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give to the rich


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  1. Another spoonful of republican-type ‘logic.’ Republicans: the party of the dumb and the mean. —

    I always remember what RD told us about his moment of realizing how badly the gun nuts had been lying. He actually did the research and found that more gun restrictions were passed by republicans, he found that all the fears and nonsense were lies being spread to the gullible. He made sure he didn’t fall in the ‘gullible’ crowd by simply knowing the facts.

    • Obama Haters do not need a valid reason to hate the man.

      Just as was shown when people were polled about the Affordable Care Act.

      When the ACA was called Obamacare – the approval rating went down….

      When it was called the Affordable Care Act – the approval rating went up.

      I suspect this is because our society is so gullible when it comes to marketing.

      Let’s face is – Fox New and Hate Talk Radio are very powerful ‘messengers’. These folks have caused a lot of trouble to the soul of our country – by intentionally creating all this divisiveness and outright hatred.

      I swear ……we are living in a world created by a bunch of junior high Mean Girls Club members.

      All they do is belittle, degrade, humiliate others just so they can make themselves feel superior – if only for a fleeting moment.

    • Yeah I once was smart! LOL

  2. Today WILL be a better day than the last two! I had a colonoscopy yesterday — all results great, all normal. I think I react differently to the ‘prep’ meds than is normal. Normal isn’t a piece of cake for sure but they make me really sick — cramping, nausea, chilling, bloating and discomfort — went on from late Sunday afternoon until I went to sleep finally last night. I’m looking forward to TODAY. đŸ™‚

    Indy, any news on the Supervisor? I’ve sure been thinking about you!

    • I’ve been home with those hives and chest pains again. Doctor increased my Prilosec for the chest pains and wants to see me tomorrow.

      Ever since all this started last fall, I was thinking it was related to that shingles vaccination. Bu the PCP and cardiac doctor both said last fall this could be related to stress.

      All that cardiac testing showed nothing was physically wrong with my heart – so all these hives and chest pains have to be coming from somewhere.

      When I sat down and wrote out everything that has happened at work since I started back full time, it was quite a list of very stress-filled moments.

      And the majority of those stress-filled moments came from one person………

      funny thing is……she is a nurse and asked me several times during that time period of all those cardiac tests if she was causing my chest pains.

      Hmmmm…..do you think she was feeling guilty – or did she just want me to say ‘NO’ so that she could use that against me if the need ever came up?

      • TEll me what you think…..is this stress-causing?

        To be screamed at by some woman whose body is physically shaking, her face bright red, her eyes bulging out and spittle spewing out of her mouth. This went on for about an hour.

        And what was the big sin I committed – you may ask?

        She asked me if I would change my shift time to cover a co-workers leave of absence. I told her I would have to talk to my husband and I would get back with her.

        Then, I told her that I could not do it because my husband and I share one car. I told her I preferred to keep the shift that I agreed to work when I came back on full time status.

        Yes, folks, that was my sin. I simply answered her question and I guess she did not like my answer.

        When I sat down to write everything down – there it was on black and white – that happened around the time I first starting getting these severe hives and chest pains.


      • From what you’ve told us about her, there isn’t anything I would put past her if it fell in the mean category. Sounds like a really miserable human being set on spreading her misery.

        Stress is real and can have a tremendous impact on your health! I read an article in this morning’s newspaper that said, “Half of all deaths in folks younger than 65 are stress-related.” There was nothing to support that statement, but even if some deaths happen due to stress, it’s something we want to avoid whenever possible!

      • Fnord – this woman is miserable…..she has a martyr syndrome where only she can do something….even when offered help, she will refuse….and then be an absolute tyrant to everyone while she has to do everything because nobody else will do it.

        I swear, it’s time to get off the cross because somebody needs the wood.

        One can NEVER win an argument with a person like this – can they?

        I also suspect – this is why this particular woman is Tea Party lover…

      • Indy, Fnord can address this better than I, but have you considered going to human resources and pointing out that she is creating a “hostile work environment?” That’s a buzzword that should get HR’s attention. And it also happens to be true.

        Document, document, document.

    • Fnord – sorry to hear of your discomfort for past few days.

      But am THRILLED with your good news!!!

      Those colonoscopies can be a real pain in the butt – literally…..LOL

    • I can so relate, it took weeks before I finally felt somewhat normal after mine.

    • Fnord, didn’t know you were feeling not up to par. Here’s hoping you get back to normal soon.

      Getting older (notice I did not say old) is not for sissies, is it?

      And Indy, all the symptoms you describe could definitely be stress induced. Go back and read your email, if you still have it, about my bout with hives anaphylactic shock. I can resend if you don’t have it anymore.

      • I still have it…….which is why I took a stand last Friday morning with this supervisor and went to the next rung of power…….which I was told that the top brass would be made aware and they would talk to this supervisor (again).

        Notice I said – AGAIN?

        This is not the first time with me…..nor with other employees…….but she is a force to be reckoned with…….

        But as I said……no employee – from the lowest to the highest rank – should be expected to put up with this type of abusive behavior from their supervisor or any other fellow employee.

        The top brass do know about this…….and I am awaiting to see what is actually done to correct the situation.

        I suspect they are hoping I just resign and quietly go away……..

  3. I heard our area may have plenty of chances for this today.

    Unfortunately, some birds are killed. Work is continuing to abate this problem. Still, buildings kill more birds than wind farms, and much work is being done on generating solar energy.

  4. Now this is how a government should treat folks who seem to think they can do whatever they want to newborn babies.

    What a sick, sick world we live in…..


  5. Doesn’t this news kinda go with the our graphic for today’s postings?

    The rich seem to think they can get away with anything…..and they apparently do….

    What do you think an average American male would have been sentenced ?

    What am I talking about? The average American would have not had the money to buy those slick lawyers and would be languishing behind bars before this rich guy’s hair got mussed up…..

    And EVERYBODY knows this to be a fact…..am I correct?


  6. Telling the truth! It’s short, accurate and worth your time to read.

    Ignore the Republicans: Obamacare Is Doing Fine

  7. I found this article quite by accident…..but it sure did brighten my day to know that there are kind, compassionate, caring and decent people left in this word of ours…

    I suspect there are many more folks just this daddy in seat 16c – we just don’t hear about those folks….we only hear about those folks who can yell the loudest or do the meanest things and still be rewarded.


  8. Behold, the 23 Republicans who will be marking up a bill restricting women’s health services tomorrow. Notice anything?

    I hope the severe blow-back from women is going to knock their socks off!!!! and knock them out of Congress, too!!!