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  1. 1% of the top 1% of donors gave money to every single senator and member of Congress elected in 2012.

    • bobwhitenks

      That kind of money is “access” for the reasons of corruption, nothing to do with “policy or position”; yet! But it will be, and soon. And that is the reason common good and public interest is no longer served by those who govern. Single terms in office would work against the long-term-value of that money spent.

  2. Now delve into the strategy of the states. There’s an interactive graphic and lots of information at the link.

    A National Strategy Funds State Political Monopolies

    (from the link): “People who want to see policies enacted, and see things tried, are moving their activity to the states, and away from Washington,” said Ed Gillespie, a longtime Republican strategist who has played a central role in efforts to swing state legislatures to Republican control. “There is a sense that you can get things done.

    88 million people live in states with Democratic control of both legislatures and the governor’s office.69 million people live in states with mixed control.157 million people live in states with Republican control.”

  3. I hope everyone has the time to look at this link. It contains lots of stats and information, graphs, charts, facts.

    (from the link): As it turns out, GOP thought leaders like Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are on poor empirical ground in advocating federal block grants to the states as strategy for winning a new Republican war on poverty. While the supposed beneficiaries of their schemes and the public institutions which today serve them would suffer, red states would reap a windfall. (Just ask Sam Brownback of Kansas, where education spending is now 16 percent less than in 2008.) After all, thanks to the enduring dynamic of “red state socialism,” their coffers would grow courtesy of the blue state taxpayers who disproportionately pick up the tab.

    • When has our country truly prospered under Republican control?

      This is a serious question….

      Republicans love three things:

      1) Money for themselves and all their rich friends.
      2) Wars for profit
      3) Control of women

      If a few million Americans have to suffer – then these RePUKES feel they have done their duty to their God and their political Party.

      Remember the pictures of when that statue of Saddam Hussein came tumbling down?

      What America needs is the day when that Golden Statue of Ronald Reagan comes tumbling down… my opinion.

      • I can tell you that when I have asked, “What is your favorite Republican legislative achievement?” there are crickets chirping. Oh, someone might bring up the ole bait and switch of the old southern strategy and prove how ill informed they are about the southern realignment, but nothing more.

        Of course they’ll fall back on catch phrases like “job creators” and almost always accuse you of being jealous of rich people. They will act like supporting the troops requires membership in The Republican Party. All anyone needs to do is look at the legislation introduced, the legislation republicans vote for and against to see the fallacy in their talking points. Well, at least people with critical thinking skills can see it easily, there are many who fall for the talking points and perpetuate the lies and exaggerations.

      • Another trick they use is to simply change the subject and they never ever seem to even understand they changed the subject. They will bring some copy and paste with numbers and all that good-sounding stuff but it’s not even about the subject you were discussing. Stupid is as stupid does.

  4. Totally off topic – anybody know of a job opening?

    Friday morning – my supervisor from HELL started on me again. I went to the top and complained. I was told to take the rest of the day off and they would talk to her.

    I don’t want talk – I want action taken. No person has the right to get into their employee’s face and scream like some crazy person.

    My chest pains and hives are back……just as severe as they were before.

    I think it is stress….what do you think?

    • BTW – this same supervisor is the Loud-N-Proud Republican that told me St. Jude can no longer give free care to patients because of Obamacare.


      Somebody had better tell St. Jude because I’ve recently seen a lot of their television ads and they all state – no family ever gets a bill.

      And I know that to be a true statement – I’ve known people that took their kids to St. Jude – and they were NEVER asked to pay any bill.

      Now, if you have insurance – St. Jude will file the claim and that is only right – isn’t it?

      But unlike our local Catholic hospitals and doctor’s clinics – whatever portion from that bill is deemed as yours to pay – These Catholics are on your back immediately and they are demanding payment ASAP.

      When I called in to make payment arrangements, I requested six months – I was told they ‘prefer 3 months’.

      3 months to pay the entire bill of $1,000+….and they have the balls to call themselves a charity health care group?

      I call B.S. on this one, also..

      Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get an annulment from the Catholic Church – and then POOF – the church was never really there.

      Ahh….now that is one annulment I would gladly sign…

      • Here’s one of many many links to stories about the lies that are being told, repeated and taken as facts by republicans. The republicans believe all this nonsense because it is what they want to believe — their hatred is deep.

        (from the link): Republican Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) has repeatedly told his followers that a reconstructive heart surgery saved his baby daughter’s life, 30 years ago. Using the story to try to sway voters away from the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Johnson claimed that his daughter’s heart surgery wouldn’t have been possible, under the ACA. As it turns out, however, the doctor who performed his daughter’s surgery does not agree with Johnson’s false interpretation of the law. Not only that, but he provided the Uppity Wisconsin with a great deal of insight about the surgery, including how it was developed and where it was performed. Surprise, it’s not quite the way Senator Johnson made it sound.

        GOP Senator’s Anti-Obamacare Story Denied By Doctor Who Saved His Daughter’s Life

      • I ‘googled’ “does aca take away free care at st. judes” and received ‘About 477,000 results (0.57 seconds)’ Seems this must be one of the republicans more popular lies to spread. Republicans are easy to fool, they fall for lies and exaggerations because they want so badly for them to be true.

        (from the link): Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment.
        Some bloggers say that is the sticking point that could hurt the hospital under the new Affordable Care Act.
        A Forbes article says it will threaten the tax-exempt status of charity hospitals.
        Website PoorRichardsNews says Obamacare will fine hospitals that provide free health services to the poor.
        The article had St. Jude’s picture attached to it but the hospital asked them to remove it and sent WREG-TV this statement.
        “Implementation of the Affordable Care Act does not impact the way in which St. Jude provides care,” wrote spokesperson, Carrie Strehlau.
        She also said, “St. Jude anticipates no problems in meeting all requirements of ACA.”
        The hospital says many of its services have never been covered by insurance and 75% of the funds needed to operate the hospital come from donors.
        Hearing St. Jude’s fund are safe from any Obamacare sanctions is good news to Garza who calls the hospital a life line for her children, “For me the hospital is everything thank God for them.”
        While St. Jude doesn’t anticipate any fines, the Affordable Care Act requires tax-exempt hospitals to do a community needs survey and file paperwork with the IRS every three years to show they are still needed.
        If they don’t do this, then they face fines and losing their tax exempt status.

    • I’m so far out of what’s going on in the job market. I’ll ask my daughter who keeps abreast. Is there any hope this woman won’t be supported by people at the top? I feel so badly you have to go through this!

      • fnord – that is what I am waiting to find out. If the top guy and the 2nd in command refuse to do anything to this supervisor, then why the hell would I want to continue to work for them?

        On the other hand – why should I have to throw away my 10 years seniority and a good paycheck – for the likes of this hellhound supervisor?

        I am not the only complaint about this supervisor. There have been other employees AND clients that have lodged complaints against her.

        WHY is she still there?

        Beats the hell out of me…..

  5. I read each word in today’s local newspaper about the 2014 legislative session about to begin, and the controversial funding schools and court decision, etc.

    I would like to know examples of companies that now pay no state income taxes. One article in today’s paper said: “At Gov. Sam Brownback’s urging, lawmakers two sessions ago passed deep cuts in state income tax rates, including abolishing taxes on income from farms, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies and corporations organized under subchapter S of the federal tax code.

    School attorney Alan Rupe argued before the Supreme Court that the tax cuts – worth $2.5 billion through 2018 – undermined the state’s argument that it can’t fund schools at pre-recession levels.”

    Does anyone have examples of companies that would fall into these categories? It’s said there are over 200,000 companies in Kansas who qualify for paying no state income taxes since Brownback’s changes. I can look it up and maybe understand a bit of what I find, but I’m hoping someone (like 6176) who has much knowledge on this subject could give me the few facts I might understand. I know it’s complicated. 🙂

    Here’s an article that ran in the Lawrence Journal-World. I thought the headline was exactly what most of us are hoping for but not feeling confident will happen.

    Local officials begging Legislature to do no harm

    • Fnord, well, for example, I will pay no state income tax on my farm income nor with the millionaire farmer right down the road from me. The newspaper here and in most towns will pay no state income tax. Two of the BANKS here will pay no state income tax as they are Subchapter S. Neither will the insurance agencies organized under Subchapter S. Neither will the flower shop, the hardware store, the law firms, the locally owned accounting firms, the pharmacies, the auto repair shops, the locally owned restaurants, the liquor stores, the local bakery, the donut shop, the antique stores, the bed and breakfasts and hunting lodges, etc. Need I go on?

      The only people paying state income taxes are wage earners, like me on what the newspapers pay me, and large corps. not under Subchapter S such as McDonalds, etc.

    • I agree with pp, but with one small caveat. The law is designed to not subject the earnings of a described business entity not distributed as wages to Kansas income taxation, on the theory that said income is left in the business as additional capital to be used for expansion, modernization, etc. Note the same are still subject to Federal income taxation, and to self-employment taxes (all but S corporation undistributed earnings, that is) at the federal level.

      Now, we all understand that magically, pp’s millionaire neighbor will suddenly not take a salary from his farming operation, right?

      To cure insomnia, see for scholarly discussion.

    • Thank you, both of you. Guess we wait to see if people who earn money off wages will have enough to buy the goods of those we now bear the tax burden for. Some really, really BIG businesses qualify, businesses with BIG profits. That ‘theory’ about the money being used for expansion, etc. sounds familiar [eye roll] those “job creators” we hear about so often…

  6. A favor from those on Facebook. There is a page called “Save the Kansas Toll Collectors” to which I commend your attention. There is much there about Sam the Sham’s plans for the Turnpike, most all bad (imho) for not only the Toll Collectors but other employees of the Turnpike (except road and electronics maintenance, perhaps), not to mention the users of the toll road. If you are so inclined, “like” the page as well. I appreciate it.