Wednesday, 1/8/14, Public Square

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  1. wicked

    The above is correct. You have the freedom to practice your religion, but you do not have the freedom or right to expect others to adhere to those religious beliefs. I expect to have the same freedoms.

    As long as your religious practices do not infringe on my freedoms or the basic laws that protect us all, enjoy. Otherwise, STFU.

    (Obviously I’ve had enough and am not in a great mood today.)

    • Republicans are still claiming JOB CREATION is their priority and trying to sell their idiocy that dictating rules for bedrooms and wombs fixes all our economic woes. They also don’t seem to recognize not enough people believe them to help them win at the national level.

      • wicked

        Everyone’s bedrooms but their own. đŸ˜‰

      • True story. Yesterday we talked about media. If the majority of Americans paid attention to what these idiots actually do instead of what they and the media tell us, we’d be closer to electing competent people who understand where their noses should and shouldn’t be.

  2. Mitch McConnell proposes paying for unemployment benefits by cutting the Affordable Care Act, or more specifically, by getting rid of the individual mandate for one year. How this would pay for unemployment benefits he didn’t bother to explain.

    Since we’re at the 50 year mark of Johnson using the words “war on poverty” the republicans are busy declaring that poverty won and training their rank and file on how to speak — what words to use — to continue being greedy while protecting the most wealthy but sounding like they might actually think about average Americans. Here’s some info on the talking points:

    House GOP leaders coach rank-and-file on discussing unemployment

    • wicked

      Cut the waste out of defense. Cut their salaries. Pay them for the work they do within their chambers, not on the campaign trail, not for visits to who-knows-where. Stop allowing campaign money from corporations. Put a cap on all campaign money. Strap them to a lie detector, if necessary, and kick their butts to their Kingdom Come.

      Either we make the changes that are needed in how this country is run, or we become the next Rome and we fall. 30 years of this downward spiral is coming to an end, one way or another.

      • Send them all home to their districts where they’re closer to the people who vote for them and more difficult for the lobbyists to find in groups. Let today’s technology work for the tiny amount of time they spend making group decisions.

      • More red state people are affected by federal cuts than those who live in blue states. Let these republicans go home and talk directly to those people about cutting food stamps, unemployment benefits, privatizing social security and Medicare, spending more federal money on corporations than on people, special tax cuts for the wealthiest…

      • bobwhitenks

        wicked; Oh Boy, do I agree with you, today. Absolutely right. Thanks for posting these points of view including the coming “fall” if a vast majority of citizens, i.e., voters, do not change their choices toward wisdom vs politics.

  3. This will surely turn the economy around.

    NEVER forget! No matter how many times republicans say the words jobs, economy, income inequality, or pretend to have compassion for Americans, THIS is only one example of what they actually do!

    (from the link): …the first order of business for House Republicans is a piece of legislation that raises taxes on businesses and individuals, regulates businesses, and mandates IRS prying into Americans’ private lives; all because the GOP harbors intense hatred for women and their constitutional right of the pursuit of happiness.

    House Republican Bill Requires That the IRS Investigate Sexual Assault Survivors

    • Investigate the Survivors….?

      Will someone please explain to me…..on what planet in this universe does this even make sense??

      • It (the bill) deals with the deductibility of an abortion’s cost as a medical expense. I can assure you the IRS has no urge to audit sexual assault survivors. That said, I’m against the bill for plenty of reasons, but it is related to what constitutes an allowable medical expense (which, BTW, will be of benefit to the wealthier taxpayer, given the standard deduction amount) rather than investigation of survivors.

      • So, once again, a bill to help the wealthy and allow government to stick their noses into women’s reproductive choices. If they added additional tax cuts for the rich they’d have covered their entire playbook!

      • It’s what they do! No matter what words they may say, this is what THEY DO!

        (from the link): A panel of 12 men on the House Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on a bill Thursday that would deny tax subsidies to women and small businesses who purchase health insurance plans that include abortion coverage. The bill only makes an exception for rape and incest victims and women who would die without abortion care, which opponents say could prompt the IRS to audit any woman who claims one of these exceptions.

        Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has also promised to fight for a rider in the appropriations package Congress is expected to pass next week that would allow employers to refuse to cover contraception in their health insurance plans for moral reasons. And the Republican National Committee has announced it plans to delay its annual winter meeting this year so that members can attend the annual March for Life, an anti-abortion rally in Washington, D.C.

        House Republicans Kick Off 2014 With Renewed Focus On Abortion, Birth Control

      • wicked

        If birth control (I’m assuming they’re talking about oral contraceptives) is allowed to be controlled by employers, which basically is what allowing them to say yea or nay to allowing it in the healthcare coverage, and deductions for medical services such as abortions are not allowed, then I want two things. 1) Men must not be allowed to deduct the cost of Viagra or any other ED drugs, and 2) Men should pay double child support. Why the second? Because I said so. If that doesn’t work for y’all, then mandatory sterilization for men who don’t pay child support.

        Yeah, I’m a bitch. Proud of it, too.

  4. Have you all heard Robert Gates wrote a book that lamblasts V.P. Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton?

    He also talked about how President Obama did not to stay in Afghanistan and that he clearly want the US out of Afghanistan ASAP – and somehow Gates thinks that is a bad idea?

    Oh PLEASE……when has any high-ranking military guy NOT wanted a damn perpetual war that lasts for generations?

    But….I digress…..

    The reason I mentioned this book is because I have a theory as to why this book was written ……and why we are seeing it at this moment.

    Think presidential 2016 election.

    Republicans know that they’re Tea Party Fruitcakes will NOT win a national general election. But their balls are tied to the Tea Party through all those primaries…..

    I suspect that Robert Gates will be pushed down our throats as the next best thing to sliced bread……..and the Tea Party will go alone with that choice…

    Maybe I’m just daydreaming here…….but think about it……it might just make some sense..

    One thing Robert Gates did say in his book that I completely agree with is this:

    Congress is a bunch of worthless folks….who don’t accomplish much……

    Hmmm……..couldn’t the same be said about some generals – like that Petraeus guy who got caught dipping his pen into the wrong inkwell???

    And then the public learned that not only Petraeus – but other generals – had some party planner on their speed dial – while they were in Afghanistan…


    • Isn’t one of the reasons we all voted for President Obama because he told us he would end the wars? It was one of mine. Remember the stark difference between him and bomb bomb Iran McCain?

      Of course, republicans will try to use something / anything Gates wrote to their advantage. The only people who will buy into republican propaganda of any kind have already decided to vote for whoever has the little “R” by their name. There still aren’t enough of them to win at the national level.

      Everyone who has a recognizable name writes a book. His opinions are as good and as worthless as any other opinions.

    • One thing I can guarantee is that I won’t buy the book. I think it will be quoted often enough, hashed and rehashed, everyone will know the words without adding to Gate’s overflowing pockets.