Thursday, 1/23/14, Public Square

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  1. Did you hear Glenn Beck yesterday expressing his regrets in how he handled himself at Fox News channel?

    Is this now some new marketing scheme to appeal to the moderate Republicans and try to appear as a person who truly cares about this country?

    Let’s face it….the GOP has a big problem attracting – and keeping – quite a few groups of voters – ie women, minorities, moderates who are tired of this Religious Right Faux Christian crap that has been running the Grand Old Party.

    Does anyone really believe Glenn Beck is sorry for anything he was paid millions to say?

    IMHO – Glenn Beck is in the same category as Sarah Palin. These two seem to have an insatiable appetite to keep their face and name in the public eye.

    Or, is Glenn using the oldest trick in the GOP playbook by pretending to be sorry for things he said and did – just so the sheeple will see him as a ‘sinner’ who has acknowledged his sin and is now worthy of redemption?

    You know – like all those Republican politicians when they get caught with this mistresses (or in Sen. David Vitter’s case – get caught with his name in a prominent Escort Service leading lady’s book)
    – they all just cry their crocodile tears, confess that they have strayed and then they get rewarded……

    I will believe Glenn Beck is serious about his regrets when he apologizes to President Obama – for starters.

    And then apologizes to the other half of the country that he really did hurt while he was soaking up the millions off his half that are nothing but sheep.

    • That oldest trick in the book to appear contrite for their sin and their desire to do better has worked for several prominent Mega Church preacher men and their cousins -Bubba the Televangelist.

      I believe in redemption – but I do not believe it works like a magic spell where one just has to wish for it.

      One has to do something in order to make things right – if they want true redemption – which is why an apology to President Obama would be a good place to start.

  2. The next time any Republican rants about how the War on Poverty has failed – just ask them this question:

    Republicans had total control from 2000 to 2006 – what did your party do during all that time to help people get out – and stay out – of poverty?

  3. I sincerely hope and pray this new pope will bring some lasting much-needed change to the Catholic Church.

    The last paragraph talks about how Catholics should not allow their message to turn into something dogmatic.

    Hmmm….denying birth control because the Church sees it as a sin is not exactly following in the spirit of what this Pope is saying here….is it?

    When the Catholics bought up the majority of hospitals and doctors clinics and now are trying to use the argument of ‘against their religion’ in providing health insurance coverage for birth control – that is being dogmatic – IMHO.

  4. Speaking of redemption…….here is a story that I just found on the Internet.

    Can a leopard change its spots?

    Pay close attention to what the judge said about this guy – a gifted person with no moral compass that says ‘stop’.

    Is that really what the basic problem is – we have folks who do not have a ‘stop’ sign?

  5. A painting sold for $100,099.99 last month – and now this one?

    Only in America…..

  6. This makes me feel old. I remember that song ‘ Muskrat Love’ .

    It was when my husband and I first met, fell in love, got married and then our personal Baptist Holy War started.

    At least – the Captain and Tenille gave us a good memory with their song from that same time period.

  7. Oh, so sorry, my bad……there was another chemical in that same tanker that spilled into the public water in West Virginia…

    12 days later these folks ‘remembered’ there was another chemical involved in that spill?

  8. R.D. – I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you face yet another health challenge. Much positive energy and prayers will be sent your way.

  9. Mike Huckabee opens his mouth again….

    Do ALL Republicans think that birth control is a way for women to control their libido?

    I know, I know, I’ve heard Republican apologists already trying to say that this is not what Huckabee meant – because Huckabee said this is what ‘Democrats think’….

    I know a lot of Democrats and I don’t know a one of them that believes birth control is a way to control a woman’s libido…..

    IIRC – didn’t Rush Limbaugh say something similar to this during his tirade against that woman Sandra Flucker (is that correct name?)

    I need to go surf the Internet to refresh my memory…

    • Since Republicans don’t want health insurance to pay for birth control – I wonder how many of the above folks would not mind if health insurance does not have to pay for their Viagra?

      Well – that middle dude on the bottom row – not sure if it is a he or she……I am assuming it is a female?

      But why pick on the kids with autism????