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  1. I absolutely LOVE this one……

  2. Here’s one of those penis wavers. Sometimes I am amazed anew at the nutjobs who call themselves republican. Other times I wonder if they’ve found the one who can finally totally kill the party. What man would want to rape his wife? What the hell is wrong with any man who puts his wishes above those of his wife? No wonder they have no understanding of love! I read overandover these idiots parroting, “The bible is VERY clear as to the status of the wife and their duty to ‘submit’ to their husband.” I’ve still never been able to see where submit and rape get confused but I do recognize any man or woman who wants to justify atrocities can turn to the bible and start preaching bull pucky.

    GOP Congressional Candidate: Spousal Rape Shouldn’t Be a Crime

    • Remember back to the GOP primary debates?

      How many Republicans sat and actually applauded Rick Perry when he was bragging at the number of death row executions?

      How many of those same Republicans sat and actually booed a soldier on the video screen – in active duty – ask a question about equal rights for gays and lesbians?

      How many of those same Republicans sat and actually yelled out ‘let him die’ when one of the Republican candidates was talking about some uninsured man, in a coma, in the hospital?

      That mental picture is forever etched in my brain.

      I was so ashamed of my fellow Americans – and then I was more ashamed because I suspect all of those same folks profess to be such damn fine morally superior Christians.

      When the Hell did Jesus ever boo a gay person?

      When the Hell did Jesus ever seem to take delight in calling for another person’s death?

      When the Hell did Jesus ever ask to see a valid health insurance card – or demand cash payment – when he healed the sick?

      When the H-E-L-L are these fake Christians going to be called out for what they truly are – HEATHENS from the bowels of HELL .

      • “When the Hell did Jesus ever seem to take delight in calling for another person’s death?” An answer: “Yeah without sin cast the first stone!”. He did not In fact he said that all are guilty of some sin and no one’s sin is more or less a sin then another.

    • One other similarity I’ve noticed about the religious nutjobs who quote scripture to justify any and all actions, including atrocities, is that they all seem to be sad, miserable, mean, unkind people devoid of love. How do you think from a book all about love they find hate?

  3. Grins and giggles! FUN! Don’t miss this video!

    (from the link): Gov. Chris Christie has been a big Bruce Springsteen fan for years, but he might not enjoy the Boss’ latest tune.

    Springsteen teamed up with Late Night host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s show for a “Born to Run” cover, but rewritten lyrics mocked the New Jersey governor over bridgegate scandal.

    The duo, clad in Springsteen’s signature look of denim and sleeveless shirts, sang about Christie’s “Fort Lee traffic jam,” with a dig about hurting “the working man.” “Jersey get your a** in line,” Springsteen sang, saying the “Gov. Chris Christie, Fort Lee Traffic Jam” was “longer than one of my own damn shows.”

  4. ( I just posted this to a story on religion and politics which was more about how religion is making a positive influence on Politics:


    I see we both see a similarity in this, though I am seeing the similarity with the Tea party and the power brokers that are seeming to control them. I am a Republican and have seen these power brokers that are just liken to the rich which enabled Hitler and for the same reasons. They think they can control the dim-wit then use their power and influence to get them elected to high office. But once the genie is out of the bottle, there is a monster released and it is one that will destroy the country. Perhaps it will be God’s will, it could be his way of destroying this country if ever someone like a Palin or Romney were to be elected. when the Pharisees’ are gaining control of religion in the United States and using God’s name to further their own will. To make money and become rich from the desires and desperations of the want-to-be faithful.

  5. If you have time to read anything today, I highly recommend this —

    (from the link): Clearly, the decades-long push to privatize everything will lead us all to paradise on Earth. Please excuse me while I enjoy a glass of tap-provided poison while watching my bank account get looted.

    The Easy Problem With Government

  6. wicked

    Set aside some time and read Jim Wright’s Stonekettle Station. You may never fly again.

    <a href=""Stonekettle Station-But Aside From That, Mrs. Lincoln

  7. Speaker Boehner was asked if more regulations were necessary after a chemical spill in West Virginia left 300,000 people without safe drinking water. He responded:

    “The issue is this: We have enough regulations on the books. And what the administration ought to be doing is actually doing their jobs. Why wasn’t this plant inspected since 1991? I am entirely confident that there are ample regulations already on the books to protect the health and safety of the American people. Somebody ought to be held accountable here. What we try to do is look at those regulations that we think are cumbersome, are over the top, and that are costing the economy jobs. That’s where our focus continues to be.”

    I’m sure his words will confuse some and convince others who want badly to think the administration is responsible. So, facts:

    Freedom Industries, the company that owned the tank that ruptured, was exempt from both state and federal inspections because they don’t produce chemicals. Chemical spills like the one in West Virginia are a logical consequence of what happens when environmental regulations are repealed. the EPA could not have inspected the tank, because the tank was exempt from inspection. Republicans will never admit that their agenda of regulatory rollback is hazardous to the health of the American people. They prefer to pass the buck with nonsensical lies, and hope that the American people don’t notice the danger present in their deregulatory zeal. The West Virginia chemical spill isn’t an example of presidential failure. It is a textbook demonstration of what happens when Republicans get their way, and the nation has less government regulation in critical areas.

    West Virginia is the perfect example of how electing reckless Republican ideologues can literally put lives at risk. The Republican Party has waged a decades long war on the EPA and environmental regulations.

    • BTW, the downriver movement of the West Virginia chemical spill has it headed to Ohio — Boehner’s district.

      The mayor of Cincinnati said the City will shut two Ohio River intake valves until the spill passes.