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  1. Irony seems lost on republicans, so I have no question they’ll vote against average Americans just as their corporate masters demand. They’re owned lock stock and barrel — sold out to the wealthiest.

    The biggest headline on the front page of this morning’s local paper is titled, “New wave of Iraq violence presents U.S. with few good choices.”

    It discusses the middle east superficially, nothing in-depth, just enough to leave people ill-informed if they bother to read more than the headline. I doubt seriously the neo-cons or even the Obama haters would consider this part from the article:

    The British journalist Brian Whitaker, who’s covered the Middle East for years with The Guardian newspaper, wrote this week that for all the criticism of the U.S. response to Syria, nobody has come up with an alternative that’s indisputably better.

    “To some extent, Obama is being blamed for not behaving towards Syria as George Bush behaved towards Iraq – and we all know where that led,” Whitaker wrote on, his blog about politics in the Arab world. “There are still too many Americans who find it difficult to accept that the power of the United States has limitations and who view every problem, no matter where it occurs, as one that the U.S. has an obligation to try and solve – even at the risk of making things worse.”

    Read more here:

    I do appreciate and approve of President Obama realizing the complications and limits of military involvement. I also know the neo-cons are hell-bent on controlling the world militarily and republicans who scream about spending never think twice about spending for never-ending war. It’s one of the BIG differences in the two major political parties in my book. I’ll always want war avoided and vote accordingly.

    • wicked

      “We are always at war with Eurasia.”

    • I have no doubt that by the time that Fox news covers it that it will be totally the Liberals led by the President that are at fault. When ever I watch Fox and it is mainly just to see what line of Baloney they are feeding the ill-informed. It can be quite difficult to not end up yelling at the TV. LOL which by now you would think everyone in the house would be use to! But even if in the same room they do not seem to understand what has upset me until I tell them.

  2. enough to double our education budget

    Many programs vital to women and their families are being cut. Yet, at the same time, our nation is spending billions of dollars each year on unfair tax breaks for large corporations and very wealthy individuals.

    • wicked

      We know it. The question is what do we do to change it? Little by little, our personal power is being taken from us. Two-tiered voting systems, biased news reporting for the masses. Seriously, it’s looking more and more like Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother is the Corporation-Owned-Government. They’ve ensnared us in the web. We’re unable to loosen the grip they have on us. Our options are few.

      • You and I have read too many of the classics wicked

      • wicked

        I don’t even remember reading it, rb. How weird is that? I did watch the movie, late, late one night.

        There’s a reason these books are classics. 😉

      • bobwhitenks

        Perhaps only one meaningful option exists, now, …. to actively “organize”…., an approach used twice, recently, by a former community organizer who has been successfully elected twice in spite of the fact that he is both black and too liberal (but not for me).

  3. Chris Christie just told us, “I am not a bully.”

    Should we bring him examples or just figure that he, like most republicans, believe what they’ve made up their minds to believe and will ignore facts?

    Anyone else listening to him telling us he was totally unaware of what was happening during the GWB lane closures. That he had no idea why it was being shut down, and didn’t bother to ask, and that in the midst of all those warnings about disruptions in emergency services, and all the complaints by city and state officials, he never bothered to find out?

    • wicked

      That he had no idea why it was being shut down, and didn’t bother to ask, and that in the midst of all those warnings about disruptions in emergency services, and all the complaints by city and state officials, he never bothered to find out?

      Why, yes, we are!

  4. (from the link): Fox News host Steve Doocy on Thursday lamented the fact that the media was covering leaked emails that proved New Jersey Chris Christie’s (R) administration closed part of the busiest bridge in the world as political retribution instead of criticizing President Barack Obama.

    Fox & Friends spent the first five minutes of their 7 a.m. ET hour reminding viewers that former Defense Secretary Robert Gates had written a book that had been hyped by The Washington Post‘s Bob Woodward as offering “a harsh critique of Obama.”

    For the third day in a row, the Fox News hosts asserted that the book meant that the president did not trust or support the U.S. military, although people who have actually read the book say that conservatives have mischaracterized Gates’ comments.

    Fox host on Christie: ‘Bridge thing’ ruining coverage of Bob Gates’ Obama-bashing

    • wicked

      Steve Douchebag, living up to his name. I can rest easy now.

      (Is this National Sarcasm Day? It is for me!)

  5. This is good! It would be such a wonderful plan! Do you think republicans will take the suggestion made by Kevin Drum who writes for Mother Jones?

    How to Ensure a Republican Landslide in November

  6. “As Amanda Marcotte so eloquently put it for Slate, ‘if your goal is to legally enshrine the notion that pregnant women are incubators first and humans second, keeping their bodies alive to grow babies long after their minds are gone is a perfect way to do it.'”

    Incubators don’t have rights.

    Women as Incubators

  7. I did something today I haven’t done in a waaaaaay long time and I certainly don’t plan to make a habit of it. I not only read, but posted at TBTSNBN. The old blogger we knew as ksgram / ok something or another, etc., etc. is still there posting nonsense but now under her name, Pat Baldridge. She still argues, she still makes up her own info and worse yet, she still falls back on name calling when her opinions aren’t taken as gospel. I’ll try not to get that bored again. There aren’t any more bloggers there than here.

    • wicked

      As a business owner, she must not be pocketing enough money. Still railing against raising the minimum wage. But then they’ve all found a place where they can post the inane and get away with it. They have a ready answer when someone disagrees with them and points out facts. “Huh uh. No it isn’t.” They sound like a classroom full of Pre-K’ers.

      • “Huh uh. No it isn’t.” I experienced that today.

        She changed the subject from recessions to deficits. She told me her numbers proved my evidence wrong. She didn’t even notice her long copy and paste, accompanied by unsubstantiated personal opinions, wasn’t about recessions. I could have changed subjects with her and brought evidence about deficits but decided against continuing the exercise in futility.

  8. badbiker

    Now, I have messed up many a time in my life, God knows, but I would flat out hate to be Chris Christie today. When you (mess up) as badly as he did, the best approach is to take hat in hand, fess up, apologize and take the hits as they come humbly, with grace and contrition.

    Why is it that I don’t think Christie has it in him to man up?

    I have been there, done that and own so many tee shirts that I needed to build a new closet. Personally, I do not think that Big Chris has the balls to do the right thing.

    Just saying?

  9. Christie Says, “I Am Not a Bully.” Here Are 8 Videos of Him Yelling, Name-Calling, and Belittling People.