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“If they are women, control their bodies.” …. Fallopians 27:5-6



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  1. I read an opinion piece recently titled, Christ and the Constitution: How Millions of Americans Get Both Completely Wrong.

    Some points like this were made:

    “If I chose ten people to take the Bible and rewrite it in their own words, I’m pretty certain I’d get 10 different books. Sure, some similarities would exist, but each person’s own assessment of what they were reading would have a drastic impact on how they worded their individual translation.”

    The author talked about the many contradictions and hypocrisies of the Bible and his difficulty in accepting that over the centuries of rewriting and translating “that everything inside is exactly the way it was originally written.” He also talked about a liberal and a conservative reading the “Constitution, and even though both individuals read the exact same text, two very different interpretations are formed from what they read. And, he went into separation of Church and State.

    It’s a short read. I’m always trying to figure out the people who call themselves _________ (insert faith of choice) who seem to act in ways that reflect unadulterated evil with a touch of crazy and too much hate for those they’ve deemed immoral, unjust, unworthy — like the graphic above. No success yet in figuring this out. I can’t get beyond what I choose to believe: No decent human being acts like this toward fellow human beings.

  2. This is an amazing document from 1956 and shows how Martin Luther King understood dignity, and the effectiveness of non-violent determination for what is good, moral and right.

    In Suggestions for Victorious Bus Boycotters, MLK’s Powerful Turn Toward Nonviolence

    • Gandhi was also a non-violent movement for positive change.

      Nelson Mandela demonstrated what it means to be a positive change when he insisted his prison guards sat in the front row at his inauguration.

      Even though Ronald Reagan denounced Nelson Mandela – Mandela was the one that actually helped create the movement to get rid of apartheid.

      Isn’t it ironic that we still see Reagan-worshipers trying so desperately to make their ST Ronnie into some sort of God – which in reality, IMHO, Reagan did a lot of horrible stuff……downright mean-spirited and evil – but yet always had that Contented Constipated Christian look on his face……

  3. update about my situation: was asked today by management to return to my old job under the same supervisor…..

    Hmmmm……..and that would be a positive move?

    • This is in response to my sending to management a detailed description of what has happened in the past several months – while working in that same job under that same supervisor.

      The supervisor was ‘talked to’ and allegedly this supervisor was surprised and shocked to hear what I had to say about her.

      Hmmm……….oh and this supervisor had nothing but high praise for me and my quality of work..

      Yeah, because I did do the work…….and without needing constant supervision over my shoulder because I come from that generation of workers that knew how to do their job and they just did it…


      • IF she was hearing this for the first time, or even IF it was finally being documented for the first time then a period of ‘do better’ would be expected. She has to be told by her bosses what needs to be improved and given an opportunity to do just that. If they know what they’re doing they made her sign acknowledgment of the complaint and the improvements they expect.

        DO NOT go back and allow her to abuse you silently. Your health is very important and I hope you’ve let everyone know the negative impact she has had on your health. Seems both the immediate supervisor and her bosses recognize that you are a responsible worker and not trying to cause a problem for anyone. Any repeats of her creating a hostile work environment must be made public. You will have to tell her when she has crossed a line, and make absolutely sure that others know the details. IF YOUR HEALTH CAN TAKE IT. If she doesn’t make the best of this ‘do better’ time she’s already used up the ‘SHOCKED, I TELL YA’ and can’t fall back on that again.

      • bobwhitenks

        You made your case. It was heard. Give the job another try. Maybe your supervisor heard what “management” had to say to her. And don’t hesitate to return to “management” with timely reports. Best wishes.

      • fnrod and bob – thanks to you both for your words of wisdom, guidance and your point of views on a situation that neither one of you are remotely involved with – so, you’re both non-biased folks.

        Bob – this is not the first time this particular supervisor has been talked to – relating to her management style.

        This is the THIRD time…but he first time I actually went to my doctor with a complaint about health issues I have never experienced before.

        I’ve been thinking about this situation since this morning……one side says I should go back and not let this one person deprive me of my job I’ve held for 9-plus years and my paychecks.

        Then…on the other hand….like fnord stated – my health is now involved and do I trust this supervisor to actually listen to management when she has not listened the first 3 times they talked to her?

        I was also informed that shifts are due to be changed and if needed – there would be shift rotation…..

        so, is this their way to get rid of me? Do we all have to rotate shifts or is it just the workhorses like me – like the time I refused this supervisor to change my shift (she never asked the other two workers if they would change their shift) and she turned into the she-Devil spewing forth spittle and bulging eyes directed all at me?

        Bottom line – do I trust these people and go back to the same desk, same chair, same job with same supervisor and act like nothing happened?

        Or will the first time I say something, I will be labeled as the troublemaker and then they can fire me for just cause?

        My gut tells me to just let it go………and move on………

        But, is that fair to someone who has been under the glaring eyes of Dr. Jeckyle and Ms. Hyde?

        On a personal note – I think this supervisor gives one face to management and her true face is shown when we are alone……where there are no cameras to video the truth.

      • One question remains to be answered:

        Can a leopard change her spots?

      • If they know what they’re doing they made her sign acknowledgment of the complaint and the improvements they expect.

        To my knowledge, nothing was written regarding this supervisor’s counseling session.

      • What makes this all so utterly stupid in my opinion is the fact that this supervisor and I have been friends for more than 10 years.

        Friends just do not do this kind of stuff to one another………

        One thing that keeps rolling over in my mind is this morning I was told this supervisor denied telling me that she could not count on me and I was not loyal.

        She did say those words to me……..I wonder if she does not remember saying those words to me because she let her anger get the best of her and she was just spewing a bunch of S-H-I-T….?

        A worker from my generation takes pride in their work and tends to be the most loyal one in the bunch………so when she said that to me, that is what hurt me the most.

        She was taking a dig at my self respect and pride in what I do – which is a low blow – IMHO

      • Were you warned or asked to improve anything? From the outside it appears if anyone is being watched it’s the person the mgmt. said was ‘talked to.’ Do you have that message from mgmt. (that they ‘talked to’ her) in writing? I would expect to have the conditions of returning under her supervision very clear and in writing — it’s a matter of your health.

        If you leave of your own accord it’s extremely difficult to qualify for unemployment benefits. The process could also make you sick! Many hoops to go through, although if you can prove your case, it is possible.

      • It wouldn’t be your right to see anything in her personnel file so you’ll never know what is or isn’t in writing with regard to her. BUT, it is absolutely your right to know the conditions of your employment and have those in writing.

      • One last point. You don’t have to make a decision right now. If you can afford to live without your pay you can go on Family Medical Leave. They can’t deny this.

      • I was not told of anything I need to change as a condition to my returning to the same job. In fact, I was told the department needed my help because potential upcoming new business is coming on board.

        The only thing said about my supervisor is that she was ‘counseled’ and that she would continue to be my supervisor – if I choose to return.

        I have no write ups in my file and I have had 9 plus years of glowing evaluations.

        That Family Medical Leave Act is an option that never crossed my mind.

        But I wonder – am I being set up to return to a situation just to fail?

      • Family Medical Leave may let everyone think about how serious this is. Seems you’re the only one who realizes the seriousness presently.

  4. Here’s a bit of happy news. I remember that cold January day with a smile.

    • I remember that day also……

      What makes the most angry is the pure wastefulness from that day to the present day.

      Instead of being happy to have a young man in the White House that has the unique background of being on both sides of the race fence – a black father and a white mother – AND President Obama’s background also included learning about the Muslim culture…..

      Just imagine what COULD have been accomplished since that day in 2009 – IF only these Rabid Right Wingers would have been able to embrace the hope and change that Obama ran a successful election campaign emphasizing.

      But…..what happened instead is what happens when people make the CHOICE to be ignorant, arrogant and downright S-T-U-P-I-D…..

      We have wasted so much money….so much time….so much energy and what do we have to show for it?

      Many old-time Congress Critters have resigned or are choosing to resign. These folks are the ones from past Congresses that at least tried to compromise and try to find common ground for the common good of our country.

      What is replacing these old-time Congress Critters are younger people – but inexperienced people.

      And – too many times – people who are hellbent on their way or the highway.

      Compromise has become a dirty word in today’s politics.

      Elections are fine for politics – but governing our country takes hard work and good-old-fashioned compromise…..

      That is in short supply – IMHO

  5. well I go for another rooter routing Friday at seven A.M. Ahh I am beginning to swear they are just using me for practice! I have gotten so tired of this crap. No sooner do I get over it and have my life back in order then they decide I have to go through it all over again.

    • Seems like a never ending cycle – kinda like a hamster wheel -huh – running faster and faster and getting nowhere.

      Will be thinking of you……..

    • Sorry to hear this! Yes, it’s time you got a good break! At least it will be done before another heart attack — that one big one was too scary. All the best, rd! We’ll all be anxious to hear from you.

  6. “This is tough trying to figure which one of these women is lying. One of ’em has to be. (interruption) So the lieutenant governor is blonde, and the mayor is brunette. Is that relevant in determining which one of ’em’s telling the truth? I don’t know. Just asking. The lieutenant governor seems a little bit more at home with makeup than the mayor. Is there anything to learn from that? I’m just asking.” — Rush Limbaugh on the assertion by Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer that NJ Lt. Governor threatened to withhold Sandy aid unless a development project was fast-tracked.

    I also heard a republican man defending Christie and during the entire time he spoke he referred to Mayor Dawn Zimmer as “that woman mayor.” As if her gender made a difference. I wish I could remember who it was. I was so offended … and getting angry enough that I didn’t make appropriate notes of the specific IDIOT REPUBLICAN MALE showing his ass.

    • Or, maybe this Lt Gov reminded me of that Fundy Mega Preacher who said he did not know a certain gay male escort…

      Hmmmm…..then this preacher prayed real hard and Jebus (intentionally misspelled) made it possible that this guy’s church paid him off with a big fat settlement so the preacher, his wife and a car full of kiddies could ride off in the sunset……

    • My point is……..whenever somebody is so busy denying…..and stating how offended they are by the mere accusation……has my vote for – lets just sit back and watch where this thing goes…….shall we?