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Constantly complaining about “over regulation” then trying to walk a tightrope of concern as the poisonous chemicals slowly drift down the river from West Virginia towards his own district.



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  1. I think it’s probable republicans won’t recognize the hypocrisy in Boehner’s statement: “The issue is this: We have enough regulations on the books. And what the administration ought to be doing is actually doing their jobs. Why wasn’t this plant inspected since 1991? I am entirely confident that there are ample regulations already on the books to protect the health and safety of the American people. Somebody ought to be held accountable here. What we try to do is look at those regulations that we think are cumbersome, are over the top, and that are costing the economy jobs. That’s where our focus continues to be.”

    Republicans don’t think for themselves. They are thrilled to find a bandwagon to jump on; satisfied to be led around by the nose. I doubt few of them will even realize this is about lack of regulations. Reminds me of of the Keep the government out of my Medicare signs.

  2. This is from a Facebook page, ‘Lady Liberals,” and I thought it well worth sharing.

    With the release of The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back From The Brink, Republicans have found a new target. The Republican war on women just amped itself up a notch…10 notches…to stunningly, incredulously unbelievable. Republicans are now blaming poverty in this country on women, single women to be precise. Single women with kids.

    It isn’t enough that Republican men and the women who love them, have crawled up into our uterus to tell us when we can or cannot have children. Nooooo. Now they have turned to blaming us for having those children in the first place.

    A “study” by the right-wing “think” tank Heritage Foundation led former Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer to pen this: “One of the differences between the haves and the have-nots is that the haves tend to marry and give birth, in that order. The have-nots tend to have babies and remain unmarried.”

    If you are having trouble deciphering that message let me help. Women…sex…babies…poverty…government…social safety nets…my tax money. Women are to blame.

    Suspiciously absent from this piece is any mention of the man who entered the equation in step two (sex) that started the ball rolling. No, the woman is to blame. The woman had sex, apparently all by herself, got pregnant and eventually found out that living on the government dole (read: the man’s tax dollars) is the way to go. No man is to blame, no man has any responsibility.

    Easy pickings – single women. It’s not a bought and paid for Congress or government policies that spend more on national defense and corporate tax breaks or trade policies. Nope it’s those damn women.

    Take this comment from an enlightened man for example if you doubt that this message is not being received: “If we had all of the money Democrats wasted on their ill-conceived War on Poverty, we could pay off the national debt and have money left over. And millions more poor kids would have active, involved fathers in their lives.”

    Or try this one on for size: “Let me drop out of school, have some children out of wedlock and then blame the government for my misfortune. Those are all choices the government can’t regulate.”

    No, the men are receiving the message loud and clear: Just because they have sex with a woman, they aren’t going to take an ounce of the blame for the “woman’s choice.”

    And what happens when women want options to protect themselves from entering this cycle of single motherhood? What happens when women want or need birth control or access to the morning after pill or even abortion? We all know the answer to that. Republicans throw up every roadblock they can think of to stop that access and then sit back in their moral judgement and blame the woman.

    One male critical thinker says this about access to birth control: “Recreational devices are now “health care” items? How about blow-up dolls, do they count?” Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME? Birth control is a RECREATIONAL DEVICE? (Sorry about the CAPS…but I have to yell.) That goes a long way to telling you what he thinks about sex. It’s recreation. Apparently he didn’t get the memo that “recreation” leads to “procreation.”

    I have so had enough of the moral superiority of Republicans. They believe their pseudo-religious bullshit gives them the right to sit on the right hand of their god and look down on all the rest of us and pick someone to blame. Easy target: women. And now: women with children. Not sperm donor men who conceive then leave. The women who “let” them.

    • wicked

      Strange thinking from these Republican men. As a “have-not,” I’d like to say that I’d been married almost 4 years before my first child was born. (4 days before that 4 year mark.) Go talk to the single woman my ex impregnated during our 24-year marriage, and then get back to me on this. Am I bitter? Only when some stupid remarks come from these so-called “leaders.” What’s done is done, but don’t blame me.

    • My daughter was married before she had her three boys, he left her and had to be tracked down before he started paying one cent in support. His family hide his location from her while demanding that they get to see the children. Though the reality was on occasions it was because he had came back into see his parents and wanted to see his sons.

      She has gotten along well without him, in many respects better then with him.

      • wicked

        If not economically, certainly in all other ways, I’m sure, rd. I’ll attest to that. These men who run from responsibility by avoiding child support should be castrated, because too many of them are repeat offenders. 😉 At least my ex did give court-ordered financial support. If he hadn’t, my knife would have been sharpened. 😉 But now he’s the one raising that other child. 63 years old, not in the best of health, according to my daughters, with a soon-to-be 13-year-old son. I wish them good luck and bear no ill-will to any of them.

      • Remember my friend – the non-Catholic that was harassed by a local priest to sign those freakin annulment papers because her husband ran off with his mistress and then he turned around and divorced my friend after a 20-plus year marriage that produced 5 kids?

        What side did the Catholic Church fall on to lend their helping hand?

        It was the man – and the mistress – when the man converted to Catholicism and the local parish printed a newsletter with their picture of him, the trophy wife and the third-world country kid they hopped on a plan to buy (er, adopt).

        NOT one damn mention of the 5 kids this P.O.S. had with his ex-wife.

        When the church upholds and seems to encourage this type of behavior – then it is time for women voters to Shut that whole thing by getting out and voting against every Republican, Fundy Christian, Tea Party drinking bum on the ballot.

        ONLY when that happens is when these B-U-L-L-I-E-S will stop …..

      • wicked

        Indy, good luck with kicking them out. How did we get to this point? Most of us grew up in the same time periods. Eisenhower was the last Republican president who made sense. He saw what was going on. He is partly to blame for Vietnam, though, having sent peace-keeping troops, requested by the French, to the region. But he warned us, and once the neo-Rs got a hold on this country, it’s all been downhill. The Military Industrial Complex is much to blame for our current financial and political mess. I applaud my fellow liberals, whether men or women, for looking behind the curtain and not taking the talking heads at their word.

  3. Sam Brownback compared past “Summer of Mercy” anti-abortion protests in Wichita to the abolitionist movement that helped end slavery in his ‘state of the state’ … speech sermon last night.

    • wicked

      Even a perfect world is not perfect, thanks to men. (Present company excluded.) Let’s see, how many women bought slaves? How many men have been pregnant and risked their lives? So just who is it that’s been effing up the world? You know, Adam could have said no to Eve on that apple thing. Lilith was smart and got out when she could. 😉

      Sorry, but my tongue is firmly implanted in my cheek.

    • wicked

      Oh, just one more thing. I was taught in school that this country was founded on freedom. I guess that’s only if you’re a man, or a woman who thinks she can make decisions for others.

    • well then, if he wants to go to that point then take it all the way! To the South it was about a matter of living and their welfare as to survival and living in a matter that was for the best of those involved. For the better good as it might be called. Yes it did end the rights and freedoms of those who were to suffer from the actions. But then in the end for those who were to prosper did it not then be for the best of those who were already here and in some respect the rest of the world?

      Reproductive rights both to have children and to not have children when it would not be a good circumstance. Should always be for the individual not the state to decide. It never ceases to amaze me, this society have a lot of children already in dire straits and needing a loving home. Foster care and orphan’s home are in no danger of closing for lack of a supply.

      Do the already born have less a need then the yet to be born?

  4. This is an interesting exchange between CNN host S.E. Cupp and Robert Reich. If she had been listening and capable of thinking for herself, she would have learned something. Even former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) agreed with Reich.

  5. GUN LOBBY ON CENTER STAGE AT SUPREME COURT: Today, the gun lobby will argue in front of the Supreme Court for the rights of domestic abusers. As part of United States v. Castleman, the gun lobby will ask the Supreme Court to allow convicted domestic abusers to possess guns. You can follow the trial here:

    • wicked

      This goes right up there with slavery. The slavery of women, since most abusers are male and most abused are female. I’m sure that if it wouldn’t cut into their profit, the gun lobby and manufacturers would be happy to ban women from owning guns.

      I guess I’m on a “kick men” kick today. 😉

      • Republican men and the women who do their bidding deserve to be kicked for their atrocities against women! I’ll never understand republican women, I don’t want to try. A woman who goes along with demeaning women isn’t worth pondering, let alone understanding. This is about every topic that republicans fight against: reproductive choice, education, equality in everything from wages to credit to opportunities, plus respect. Women are over half the population and we’re over half the voters. The last several national elections have proven our clout, that’s not gonna change.

      • Not all men deserve to be kicked….

        Problem is – the intelligent men who are not strutting like a cock are too busy working their jobs to keep their commitments to their wives and kids.

        I still believe the majority of folks are somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. We are the ones who can see the big picture and realize that we are all in this country together.

        And if some crazy right wingers threaten to sink our ship (for example – not paying our debts) – then the majority of folks may wake up and start becoming those who will roar……

        I don’t know…….the silent majority tends to remain silent……..maybe its time for WOMEN to lead the roaring section?

      • wicked

        Aw, I’m not kicking all men. There’s nothing like religious brainwashing to get others to do your will.

  6. LOL if you really want to know what nuts are out there become a registered Republican! OMG every time I check my e-mail which as it stands is only every other day. It is more full of the far-Right-nut job stuff then from people I actually know! If not from them then from some religious nuts whom want me to not just send money but to be prepared for the end times by sending them money and voting to end Gay rights. You would think from my replies that they would stop. But I think it just encourages them…

    • I know what you mean…….the emails and then the direct mail flyers during primary and general elections.

      I swear, these folks waste more money on CRAPPOLA….And it’s the same flying every single day in my mailbox – only a different damn color.

      Do they truly think all people are dumb…..

      But, hey, tell me something I did not already know….

    • Thank you! Nice song to have stuck in my mind! We are wise, we have paid the price, we are strong AND WE ARE WOMAN!

      • Notice that she did not say Women want to Take Over Control – as is feared by Republican men …….

        I guess it is all in the listening skills when one hears this song – what do you think?

        Or just to use this song as a political weapon – Oh, look over there, Helen Reddy is dressed in pants (this was in 1975) and trying to say that Women are superior.

        The lyrics did not express that idealogy – in my opinion.

        The song simply says a basic message that women are strong, have a voice and have the RIGHT to use their voice.

        If we truly believe in the American dream of freedom for all…..then doesn’t that also include the women?

      • wicked

        If you go back far enough in history, women have led. Xena, Warrior Princess comes to mind. 😉 But seriously, women should have their place next to men, not behind. Our strengths match theirs, and these days, even surpass them. It’s time for women to be heard again. Let us ROAR!

    • wicked

      I strongly believe it’s time to resurrect that, if not now, then for the 40th anniversary. There’s a new generation out there that needs a reminder. Two, actually.

      And the women shall rise again!

  7. Koch bros have a vested interest in the Tarsands, the pipeline & the Texas refineries as well… coal, oil, lumber etc. all the dirtiest industries Koch is in there like a dirty shirt! There are always more dots to connect. Learn more:

    • The problem is……those folks in West Virginia will still support those coal and chemical companies because they bring jobs….

      I heard a panel discuss this issue the other day. Even though the local folks are suffering – when asked if they want these coal and chemical companies to leave the state – the overwhelming answer was NO.

      The problem – as I understood it that day – was this tank that spilled the chemicals was a tank that has not been used in years – it was described as ‘antiquated’ and in need of repairs to the estimate of $1 million.

      WHY was this tank exempted from inspection?

      Call me silly – but I would think any antiquated tank filled with chemicals should be checked MORE often than the newer ones.

      But, then again, I am just a woman…….and we all know how Republicans hold women in such high esteem….

  8. (from the link): When we published our investigation of gun trafficking on Reddit—including the company’s endorsement of assault rifles emblazoned with its signature alien logo—the story promptly got yanked from Reddit’s popular /r/Politics subreddit. Apparently one of the /r/Politics moderators known as “TheRedditPope” deemed our story “off topic.”

    Lots of Redditors on the /r/Guns subreddit, on the other hand, found the story to be sufficiently political. In response to it they let loose with much talk about liberal “gun grabbers,” the Second Amendment coming under siege and so forth. But perhaps the most enthusiastic response came from Redditor “WarFairy,” who decided to honor Mother Jones with its very own 3-D printable AR-15 lower receiver, featuring a “raspberry metallic” finish and the company’s phone number. Indeed, the Second Amendment may be in grave danger, but clearly the First is hanging tough.

    Reddit’s Gun Gang Takes Aim at MoJo With a Pink Assault Rifle

  9. Fellow PPP bloggers…..

    Yesterday I had a delightful discussion with a man who USED to be a very busy GOP precinct leader.

    I was ready for a lively debate – because I expected the stereotypical Republican male to spew the GOP talking points.

    What I heard was a breath of fresh air….

    This man is a religious man – never told me which church but it is of Christian faith.

    Family man, grandfather and a very nice person – in my opinion

    He told me he was a publisher of a small-town newspaper when George W. Bush pushed us into invading Iraq.

    He stated that he wanted to write an article about the reasons why we should NOT go to war with Iraq – but at that time, he was afraid to go against the swell of popular opinion of GWB that happened after 9/11.

    He was afraid for his own career, his family’s well being and he did live in a small town, after all.

    This man told me straight up – that is one of the biggest regrets he has in life – that he did NOT write that article.

    This man shared many of the same values that we all discuss every day. This man told me that he got out of the GOP and then registered as a Democrat just to see what would happen.

    NOT a single former GOP ‘friend’ even bothered to ask him why…….which is very telling, isn’t it?

    We discussed how the right wingers have crossed the line of Crazytown and has taken the GOP with them.

    This man – a former heavily-involved GOP precinct man – was sitting across the desk from me and we were actually talking about many, many issues.

    But one thing this man displayed that I find lacking in the Hate Talk Radio shock-jock set and that foxxies hen house bunch is this – this man started doing research…….

    This man believes in science – and he still has his faith – there is no competition between the two.

    This man brought up that same GOP primary debate in 2012 when so many Republicans cheered for the uninsured man to die, applauded when Rick Perry bragged about the death penalty and booed the gay soldier while he was wearing our military uniform in active duty.

    That is when this man said – The Republicans have turned into what Chris Christie is – a big B-U-L-L-Y…

    Now, there were moments when we disagreed on some specific points – but our general idealogy was the same……….

    We both expressed our wish that America would take care of its own citizens….and not give every benefit to the wealthy corporations and the 1% .

    So….see folks….there are people on the Republican side of the political fence that are not these Crazytown Right Wingers.

    That noise we hear on the Far Right – may be leading the day – but they have made a lot of moderates disappointed in the way the GOP is going.

    I found it interesting that this man also said that he felt Hillary Clinton was the only viable potential Democratic candidate for 2016.

    He also agreed with me – women will flock to vote for Hillary…..

    These are interesting times……folks……interesting times.

    BTW – I keep hearing pundits talk about Chris Christie and his current bridgegate scandal. The one thing that always comes up is the fact – Christie polls the best against Hillary Clinton for 2016.

    If Christie is found to be directly involved in this bridgegate scandal and he lied about it………WooHoo……GOP crocodile tears will be flowing.

  10. Wicked wrote: But seriously, women should have their place next to men, not behind

    I’m glad you said this because it reminded me of something.

    For al these Bible Thumpers out there pushing this women is submissive crappola, I would like to point out something.

    According to the Bible – God took a rib bone out of Adam’s side and created Eve to be his HELP mate……

    Notice that God did NOT take a bone out of Adam’s foot? Too many want to use the Bible to justify how they can stomp on women to hold them down and control them…

    If you TRULY believe the Bible – then God intended Eve to be a help mate – not the dirt beneath Adam’s big feet.

    • wicked

      Here’s my somewhat TIC rebuttal.

      But Adam was made of dust, not a bone. So Adam, according to the Christian/Jewish Bible, was better than Eve, because she came from him, not made of the same of him.

      And here’s your gnostic bible story about this. I always found it fascinating and still giggle at it.

      Excerpt from:
      The Hebrew Myths by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai (New York: Doubleday, 1964), pp 65-69

      Chapter 10: Adam’s Helpmeets

      (a) Having decided to give Adam a helpmeet lest he should be alone of his kind, God put him into a deep sleep, removed one of his ribs, formed it into a woman, and closed up the wound, Adam awoke and said: ‘This being shall be named “Woman”, because she has been taken out o f man. A man and a woman shall be one flesh.’ The title he gave her was Eve, ‘the Mother of All Living”. [1]

      (b) Some say that God created man and woman in His own image on the Sixth Day, giving them charge over the world; [2] but that Eve did not yet exist. Now, God had set Adam to name every beast, bird and other living thing. When they passed before him in pairs, male and female, Adam-being already like a twenty-year-old man-felt jealous of their loves, and though he tried coupling with each female in turn, found no satisfaction in the act. He therefore cried: ‘Every creature but I has a proper matel’, and prayed God would remedy this injustice. [3]

      (c) God then formed Lilith, the first woman, just as He had formed Adam, except that He used filth and sediment instead of pure dust. From Adam’s union with this demoness, and with another like her named Naamah, Tubal Cain’s sister, sprang Asmodeus and innumerable demons that still plague mankind. Many generations later, Lilith and Naamah came to Solomon’s judgement seat, disguised as harlots of Jerusalem’. [4]

      (d) Adam and Lilith never found peace together; for when he wished to lie with her, she took offence at the recumbent posture he demanded. ‘Why must I lie beneath you?’ she asked. ‘I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal.’ Because Adam tried to compel her obedience by force, Lilith, in a rage, uttered the magic name of God, rose into the air and left him.

      There’s more to this story. Lilith became a “demon.” Hell, I don’t blame her! 😉

      The Lilith Myth

      • Thanks for sharing this ……I had not heard of this before now, I knew about LIllith – but not this much detail.

        I wonder why my Fundy Baptist College did not teach this in their religion classes?

        Never mind, I know why…..

      • wicked

        Indy, they didn’t teach it in the Catholic Church or schools, either. Or the Presbyterian, as I remember. I found that article years ago and don’t remember how. Do you remember Lilith on Cheers? LOL I think I know where the idea of that character came from. 😉 I was a huge Lilith fan.

  11. LOL well that explains why my wife is always “ribbing me!”

  12. Speaking of things not taught in my Fundy Baptist College classes – that guy yesterday told me an interesting story.

    He said somewhere in the Book of Acts, it talks about the first man who converted to Christianity.

    It was a neutered eunuch who was traveling on the road after having just been to the Temple to worship.

    This guy also said he has done research and neutered eunuchs were not allowed inside the Temple….because they were viewed as an abomination.

    This guy also said that Greek words have several different meanings and one meaning of a neutered eunuch meant – homosexual male.

    Hmmmm… the first Christian convert was a homosexual male?

    Interesting issue to contemplate – huh?

    The entire Christianity movement’s growth in believes started with a gay man?

    I wonder if the Bible Thumpers know this…….or would they use this to justify their agenda of pray-away-the-gay therapy in which a lot of these thumpers have made millions.

    • wicked


      I applaud your friend for being a free-thinker. We need a whole lot more of them, then we can…take…over…the…world!

  13. What the Hell is wrong with our country? Notice how many days – during weekends – did two of these boys receive as their punishment.

    Where are the Pro Life supporters – was this young girl not worthy of their support?

    Oh, I forgot, she was already born…..snd she apparently ‘asked to be raped and assaulted’ because she went to a party’.

    Yeah, sure, I’ve heard this idealogy before…..

    Even if you have an IQ of negative 10 – how in the world does it make any sense that these boys then shared photos – and even scribbled words on her body – after they raped and assaulted her?

    Is the life of a young girl really that meaningless to some folks?

    • wicked

      I’d read a similar one sometime back, only the girl didn’t commit suicide, but the family had to move away. After they did, the house where they’d lived was burned to the ground. Unbelievable. Totally unbelievable. And the boys are practically getting off, except for those weekends. I had a boss, years ago, who failed to pay the government the taxes he withheld from his employees. Just a few quarters, you know. 😉 When all was said and done, he was able to get off with nothing but weekends in jail. A nice jail, in the posh area, where people who do these things get to go and spend the weekend watching TV. It hurt him a bit, because he’d always spent a lot of time with his family on ski trips, camping trips, boating… For two years he didn’t get to do any of those things. He wasn’t a bad man, but he screwed up and paid for it.

      These boys, however, won’t let this little weekend incarceration bother them. Once it’s over, they’ll be back, with cameras in hand, and do it again. After all, it was the girl’s fault.

      • Any man who says the way a woman dresses, behaved… is his excuse tells me much about that man. Any man worth his salt wouldn’t force himself on any woman — it doesn’t matter if she was standing nude in front of him. Men worthy of respect don’t want control and don’t take advantage.

      • wicked

        Shouting a big AMEN, fnord!

      • Fnord – you have hit the nail directly on its pointy head.

        I wonder if these Neanderthals realize that when they say stupid stuff like – she is in her nightie in the same room…….

        that basically – men are not capable of self control – or making good decisions?

        It this is the case – then why would anyone want a man in control of our government?

        There are women everywhere……there would be too much of a temptation if what these Neanderthals use for their excuse is really true……

        No man should be trusted…..that is what these fools are really saying…

        There is not enough water in the world to drown these pathetic fools…

  14. Wow – now this is one way to make a statement….

    I suspect if this stunt was pulled at our Capitol steps – a lot of our elected Congress Critters would just roll around in the manure and squeal like the fat piggies they truly are…

  15. wicked

    Someone, some wives, perhaps, need to tell these men that a marriage license isn’t a license to do whatever and however to their wives. Wives are not chattel. Wives are not owned by their husbands. No means no, even in within marriage.

    • wicked

      I’ll say it again. A marriage certificate is not ownership. Some (please note I said some) men seem to believe that once the dotted line is signed and the I Do’s are said, they become master. Uh,no, and you don’t even deserve the title of mister.

      • Our society has this romanticized and downright wrong (IMHO) myth that ‘real men’ have to be some type of macho man who has ‘his’ woman under his control and he is the KING of his castle.

        PLEASE….just blow it out your Neanderthal pie hole…

        You’re right – a marriage certificate does not give the man special privileges to become an Ass Hole Jerk……

        I am beginning to believe there should be a litmus test taken before any couples can be married – and it has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

      • wicked

        As someone who not only reads romance, but has a finger in the making of it, I can tell you that a large majority of women like Alpha heroes in the books they read. There’s just one thing. By the end of the book, that Alpha is tamed. There was a huge problem with this back in the earlier days (70’s and into the 80’s, especially), when “bodice rippers” were the norm, Alphas stayed alpha, until the very end, when, suddenly, they were redeemed. That’s changed. We now have Alphas that have a heart and are human, and there are Alpha heroines to go with those Alpha heroes, making for some interesting content, when they butt heads and the reader gets to see that What You See isn’t exactly What Is.

        Fiction books are, well, fiction. Too bad reality doesn’t follow suit in some cases.

  16. This news made me sad ……I remember watching Gilligans Island and just laughing.

    Is it just me getting as old as dirt – or are there any current shows like these old shows from my childhood?

    You know, the shows that were just silly things but gave us all a reason to laugh.

    I think that is what is missing in our culture today – very little genuine laughter. Oh, we seem to have an overabundance of so-called comedy that is nothing more than making fun of someone else – or another group of people – or just a lot of foul language to make us all snicker and laugh…

    Even that is wearing off……..because we are surrounded by so much senseless violence – gratuitous sex scenes that is nothing more than perpetuating the idea that men/boys an do what they want to women/girls and it is perfectly acceptable.

    And the meanness in our media is just downright disturbing – IMHO

    Don’t get me wrong – I can curse with the best of them – but I do not usually start out cursing someone just for the fun of it.

    But there are certain things in this world that make me sound like a sailor with a bee up his butt….

    And I freely confess to those issues that make me go sailorish in my talking.

    I know I’m not perfect…..but I am not any worse than the most sanctimonius, pious, pointy-hat up his ass fake saint.

    • wicked

      I loved the Professor!

      Dave Madden, Laugh-In and The Partridge Family, died today, too. I know his wife. I even talked with him on the phone once, when I designed his website (no longer active). I designed and maintain his wife’s website, too.

      As for those old shows, I miss them. I like good comedy, but it seems it’s now become bathroom humor or sex humor. Seriously? My Three Sons, Make Room for Daddy, Ozzie and Harriet… None of them had to resort to what “we” find funny now. However, I do have to admit that I watch Two Broke Girls, mostly because of that sex humor…done by women. 😉

    • Now you guys know why I watch old westerns and stuff like Seventh Heaven and Dr. Quinn reruns. I know I’m such a hell raiser no one would expect me to watch INSP channel or UP tv, but I want to be entertained, not irritated when I watch tv. Besides, I’m a sucker for shows where the good people win. It happens so freakin’ seldom in real life.

  17. This is what happens when a strong, intelligent woman runs for Governor in Texas.

    • NOW, this what I wanted to see……..

      I still have hope for this man to do some good……but my concern is …how long will the powers to be actually let Francis do what is sorely needed..

      I suspect Pope Benedict’s quick resignation has more to do with the Vatican Bank issue than we’ve been told…

  18. (from the link): Beavers said that it was not immediately clear how the law would affect the more than 36,000 Tennesseans who had already purchased insurance through the federal health care exchanges. And would also cause problems for Tennessee’s Medicaid program, TennCare, which uses the website.

    Nightmare Tennessee bill could force hospitals to ban only Obamacare website users

    • wicked

      Seriously, don’t they have enough people with brains in the Tennessee legislature to stop the insanity? Or at least slow it down. And will Sam the Sham Governor follow suit? The though of moving out of this sicko state is more than tempting.

  19. .

    By Ben Jacobs
    January 15, 2014 12:24 PM

    The Daily Beast




    The Gay Conservative Quitting GOP
    View gallery

    The Gay Conservative Quitting GOP


    Eventually even Sisyphus gets tired.

    Jimmy LaSalvia is a lifelong conservative activist. He likes low taxes and limited government and refers to the political party that disagrees with these views as the “Democrat” Party. He’s also gay and for years has been leading the fight for a place in the Republican Party for fellow gay conservatives; LaSalvia even started an advocacy group called GOProud when he found the Log Cabin Republicans to be far too liberal. But, on Monday, LaSalvia finally threw in the towel and changed his registration to be an independent. On his blog, he wrote “So, now I feel huge sense of freedom. I am an independent conservative. (That sounds much better than ‘gay Republican.’)”