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The ethics of journalism, television news anchors…

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  1. It’s the law of the land.

    No matter how many times the republican congress critters waste time and money in their futile attempts to overturn it, and no matter how many lies they tell their stupid constituency about what they’re going to do.

    The Supreme Court has refused a group of doctors’ request to block implementation of the nation’s new health care law.

    Chief Justice John Roberts turned away without comment Monday an emergency stay request from the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, Inc. and the Alliance for Natural Health USA.

    • wicked

      They’ll try anything, won’t they? Anything to keep the common people down and waste our tax money, over and over and over…

  2. wicked

    Hey, that looks like Steve Douchebag up there in the cartoon! Remember him? He and Mogey Langston Crist (Crisp) used to do the noon show on KAKE. I met Mogey once, when she came in to pick up some photos at the studio where I worked. She was covered in freckles. Steve, who I never met, is covered in sh!t.

    We used to have yellow journalism near the checkout stand. (It’s still there, but some have gone glossy. PEOPLE, anyone?) Most people who could use their brains avoided it. It seems most people have ceased using their brains, now that news is “instant.” No one checks facts, they simply ingest, then defecate whatever they hear and say.

  3. This is the agenda of the radical right, and they have their Faux “News” department to help convince the stupid.

    (from the link): “The researchers looked back over 70 years of data, and found that the more dysfunctional Washington is, the bigger the share of the pie the top one percent tends to grab. And most importantly, they also found that when economic inequality is high, the kind of polarization and gridlock that have been the hallmark of Washington since Barack Obama’s election make legislative efforts to change course all-but-impossible.

    Essentially, a do-nothing Congress does nothing to prevent the wealthiest from taking an ever-larger share of the nation’s income at the expense of the rest of us. (It’s worth noting that the study used pretax incomes, so the effects weren’t a result of changes in the tax code. Rather, it shows that Washington sets up the rules of the market – determines the level of the playing field – and they, in turn, influence how much low-skilled workers, top CEOs and everyone in between takes in.)”

    Study: Polarization and Gridlock Work Well for Rich Americans

  4. (from the link): “All the President’s Men caused Republicans to favor more restrictions on the press.”

    7 Movies That Changed Your Political Views, According to Science

    • wicked

      I’ve seen and own 3 of the 5. No Cider House Rules or MalcolmX. Yet. I have to say two of those three did open my eyes. I’ll have to watch As Good as It Gets again, because I don’t recall much, even after watching it twice, that seemed “political.” Jack was a writer is all I remember.

      I used to argue with my ex about JFK or what it was about. He had several books about the Kennedy assassination and was really into it. (BTW, he’s a Republican or was the last time I knew. And yet….) Now that I’ve seen it again, more than once and have read more about that time (I managed to get out of the house and the marriage with a few of those books), I see things in a different way. Basically, I don’t trust those who tell us that it was Oswald acting alone. I have no proof, but I have doubts. So I guess that’s just one more instance when movies can sway the way we see things.

      BRING ON MORE LIBERAL MOVIES!!! I’m dearly sick of all the crap out there the past few years.

    • wicked

      I thought of another that should be on the list. And the Band Played On It’s one I can’t watch without crying, so I don’t watch too often. But it certainly made many people aware of how AIDS was covered up.

  5. bobwhitenks

    Today’s post addresses one of my issues. Journalism does not still exist as a profession. Yes it is still a curriculum at universities but that is where it ends. Today, the important curriculum is propaganda known more frequently as “marketing”. And that is what takes place in all the media, all day long including the public broadcasting/publishing media. People can no longer obtain objective information recognized for its truth and accuracy. Today, news exist of ‘both sides of the propaganda’ as “objective reporting”. And it helps the marketing if the two sides scream, insult and most important disagree. Sensational! Helpful and useful information? Forget it: it doesn’t “sell”.

    • wicked

      With the majority of news services owned by the Big Daddies, there’s no chance for getting the kind of news we remember in the past. No Cronkites, no Huntley and Brinkley, no Edward R Murrow (who I remember watching as a small child).

      I’ve been reading stuff on Daily Kos. Biased, yes, but at least it’s biased MY way. 😀

  6. bobwhite, as one who is actively engaged in the newspaper business, I wholeheartedly agree. News takes a total back seat to ad revenue. The only question newspaper management asks is “what dollars have you brought in lately?”

  7. On the other hand…

    Real news reporting doesn’t come free. Newspapers warned us for years that without ad revenue they would not be able to do investigative reporting.

    It has proven to be true. And blogs, while I’m a big fan, just don’t do the same type of in depth reporting and sourcing. Ditto on tv and radio. Magazines? They are in the same boat as newspapers. All print media used to be the last firewalls for real, sourced, first hand reporting and analysis. But as ad revenues have dried up all over the nation, that has gone by the wayside.

    And, in my opinion, it will never return. People will never pay for real news reporting when they can get an opinion that agrees with them on a blog or a tv network.

    Pravda anyone? Government supported news is propaganda, not news. But, from where will the money come to pay the people who do the reporting?

    • Remember the time when journalists were NOT celebrities?

      Remember the time when doctors and dentists could NOT advertise their services?

      Remember the time when drug companies were NOT allowed to advertise their products?

      Remember when churches were NOT these huge mega corporations who advertise their product of Jesus-Love?

      Remember the time when one had only 3 major networks and the public television channel – rather than 500+ channels and not a damn thing worth watching?

      I remember those times……and they were a Hell of a lot better back then.

      There was a good reason certain professions were not allowed to advertise.

      But…hey…..drug companies and doctors both love these advertisements. Patients come in already knowing what new drugs they want to try….and the doctors are more than willing to give it to them……..for their piece of that money pie.

      As for mega church preachers and televangelists …..I seriously think they are not capable of feeling anything but G-R-E-E-D…..

      For all this so-called ‘progress’ – we are headed in a downward spiral In this country.

      The next time you hear the local Catholic health care monopoly spew their slogan – because your life matters – think about it this way:

      your life matters because they can bill for your ass……..I wonder, if you’re not there to bring them in their money – would they even give a damn?

      • And once you have an outstanding bill with that monopoly – they are hot and heavy on your ass to – PAY UP.

        Yeah, because my life matters…….now, that’s a laugh..

  8. Hee hee hee heeeee. Right on cue. Some “real” newsreporting.

  9. Have you heard the latest about this young girl’s case?

    After another long, crap-filled day from a supervisor that seems to take such delight in being nothing short of a B-I-T-C-H……I sit down to the computer and this is the first article I see.

    I cannot imagine the trauma this family has gone through and is still going through.

    I had mentioned this case last week and I asked the question as to why these Rabid Pro Lifers were not on this young girl’s side – fighting for her like they did Terry Schiavo.

    Then….on one of the shows (cannot remember which one) – Terry Schiavo’s brother was on as a guest and he stated that his family and his foundation are supporting this young girl’s family.

    I’m not sure what I would do – if this was my little girl or grand daughter – but I do admire this family for their tenacity and determination to do what they think is the right thing to do.

    All I can say is – while we’re talking about not being able to trust what we hear from the media and our government to be the truth – maybe this family feels the same way about that hospital people telling them their little girl is brain dead.

    After all…..this young girl did go into cardiac arrest right after an operation in THEIR hospital – and under THEIR care.

    Do you suppose – it might just be possible – that this hospital is too eager to pronounce this young girl as brain dead – so that they can move on to bigger and better paying projects?

    Just asking…..

    P.S. – Reading about this young girl has been tugging at my heart strings…..and even when I sat through my work day and wanted to punch out a certain supervisor’s lights – I know that in comparison to this young girl and her family’s current situation – my life has no problems to complain about..

    But I would still like to punch out somebody’s lights…..


    • indy, there was a story from the Oakland area which quoted the girl’s grandmother as saying that she was suctioning the girl’s throat, etc., prior to the hemorrhaging. No warranties as to the accuracy of the story, but should I run across it again, I’ll post the link.