Saturday, 1/11/14, Public Square

women's rights


by | January 11, 2014 · 6:00 am

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  1. One thing republicans concentrate on after being elected, after lying through their teeth about jobs during their campaigns, is restricting women’s rights. They make laws about what should be women’s personal business, women’s personal decisions!

    The damage republicans inflict on women’s rights goes far beyond reproductive rights. Republicans are against most issues that are important to women and their families —

    –good quality education is a very important issue for women

    –women tend to report lower levels of support for defense spending and use of military force

    –women are more likely to be the recipients of government aid

    –women are more likely to be poor, more likely to be old, and more likely to be single parents

    –republicans vote against measures that help ensure economic security and equality for women

    –republicans vote against measures that protect women from violence

    The majority of voters are women, the majority of women vote Democratic, and when women vote democrats win. Do everything you can to ensure women vote!

  2. Pure greed describes most republicans. They bow at the altar of money.

    A rich republican man in Wisconsin bought himself a state representative, then helped write a bill to reduce his child support payments. Republicans can force pregnancies, transvaginal ultrasounds, cut Pre-Natal care, WIC, and food programs, education, ban birth control and say ‘pro-life.’ Seems they can leave unwanted kids abandoned to take a toll on the public dole too.

    Wealthy divorced donor helped write controversial child-support bill

    • As I understand it, this bill has not been passed or signed into law. That said, it is most reprehensible. The assistance of a wealthy donor and counsel in the drafting is only unusual in that it was one individual, as opposed to a corporation (see, e.g., the “assistance” rendered by AT&T in the drafting this legislation which became law as memory serves).

    • wicked

      What’s really sad is these men doing this to hurt their ex-wives, yet they don’t realize they’re hurting their children just as much, if not more. But maybe they don’t care.

      • I don’t think some men care.

        I’ve seen what happened to 5 boys when their father decided to divorce their mother after 20+ years and run off to marry his mistress.

        That same man flew down to some third world country to adopt a little girl.

        Then a few years went by, the trophy wife wanted him to convert to Catholicism – which he did.

        That is when the ex-wife started being harassed by some local priest to sign annulment papers – in order to make this man a ‘good’ Catholic and not divorced.

        My friend (ex-wife) never did sign those annulment papers – for two reasons:

        1) Neither one of them were ever Catholic
        2) She is NOT the one that ran off with his mistress.

        The kicker to this story is – this man, trophy wife and adopted third-world country kid were featured in his parish’s newsletter. There was a glowingly little story of how this man converted to Catholicism and now a wonderful family is thriving in their faith.

        EXCUSE ME……..where the hell does this glowing account of this man’s life does it mention about the ex-wife and those 5 boys he abandoned?

        So ….you see….some men just DO NOT care.

        It is sad when there are men getting away this crappola – but it is PATHETIC when I see them cloak themselves in some G-D Church and those church leaders justify – and even encourage these men doing this to their ex-wives and hurting the children from the first marriage.

        Catholics profess to be such Pro Life and Pro Family people……I call B.S. on that load of crap.

      • bobwhitenks

        I agree with Indy, “too many men do not care”. And, I can not understand why so many women seem to not care, either. Women outnumber men and are more compassionate than men, so why do so many women support the Republicans?