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  1. Hope you’re all warm!

    News says Liz Cheney is dropping out of her bid for a Senate seat due to serious health concerns within her family. So, she won’t be an official loser yet. Maybe she can figure out how to avoid starting on a losing foot given time. I have doubts she can learn much of anything.

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday temporarily blocked a judge’s order that allowed for gay marriage in Utah. That order will keep the state’s ban on same-sex marriage alive until a federal appeals court has a chance to rule on the judge’s decision. If the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals affirms the judge’s ruling, then gay marriage will be legal in Utah. It’s likely that whichever side loses its case in Utah will ask the Supreme Court to weigh in on the constitutionality of gay marriage. It will be interesting to see whether SCOTUS accepts a case where they actually are forced to come down on one side or the other.

    (Our local newspaper publishes bits and tidbits from newspapers across the state):

    Safety net – In the coming year, Kansans likely will hear that thanks to actions of Gov. Sam Brownback and his Legislature, the state has reduced by half the number of families receiving welfare assistance. But no one should think even for a moment the statistic is proof that Kansas has fewer people in poverty or that more people are working their way up to better incomes and better lives.

    In fact, a recent report from the United Community Services of Johnson County shows the number means more Kansans are living with less, more children are in poverty, and more families have less ability to build a stable future. What passes for a safety net in this state under Brownback and his handpicked majority of lawmakers amounts to telling someone to pull himself up by his bootstraps and then taking away his boots to make sure he can’t.

    Hutchinson News


    School funding – By rashly signing off on deep income-tax cuts, Gov. Sam Brownback and the conservative-dominated Legislature have worked themselves into a corner from which few good options are possible. Assuming the Kansas Supreme Court upholds a district court panel’s ruling, as expected, the Legislature would have to choose compliance or defiance. The best course would be for the Legislature to roll back some of the income-tax cuts that have decimated the state budget and forced Kansans to pay more in sales taxes and property taxes. Unfortunately, too many lawmakers are still beholden to the myth that income-tax cuts are the road to a job-creating economy.

    Kansas City Star


    KanCare – A federal decision that will force Kansas officials to revise, or perhaps reconsider, some of their plans for the KanCare program is good news for Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the families who care for them. The plan to move residential programs, job training and living assistance services for the developmentally disabled under KanCare has never been a popular idea among Kansans who would be directly affected. Administration of those services is far different than for medical care, and other states that have tried a similar plan have run into considerable problems.

    Lawrence Journal-World


    Drug tests – It is way too early to hazard a guess as to how many welfare recipients will fail state-administered drug tests when the testing program goes into effect July 1, or how much the state will save by eliminating assistance payments to drug users. If Kansas’ experience is similar to that of some other states, however, it will find itself spending more money on administering the testing program than it saves. If that proves to be the case, legislators should end the program. There’s no reason to toss good money after bad.

    Topeka Capital-Journal

  2. bobwhitenks

    So; is the question ‘why do we need any government at all’?

    • No question in my mind — we definitely need government. I’m not one you’ll hear complain about paying taxes. How those taxes are spent is the only time you’ll hear me complain. I would much rather see people than corporations benefit from the taxes we pay.

      • Who are they trying to kid when the GOP says they do not hate women – or minorities – or poor – or homeless – or any working class American?

        For being such Loud-N-Proud Jesus-loving Evangelical Christians – you sure as hell would not know it by the GOP agenda of greed, hatred, loathing and devoid of any compassion.