Wednesday, 1/22/14, Public Square

food stamps


by | January 22, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. The poor, unemployed and under employed aren’t the takers. It’s just another ‘conservative’ lie.

  2. The Court issued its decision on January 22, 1973, with a 7-to-2 majority vote in favor of Roe. The Court deemed abortion a fundamental right under the United States Constitution, thereby subjecting all laws attempting to restrict it to the standard of strict scrutiny.

    • bobwhitenks

      This society must get rid of this idea of “punishment”. Remember, “feed the poor, heal the sick and free the captives.” Non-punitive discipline is what we need to learn. Discipline is accomplished through positive reinforcements and encouragement, i.e., help.

      • I agree with you 100%..

        My theory is that too many Americans are under this Puritan thinking……you know what I mean by that, don’t you?

        The Scarlet Letter is a good example…..punish the woman and the man goes running off to do it again..

        Or those contraptions in the town square where ‘sinners’ were locked in stocks as punishment..

        Now, don’t get me wrong – there should be consequences for when a person breaks the law…..

        But….I don’t see being hungry or poor as breaking any law…

        What angers me the most is these same folks who want to punish the poor and hungry have absolutely no problem with these corporate types who actually do break the law and then there is no punishment….and how dare WE the TAXPAYERS get mad when these Wall Street Bankers demand that taxpayers bail them out when they deliberately drove their banks into ruin…

        It is so much easier for folks to want to use the poor and hungry as whipping boys………to make themselves feel morally superior?

        Or to divert our attention to who are the real crooks in this country….

  3. As I was listening to my NPR while driving to my doctor’s appointment, I heard that the NFL is a nonprofit group.

    I had not known this fact…so I did some searching and find out it is true. There were several articles that I could have posted – but I chose this one because it basically explains how this happened.

    I found this especially interesting to read where Tom Coburn (Senator from Oklahoma) was trying to change this nonprofit status.

    Hmmm….Coburn just announced he is retiring……….so, I guess nothing will be done about this?

    I like football – but I am not a fanatic fan.

    But…when I know these pro football teams are using taxpayer money to build their stadiums – it does make me wonder how that money is being spent.

    This aspect of how the NFL and the individual teams operate is also covered in this article.

    In all fairness – the NFL is the not the only nonprofit group that I question if it is truly charity or not……..and it appears the NFL follows the same formula as the other suspected questionable charity groups – they all pay their top level very, very well…….don’t they?

    Well, at least one thing, the NFL does not sell ‘JESUS’ as their product – at least not yet……

    • Bottom line – if CONS are so worried about taxpayer money being used to feed hungry kids……..

      where is their outrage at taxpayer money being used to build football stadiums and the fact the NFL is a charity group?

    • P.S. – notice in the article about the NFL being a nonprofit group…….that 1966 legislation specifically states professional football leagues…..

      Why just football?

      Hmmmm…interesting …

  4. New York City is gearing up for the Super Bowl……..who is paying for all this preparation?

    Who is paying for the extra security measures being taken?

    Who is paying for the big party preparation – taxpayers?

    Here’s a thought – the NFL top guys can take some of those billions in profit they have made and pay for their own damn party and security…

    I suspect that thought has never crossed anyone’s mind who is the top 1% of Americans who know how to privatize the profit and socialize the costs….

  5. I have mixed feelings about this issue…..

    As a person who has been through chemotherapy treatments – I can assure you that the chemotherapy can kill the person – these are toxic substances being pushed through a person’s veins.

    My chemo was during 2007…….and I am still having side effects from that stuff. My body has forever been changed – and it is from the chemo.

    A lot of people view chemo as just ‘taking medicine’ to get well. It is not as simple as that.

    Chemo drugs are toxic substances and they do affect the good cells – as well as trying to kill off the bad cells.

    I also know…….as my oncologist told me ……if the patient is not in a good frame of mind when they undergo chemotherapy – it just throws up one more obstacle in beating the cancer.

    A patient’s frame of mind is as important as what treatment they choose to take.

    If your mindset is against the chemo…..then that mindset can affect the outcome of that chemo treatment.

    Bottom line – would I want some hospital to be given the right to assign a guardian to my minor child?

    KInda like that case of the young girl in California that was declared brain dead after complications from a tonseillectomy and other nasal/throat surgery.

    These are decisions that I feel are best left up to the people involved – not some judge listening to some hospital that might benefit from the chemo treatments?

    Is that really what is at stake here?

  6. Found this article about the issue of abortion rights and anti-abortion strategies….

    But what caught my eye was the picture about halfway down the article… is a picture of Sam Brownback’s handwritten notes above his typewritten notes…

    Jesus + Mary…..

    This is just too creepy for me………When I saw this, I got the same feeling I get whenever I see that damn facelift television ad by Debby Boone.

    Is it just me……or does it make you shake your head in disbelief when a woman who is only known for her one-hit wonder song – You LIght Up My LIfe – in which she was singing a love song about Jesus……(which, I always found to be too creepy for my taste).

    But, now that Debby is much older – now she is hawking facelifts?

    I wonder…..did Jesus ever have a facelift – or perform a facelift when he was healing all those sick people?

    If Jesus/God really intended people to forever be young looking – then why do humans wrinkle as they get older?

    All these Fundies running to get these facelifts is what makes me laugh……..for being such Loud-N-Proud Christians that expect everyone else to follow their Bible literally……..

    what specific book, chapter and verse does the Bible say – Thou Shalt Go Get a Facelift from Debby Boone – and tell them Jesus sent you..

  7. While I applaud President Obama for establishing a task force to tackle this important issue… bottom line question is this – why is there a need for a task force in the first place?

    What is going on in our country?

    Continued sexual assault against women on college campuses – and I am sure there must be male victims also – we just don’t hear about it so much in these college cases.

    Continued sexual assault against women and men in the military

    Continued message from our self-professing Fundy Christians that Man is Master and Women are to be submissive.

    Is this where all this crappola starts?

    • R.D. Liebst

      or all that is going wrong in this nation, it will not be the first time. Here is something to remind that it is not the fist time. That at times a battle must be waged. That it may end with many a person ending up dead or wounded. But that moral right does prevail from the battle, not just one persons moral right but what is morally right for all people.

      • As I listened to this, I could not help but notice that when the word God was spoken – the lyrics did not say the Christian God, the Muslim God, the Buddhist God, or the Catholic God.

        One word – God – was used…

        That is what is missing in today’s climate – some of the people are so hellbent on their god being superior and the only true god – that we cannot seem to sing one song – in unison -. like Orson Wells was trying to tell us..

        I hope and pray our country can get its act together and come to the point of just acknowledging that we are all in this together.

        But…with all these long-time, experienced and moderate politicians on both sides of the aisle retiring……..does that mean there is more room for the up and coming, new and improve Ted Cruz or Sarah Palin ?

        How will our country survive?

      • R.D. – thanks for posting this video….I went to college in the Chattanooga Tennessee area (surrounding area is home to many Civil War battles) in the mid 1970’s.

        The majority of students on campus were from the Deep South. I was astounded at how many of these young adults were still harboring this idea that the South was going to rise again ….and this time, they would be victorious..

        It was scary…..back then.

        But with the Tea Party and Nixon’s Deep South Strategy for Republicans to win elections……..the last thing we need is another damn Civil War..