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  1. R.D. Liebst

    Though I am seem to be getting to be a ole hand at it, got out of the hospital yesterday evening and sore as hell. Back walking with a cane because of the putting in of more stints. Hard to place just when this happened or that since they all seem to blend into each other. I still think it was 2009 when it all started but Joyce assures me it was 2011!

    • RD – good to see you this fine morning and letting us know how you’re doing.

      If you need anything that I can help with – fnord has my email addy.

      Take care …

    • It’s great to ‘read’ you, rd! Your bride was kind enough to take the time for updates on your progress yesterday. Thank her for me, please! I know she had her hands full, yet, as always, she was thinking of the many who were wondering, who care… Just a nice bunch of people — that ‘rd’ family!

    • wicked

      RD, you take care of yourself and do what you’re told. Yeah, yeah, I know. No fun, right? Those of us on this end will be thinking of you and sending tons of good energy (called ‘prayers’ by some 😉 ) your way. Love and hugs are included at no extra cost. 😀

      • R.D. Liebst

        Yeah some of it is not fun at all, I would think they would get it all cleared out but I am told there is still one arties that is 100 present blocked? W.T.H.? After all this there is still a place they can not get, Ok maybe it might mean killing me!

        Doing what I am told? Where is the fun in that? I know it is a lot less fun being dead. Joyce and I just got back from a road trip south stopped in a couple of towns from here. I ate…. Ahh steak! And I love it medium raw.
        A little pink in the center and I am happy. But I do eat a lot of chicken the rest of the week so even the Doctors told me it was OK.

    • ((((((((((((((((RD))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      Hugs, dude. Sending good wishes your way. We need you here! It may not seem like it now, but you are a lucky guy to be both wanted and needed by so many people.

      Love ya!

  2. Have you heard about the documentary about Mitt Romney released on Netflix?

    I’ve been watching as different pundits talk to the guy who made the film. The message I have been getting from all these folks is that this film ‘humanizes’ Mitt Romney and the question was asked – why was this side of Mitt Romney not seen on the campaign trail.

    Excuse me…..but if it takes a film to ‘humanize’ a person running for president – then is that person really someone I want in the White House next to the nuke button?

    I also heard how Mitt is such a wonderful businessman and enjoys such financial success.

    Well…..let’s pull back the curtain and examine exactly HOW someone like Mitt Romney made all his money….shall we?

    That issue was brought up in the campaign – as I remember. It was about his years at Bain Capital.

    I also remember the night when Mitt Romney was somewhere on the campaign trail bragging about how he can turn this country around just like he has turned around so many businesses…….and Ed Schultz was doing a live broadcast from a factory that Mitt Romney’s own company had bought, brought in foreigners for Americans to train to do their jobs so that Mitt Romney could close the factory here and ship all those jobs overseas.

    Was this a part of Mitt Romney’s plan to turn America around?

    I go by a person’s past actions as to what they will do in the future……..Mitt Romney had the guts to stand up on that stage and talk about how much he loves America and wants to see the country prosper……but apparently did not give a damn about those American workers who were told to train foreigners to take their job away forever.

    No amount of humanzing will make me think Mitt Romney is anything but what that 47% video made him appear – a ruthless, uncaring, wealthy person who just does not ‘get it’…..and never will.

    I don’t care how many damn times a person prays………..that is one thing that was brought out in this documentary…….the Romneys are very religious people……

    So what? Read the quote from Harper Lee and that is how I feel about these ‘religious people’.

    • wicked

      Religion? Yeah, the religion of I’ve-Got-Mine-Screw-You.

    • R.D. Liebst

      Romney did not stand a chance being Mormon with the religious Right. They do not believe that Christ has came and is the Lord and Savior. Oh they think he was a really nice guy and another Prophet but that is the end of it. The hard liners will not support someone that does not believe that the son of God has already came. I can not believe that it was not explained to him but those who use religious believe as a tool against the believers.

      • I agree…… the guy that filmed this documentary is also a Mormon. He said that Mitt Romney does not like to talk about his religion or to put it out there for the entire world to see because Mitt prefers like most Mormons (that guy’s words, not mind) to be the kind of person who does not brag about their religion but to use their religion as a guiding force in their life.


        Mormons send their young people around the world to be missionaries – don’t they? Isn’t this a requirement in their church?

        Seems to be – Mormons do believe in putting their religion out there for the entire world to see……and even proselytize …

        Why else would we have all these Mormon t.v. ads touting the many benefits of being a Mormon?

        I think Mitt Romney KNEW and he was advised to keep his Mormon religion on the down-low…..precisely due to the reasons R.D. has pointed out.

        The Religious Right are folks who think only their version of Christianity is the correct way

        The RR’s don’t like Catholics or the Jews, but the RR’s need the Jews in order for their Jesus to fulfill their version of how the world will end.

        So – basically, the Religious Right need the Jews to get to Heaven but yet believe the Jews will not be able to be in Heaven with them.

        It’s twisted…….I know…..I had to actually sit through multiple sermons – given by multiple preachers and/or televangelist and it still does not make any sense as to why God chose his son Jesus to be born a Jew, have him get killed just to save Evangelical Christians – and the Jews get screwed over?

        Now you see why I did not last being one of those mega church fundamental Baptist evangelicals – I ask too many damn questions…

  3. wicked

    I read To Kill a Mockingbird sometime in high school. It wasn’t on the required reading list, so I wasn’t prompted by that. I simply picked it up and read it. I remember crying throughout the book. Atticus, Scout, Boo Radley and all the others, plus the things I learned from reading it have stayed with me all these years. The movie, seen much later, only strengthened what I’d read.

    There seems to be an inherent evil or darkness–maybe a soullessness–in some people that is addressed in books and movies such as To Kill a Mockingbird or Schindler’s List.and others. I’ve never understood it. I doubt I ever will. I tend to want to be among people who have souls. Good souls. Of course that includes all of you.

    • Thanks wicked for putting a fitting word to what I’ve seen as a cancer throughout our society – soullessness.

      This type of callous, mean spirited and downright hateful mindset has been in the world for centuries – but I believe the constant 24/7 drumbeat of Obama Hatred – LIberal Hatred – Democrat Hatred – Fear of minorities, women and foreigners – all tend to feed into those folks already afflicted with soullessness….

      I was naïve enough to think there was good in all people – one just had to look hard enough to find it…..

      But…these CONservative Republicans have given me pause to rethink my naivety…..

      Especially since Obama won the presidency in 2008. I’ve seen so-called ‘religious people’ get nasty before…..but Obama has been the target for some very downright evil hatred and by folks who seem to not care, not be embarrassed – and oftentimes they were encouraged, applauded and rewarded for their out-of-bounds behavior towards their president.

      On what alternative universe does this even make sense?

    • I agree on the word soullessness perfectly describing the evil greedy hate we see too much of today. And, once again, I give thanks for all of you and this place we always know we can find one another.

      • fnord – not to be nosey – but how is your grandson ? Any more testing – hopefully not.

        IIRC – they were going to wait a few months and then see. I know what it means to hurry up and wait on these medical tests and procedures…….that is the hardest part…IMHO

      • It’s not good, Indy. I know you’re not nosey, and I know you care.

        My son has pulled some strings and grandson will be going to Boston Mass General soon for a workup of three specialists — G.I. guy, geneticist, and for the life of me right now I can’t think of the other specialty. (shaking head) Anyway, we all understand that total removal of the stomach may be what they come up with too. I don’t really have words… And, no, don’t you worry for even an instant about asking. I know why you did it! I love you too!!

      • Right here Indy is an article explaining how I feel about you asking about my grandson. It’s a short article crammed full of honest helpful loving caring suggestions for all people who interact with other people they care about. The last paragraph sums it ALL up really well (at least everything that really matters).

        The Questions That Will Save Your Relationships

      • fnord – I had no idea ……sorry to hear this and sorry that your family has to go through this ordeal.

        Now, I feel terrible now about me going on an on about my own troubles with my supervisor. Hell, I just fixed that problem by telling them I would no longer allow myself to be subjected to her harassment. I quit that job after 9 1/2 years – but there are other jobs where management does not decide to condone it when their supervisor likes to scream out that she wants to punch their face in…

        But….your grandson does not have the luxury of my option… simply remove himself from the situation.

        Life is NOT fair……but we can choose to wallow in it or we can choose to do something about it and it appears your grandson is in good hands and made a wise decision in going to Boston.

        If you need ANYTHING that I can do for you – PLEASE let me know…..

        If nothing else but to have someone to sit with and just scream or cry……I have been at both ends of that rope and fully understand the need to do both at times like these.

      • Oh, Fnord. I know this must be so difficult for all. Just know that I care and love you very much. Sending good thoughts and wishes. I’d send fried chicken if it would help. But it’s not known for curing digestive aliments as much as causing them! JK. Sometimes laughing helps.

      • Indy — don’t feel terrible! I hated what you were going through and I’m not even sure I LIKE your solution but I promise I respect it! Pond, I think your fried chicken could work miracles! I’ve had it so I know. We’ll make it through this. I’ve cried till my eyes swelled shut and it didn’t do anything to change what is. We’ll make it through this.

      • fnord – my solution was not my first choice – but when given their proposed resolution which was to go back and work with the harassing supervisor – with no assurance she would be changing her ways….I could envision two ways to go:

        1) quit now and stop having these hives and chest pains sooner (and they have all but disappeared – imagine that..

        2) go back, try to work with this hellion and still have hives and chest pains and wait for the first time she gets p.o.’d with me and has me fired – and what better way to set me up to fail?

        Anyway I chose to go would end up the same…..

        But…thanks for giving me the respect to my own choice…that means a lot.

        Prairie Pond – I have never tasted your infamous fried chicken…..but it sounds FABULOUS…

  4. Is this a symptom of how many folks are soullessness in our society?

    Does being a high-profile professional football player bring special privileges and benefits that the average Joe Drunk does not get – or even dare to hope to get?

    I could possibly see a light sentence if this was the first time this dude did this type of thing…..but, it was not his first time the Drunken Driver Rodeo.