go on with your day.

        Say it with me.


    • wicked

      I don’t recall libruls burning books when Laura Bush encouraged people to read. But then libruls tend to read without encouragement. Can’t say the same for the glossy-eyed Fox News crowd.

  4. I am still waiting to hear any of these Pro Life protesters march against men who impregnate women who get abortions.

    When I hear these protesters – they all rant against the women and want to punish the women.

    Like I said earlier – there would be no need for women to use birth control if it were not for men.

    Think about it – two lesbians don’t need birth control – do they?

    That theory of women having untamed libidos flies out the window….when one thinks of the real reason birth control is needed – men with wild libidos armed with their live-action shooters and being told they have the God-given right to command their master role over women.

    So, when these Pro Life protester want to get serious about abortions in this country – then let’s talk about the other half of this equation – the reason women get pregnant.

    After that discussion, let’s talk about how the government should NOT be in the business of practicing medicine without a doctor’s license.

    Pro Lifers truly believe that all abortions are done out of convenience for the women – but what about those abortions that are medically necessary?

    And the abortions done on young girls who have been raped (sometimes repeatedly) by their fathers, stepfathers, uncles, brothers, cousins and their buddies).

    When Pro Lifers get serious about helping women – instead of marching in a party atmosphere – then we’ll have a chance to reduce the number of abortions in this country.

    Until that time – I suspect a lot of nonprofit groups (including churches, televangelists, etc) are making money off this issue.

    Maybe that is the real reason Republicans never did anything about abortion laws during their 6 years of total GOP control – from 2000 to 2006.

    MONEY…….well, I did list MONEY as the RRRR’s #1 god….didn’t I?