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  1. Here’s all I’ve heard about rd —

    … is at the hospital waiting to go back for cath of his carotid in his neck we know one is 100% blocked…

  2. OMG. I hope he comes through with flying colors. He’s a fighter but that’s mighty difficult surgery. I keep sending good thoughts his way. He’s so special….

    • Latest: …corotid 100% blocked can’t do anything heart very weak will need a defib pacemaker put in soon…

      • Poor guy. He wants to live so badly, he’s so loved by many, and he’s so needed by his family. He certainly deserves a break. The good news is, many people live a long time with the defib pacemakers. I know several people who have had one for years. My neighbor is one. They’ve been cautioning him for years that his heart could give out at any time, but he’s still chuggin’ along. Just gave up his cattle and retired only two years ago.

        I hope RD has the same kind of good luck if he has the defib pacemaker put in. If love could make him well, he’d jump up and do a jig!

      • Agreed 100% – again.

        I am thinking of the many times RD speaks about his grandsons – that is a special bond and that kind of love can do miracles.

    • wicked

      RD is at the top of my thoughts and prayers list. Damn. I was hoping for better news. But if they’ll do the defib thingy and it will help, then let’s git ‘er done!

  3. I’ve got a question for Mr. Huckabee….if Uncle Sugar is wrong to pay to give women birth control to control their libido – then isn’t it just as wrong for Uncle Sugar to pay for men’s Viagra, Cialis, penis pump to allow them to satisfy their sexual urges?

    What’s good for the goose – is good for the gander…

    But…let’s make one very big distinction here – shall we?

    Birth control has not been known to be used to control a woman’s libido (that I am aware of)…nor are they marketed as such.

    BUT… those ‘happy pills’ are marketed to millions of men as a way for them to satisfy their sexual needs…….

    As for those penis pumps I was referring to…..they are paid for through insurance plans and Medicare – I am not sure about Medicaid – but I know countless doctors offices called into the call center where my friend worked and wanted to know the correct billing code. She had so many requests for this particular item that she memorized the damn billing code…

    • wicked

      BC pills for female libido? LMAO The only thing it helps is to stop worrying about getting preggers. And they aren’t prescribed for only that. I was put on BC pills when I was fifteen or sixteen for other reasons, and it had nothing to do with sex. BC pills are also prescribed for pain, as in monthly pain. One of my daughters had to go that route. All four of them probably should have gone down that road.

      See, I was thinking Huckabee is the real “Uncle Sugar” and he pays for his little mistress’s pills. A good cover-up, if you need one. đŸ˜‰

  4. Been thinking about that graphic in today’s column..

    I’ve said this before about these Republicans – they are incapable of feeling shame or embarrassment.

    If you doubt that…..just peruse through the news and see how many Republicans are in some sort of scandal right now – and not one bit of shame or even embarrassment.

    These folks are nicknamed CONS because they are conservative. I am starting to believe that the CONS is an appropriate label for the majority of these folks – because these folks have absolutely no problem with Uncle Sugar giving my taxpayer money to THEM or THEIR buddies (wink, wink) – do they?

  5. I said this yesterday – here is a 19-yr-old male, celebrity and wealthy, dressed in a black hoodie, sunglasses and black baggy pants – waving to his adoring fans – after being released from jail on bond due to being charged with DUI, resisting arrest (without violence), drag racing on public street – and per reports, Bieber stated he had also smoked marijuana and took prescription pills. Also per reports – this kid’s father was with him during all this drag racing -and was allegedly in one of the cars that had blocked off the side street – so the drag racing could happen.

    But he has everyone so concerned about his future…..

    Let’s not forget – this arrest happened in F-L-O-R-I-D-A…….

    Think back – there was another young male – dressed in a hoodie one night and simply walking to his dad’s home with a bag of Skittles and a bottle of ice tea That young man was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch dude and the shooter was acquitted because of the Stand Your Ground law. Conservatives flocked to support the shooter……

    What is the difference between these two stories?

    Do you think it might just be a black and white thing?

    Our country is truly S-C-R-E-W-E-D up……..

    • I forgot to add one thing….

      Trayvon Martin – the dead shooting victim – has no future to be concerned with – does he?

      THIS is the real tragedy of my telling the story above.

      Where is all this concern that is now being shown to some pop star celebrity?

  6. Interesting fact I just found…….seems Huckabee signed state legislation in 2005 when he was Governor of Arkansas that actually went further than Obamacare when it comes to employers being made to cover birth control in their health coverage for their employees.

    Maybe the women in Arkansas just have more insatiable libidos – and Mikey was just being Uncle Sugar….

    • wicked

      (See above) LOL

      • Huckabee – a former Baptist Preacher – talking about birth control.

        I suspect Huckleberry knew exactly what he was doing when he gave that speech – because he has used this same argument previously on his t.v. or radio show.

        I suspect Huckleberry was just throwing red meat to his Rabid Religious Right GOP base – the ones Mikey hopes will get him into the White House in 2016.

        Could you imagine Mikey running against Hillary Clinton in 2016?

  7. Indy, a bit late on your comment about the NFL as a nonprofit organization. Truly, it is (as are Major League Baseball, the NBA and NHL as I recall) but the individual teams are not and pay income taxes, etc. Many confuse the individual teams with the league, which I don’t understand, but the leagues (the central administrators) are separate and distinct entities.

    Best to rd. Thinking about him as I post this, hoping that whatever procedure is needed is performed correctly and successfully corrects his problems.

    • 6176 – that distinction was stated in the article I posted. And while I can see how legally the NFL can be seen as a non-profit group – you and I both know that it does seem rather absurd to be told that a charity group made how many billions in profit.

      Especially when those NFL teams get taxpayer money to build their huge and new stadiums……

      I think I also mentioned something to the effect that the NFL is not the only nonprofit group that is set up this way and pay their top level huge salaries – look at many other big-named non-profit groups – they all do it.

      Just because it is legal – and they all do it – does NOT make it morally right – IMHO

      As for the other sports leagues – the article I posted stated legislation was added just for the sports ‘football’ leagues…..

      I need to go back and re-read that article – but maybe the other sports leagues decided to buy their own Congress Critters and get their big fat money pie declared to be tax free also….

      • While we’re discussing the NFL…

        Since women statistically make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns – then are these cheerleaders anywhere near the men’s salaries?

        I realize that these cheerleaders do not have the same job duties as the football players themselves – but cheerleaders do have their own certain criteria they have to meet – rehearsals, paying for their own makeup, hair, etc. in some cases.

        I really do have to wonder though …for all these football teams paying millions on to the male players…….shouldn’t there be more money for their cheerleaders?

        I must confess…..I am biased about this issue….I was once a cheerleader in my much younger days in school.

        Back then, nobody got paid for what they did for sports……we all just played for the fun of playing..

      • indy, once again, nonprofit does not mean the entity cannot make a profit, regardless of the size thereof. It solely means that the profit cannot inure to the benefit of individuals (think dividends and appreciation in the value of shares of stock held by individuals). The designation as nonprofit also does not mean the employees cannot receive compensation which we might think excessive (except so-called “disqualified persons”, an arcane term to be sure), so long as said compensation is not excessive in relation to that paid those similar employees in private industry. Morality has nothing to do with it, I fear.–why-doesnt-the-nfl-pay-taxes for a discussion of other sports leagues’ tax exemptions (MLB gave its up in 2007; NBA is, notwithstanding my memory, organized “for profit”). Thought you might be interested.

      • I know what non-profit means – it means people keep the profits and do not pay shareholders any dividends.

        I had this same argument with my ex-friend – the devout Catholic – that said all Catholic hospitals were charity because they were non-profit.

        I told her these hospitals (in all likelihood) make a damn good profit – they just don’t pay any money out to shareholders – the KEEP all the money for themselves.

        Maybe we should change the perception of non-profits being charities?

        That would certainly help folks understand the difference – but then, again, some folks just don’t care……as long as they get to watch their NFL games and/or pay thousands to get seats to sit in a taxpayer-funded new stadium.

  8. Update: We are home now he is doing OK thanks for all the prayers and well wishes hope they don’t wait to long to do the defib pacemaker