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  1. Yesterday we were talking about the old t.v. shows . The comedy from these old shows – IMHO – were based on what I call ‘family humor’.

    I remember the time I watched some t.v. talk show and the guy that played the son on Father Knows Best was talking about the show.

    He said something that has always stuck with me. He said the title of the show was originally to be Father Knows Best?

    That question mark was left off…….but consider the times we were living in when that show came on the air…

    But, according to this guy, it was originally written to be a satire on how fathers do not always know what is best…

    Just like Ozzie and Harriet – that show was also funny. Half the time – Ozzie did not know what he hell was going on…..but the entire family dynamic was fun to watch and the ups and downs of family life can be viewed as comedy…….

    • I also remember the time Ozzie took a lot of grief because his real son (and the son on the t.v. show) was a rock and roll singer.

      Ozzie came out and defended his son Rick, as well as the other singers.

      And we all remember the hell Elvis stirred up every time he gyrated his lower half of the body.

      And to think in today’s society – Elvis would be mild compared to what we see on the stage – think Miley Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball.

      • I also remember a certain Loud-N-Proud Catholic man – married with kids – always said ‘YUM” when those pictures of Miley Cyrus came out.

        The girl was 15 yrs old……..and then this man stated he was only joking ….but he kept it up……in a public blog….and to my surprise….this man had several defenders…

        IMHO – no married man should be stating in public ‘YUM” about some half-naked 15-yr-old girl’s picture.

    • Father gives a different point of view, sometime that is more important then having only one POV. Neither women or men are right or see thing the right way all the time. In fact it is best that someone has someone even if it is a friend that can and will say “Ahh you know that is just bat shit crazy”.
      LOL everyone at one time or another is just bat shit crazy.

      • What I get from your post is you believe in a collective brain – different points of views?

        I can agree with that ….

        Sometimes Dad is right. Sometimes Mom is right. Sometimes the kids are right.

        But – isn’t that basically what life should be? There is never one person who is right all the time……in spite of the fact HE carries a set of family jewels with him at all times.

        Just a lame attempt at some humor..

        I know, I know…..don’t quit my day job????

        But…R.D… bring out a very good point…….

  2. wicked

    It’s been scientifically proven that the brains of males and females are wired differently. Men don’t tend to be multi-taskers. Women do. The right and left brain in a woman are more connected, while men tend to think more with one side at a time. We are not the same, but we are equal.

    One of the reasons I enjoy being part of this group is the chance to get the male point of view aka POV. It’s always a little different, even when we all agree.

    • I hope to live long enough that we recognize differences as opportunities to see “it” in a different perspective. And, is it too much to ask that we recognize each human being is unique without any emphasis on gender? That to me, looking at each of us as a unique human being, will be equality.

      • I share your hope…….but I suspect if all people were truly recognized – and appreciated -for their differences – that would cramp the style of some groups of people who seem to NEED to blame ‘those people over there’ so they can feel morally superior while their mega preacher/political party leader pats them on their head while throwing money into the patter’s tax-free bucket?

        Think back to the 2008 presidential campaign. Who was it that really started saying that Obama was ‘not one of us’?

        It was Sarah Palin – and that particular GOP cheerleader is still viewed as some kind of political genius – and a bonafide, certified, sanctified, holified and glorified Christian.

        If you don’t believe it – just ask these Sarah Palinettes (there are still a bunch of them around).

        Religion has been used to divide people for thousands of years…….so this is really nothing new….

      • bobwhitenks

        I am totally sympathetic to your point. And, “how” do we get there? It seems we lack the tolerance of one-another, or something like that. We can’t even get a start at the “love your neighbor like your self”. We can’t even seem to stand one-another. Why is that? I know that I really like the people on this site, still, I’ve never met nor seen any of you. Yet, there are lots of people I see every day on the news that I can’t stand. And they can’t stand people like me. I know that because of what I want to have happen.

  3. Ahh I am such a bad boy, been trolling a nut job Right wing blog! Well they will call it “trolling” all I have been doing is interjecting truth and reality to some of the most outlandish things being said. One of the best was when I told them be aware that space aliens are trying to take over the Conservative party and once there is an armed insurrection then they will instill a Nazi lead party. It will be called patriotic party of America and elect the richest people in the world to control everything!

  4. Indy! It seems ‘stuff’ has been happening without being reported. I think this is good news!

    Pope Benedict XVI defrocked about 400 priests over the years 2011 and 2012 for molesting children, a new document obtained by the Associated Press has revealed. The document, the first to detail exactly how many priests have actually been defrocked, came from data that the Vatican had been accumulating ahead of a U.N. committee in Geneva this week. In the past, the Vatican had only come forward with the number of alleged sexual abuse cases that had been reported.

    • Thanks for posting these articles……it is improving my perception of what has been going on behind those closed doors for too many years.

      Maybe this new pope will do some good……I hope and pray that Pope Francis will be able to turn a lot of heads and make this huge force within the world into a group that actually helps people….

      Now, if we could only get Francis and his boys to see the light about that birth control…..

      Baby steps… steps…..

      BTW – fnord – I do have some sympathy for Pope Francis – because he has been thrown into a job that is difficult because it has become so political – IMHO.

      I liken it to President Obama’s job in the White House – that job is a difficult job and oftentimes a thankless job……

      True change comes slowly in any large group………but at least we have men and women in all walks of life who are willing to at least try to make positive changes.

  5. Damn, I hope this is true! There’s crooks, and then there are crooks…

  6. This gave me a good chuckle!

    RNC tweet asking for feedback backfires

    On Thursday afternoon, the RNC posted a tweet from their official account, @GOP, asking fans to share their top issues with the RNC, adding “Let’s win big in 2014.”

    When used well, Twitter is a great tool for politicians and political groups to engage with fans and to show they’re listening to constituents and paying attention to the issues that voters care about. But in this case, the GOP’s tweet backfired, as negative responses poured in and became a Twitter meme of its own.

    Many responses called out the GOP for its poor record on women’s rights and voting rights, while others simply used silly responses to point out that they felt the GOP would not truly be listening to what their followers told them on Twitter. Here are some of the responses.