Sunday, 1/5/14, Public Square

He hacked cell phones in the UK, and now his blond brigade in the U.S. complains about the NSA. Yeah, that’s fair and balanced.

rupert murdock



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  1. The British have one thing we Americans profess to have – but in reality, do not – that is called a conscience and common decency.

    Americans like to scream about how morally superior we are and how we are all for democracy, freedom and justice for all – but just look behind the curtain and see the real Americans – it’s not a pretty sight.

    I still remember the British aptly nicknamed Mitt Romney – Mitt the Twit.

  2. While our political parties fight incessantly over nothing – how about we delve into why these kids are dying after these medical procedures.

  3. NOW this is some good news. I suspect these wounded veterans will be kept busy 24/7 – and if there is a positive outcome where the child predators are locked away – that should help in the veterans’ own healing process.

    Let’s just hope the court system side of this does not F___ it up and allow these perverts to be loose on the public streets.

    I say – let these wounded veterans investigate any and all suspected cases… matter where the path leads them…

    • Child molesters is just one of the things I hate the most……….there is no excuse and there is no cure – IMHO.

      And there sure is no place for ANY church leader to make the willing choice to look the other way while he knows children are being harmed.

      I don’t care how many gold-blinged robes are thrown on to a child molester and their accomplices – they are still harming children.

  4. Interesting article. Think I’ll keep it for my soon-to-arrive grand daughter. March 6th will be here before I know it…

    Hope March brings some warmer weather……today’s wind looks quite strong and I am debating on whether I really need to run those errands or not. LOL

    • wicked

      I’m not sure I want to see many of those things gone.

      The USPS gone? You can bet corporate owned UPS, FedEx and others will still be out there. Until they can find a way to zap packages from here to there with a magic wand, somebody is going to have to do this. I ship USPS. Why? Because it gets there.

      And what’s this about? “This service was a big money loser.” ???? Somebody doesn’t know their facts. The USPS is being murdered by Big Interests who own Congress. From the days of the Pony Express, our mail system has been one of, if not the best, postal service in the world. Ronald Reagan started the decimation of the USPS, and his followers have continued in his stumbling footsteps. The USPS is its own entity, but required to be under the wing of the Federal Government. Rules and Regulations are handed out by people who fill their pockets with money. What other entity, overseen by the Feds, is mandated to fund retirement 75 years into the future? That would include employees who haven’t been born.

      While we’ve streamlined many things in our everyday lives, that doesn’t mean it’s all good. Yes, we can pay our bills online, but do we really think we’re doing this for free? Our water department now adds a $2 charge for this. Do we think no one else does? They simply add it in, without notice. We PAY for these advantages.

      Seriously, technology has it’s good points, but we tend to ignore who and what is running the show behind that curtain, and who’s benefiting. Is it really us?

      • Let’s all pause to remember that this Christmas which is not far in our rear view mirrors both Fed-ex and UPS had to call on USPS to get packages delivered. Packages companies trusted them to deliver and when they couldn’t they called in the good guys who could get the job done.

      • wicked

        A pre-paid shipping label was sent to us for the return of school equipment my youngest used. It was FedEx. Because the box it had originally been shipped in had also contained a larger item, it was too big. I went to one of the FedEx stores in town to get a box. They wanted $20 for it. Come on, I wasn’t shipping an elephant, only a laptop. I whispered, “screw you” under my breath, went home, fixed the original shipping box to fit, wrapped it, went to Office Max and shipped with no cost to me.

        I’ve mailed tons of things through USPS, the majority of things using Priority Mail. I like it because I can track it (free) and know when my package/envelope gets there. And it gets there quickly. Under 3 days, in most circumstances, Canada and International being the exception. It costs me $5.60 flat rate now ($20 to Canada), but the box/packaging is free. So I’m thinking FedEx is making some good money on charging shipping (remember, prepaid) and boxes.

        And, yes, fnord, it gets there. On time.

  5. So….there are folks who think Pope Francis is open to gay marriage – because of some statements he has recently made?

    Isn’t it interesting how the Vatican has jumped on this and has refuted the claim that this new pope is open to gay issues……

    Like I’ve said numerous times ……let’s see the actions behind Pope Francis’ words…..

    I sincerely hope and pray this new Pope does do some good……and change the church…..but, a good start would be to kick out some of those old perverts that actually did harm to many children….

    That would be a good starting point – IMHO

  6. bobwhitenks

    Or, to put it another way, he’s just “basically unfit”.