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  1. Unfortunately, corporations have been given full personhood rights – and these folks do not give a damn about America…

    Don’t get me wrong…….these corporations love America for all those special tax breaks and government subsidies ……but that is only love for the money – not the giver.

    But that is different than really caring about America – isn’t it?

    Why do these Corporate Yokels not get it through their dollar-sign heads that :

    1) Ttey’re so busy gourging on America’s tax dollars to line their own pockets.

    2) They so busy outsourcing American jobs overseas that results in Americans being unemployed.

    3) They do not allow for any true capitalism and free trade by buying and selling everything in sight; so the end result is nothing more than a few corporations owning everything……

    The problem is really not the Corporate Yokels – they are just the greedy pigs that have been encouraged to grow fatter and fatter.

    The REAL problem are those American voters who still worship at the golden butt of Ronald Raygun and his trickle-down economics.

    Raygun did a lot of damage to this country – IMHO.

    But the difference is – Ronald Raygun had the gift of the forked tongue……and the skills of a Hollywood movie actor…….he could obviously sell a boatload of S-H-I-T…….and get away with it.

    I truly thought the 20080economic crash under George W. Bush would have woke up some of these folks – because the hardship touched many upper middle class and middle class folks when they suddenly found themselves unemployed………

    But….then the GOP caught a break – didn’t they?

    They had the new president to blame – and he was a black man – BINGO…..the GOP hit the jackpot….didn’t they?

    And…not only was the new president a black man….he had that funny Muslim-sounding name…….

    NOW do we understand why these Republicans had to destroy Obama personally – and not just disagree with him on his politics?

    The biggest disappointment – IMHO – was how these self-professing Christian and Catholic church leaders went after Obama on a personal level also.

    This – IMHO – gave credibility to the GOP’s plan to personally destroy Obama and get the people off the message of Hope and Change that Obama ran on in 2008.

    This country will NEVER change until we can the masses to stop lining up in the cold weather to buy the latest new-blinged-phone or game set. Or to line up in the cold weather to shop on Black Friday – even that has changed – it is now Thanksgiving Day the masses are expected to form vicious packs and run through the stores buying yet more crappola they really don’t need.

    Or to form a long line at some deep-fried chicken sandwich place just to prove how much you ‘love your Jesus’.

    THIS is what is wrong with America – the masses are too busy being marketed into thinking they need this or that thing…..

    America needs to get back to thinking as one country…….with different ideas……and different religions…..and different sexual orientations……and different ethnic groups…….

    But we are ALL in this same boat together……and the sooner we deal with that fact – the sooner we can get busy and TAKE the COUNTRY back away from those who have abused the system to the point where this is very little left….

    • R.D. Liebst

      I have been wanting to find two things that I like and need that I have found are the best of these types of things. One is Tread safe shoes that are some what high tops. I find the brand but they are now so expensive that it is impractical to buy. The other is a Cross ink pen, as they go they are the best writing instruments around.

      Both now are being made overseas and the prices are so outlandish that it makes no sense to buy them. Why is it that when something is a good thing that suddenly it is something that only the most wealthy can afford?
      Neither item started out as being meant for the rich. But as the popularity grew and the demand grew then the price increased.

      It is ridicules to think that these two items that were of common usage and were not noted for being an elites items have became priced for the rich and affluent. Tread safe started out as a brand sold at Wal-Mart and K-mart.

      The same could be said of Cross pens that you could buy at either of those stores. That is somewhat ridicules that items that start out sold at stores that cater to the lower wage people come to.

      • RD – I was recently told by a man who works in the retail business about how shoes are now sold in America.

        This man asked me where I bought my tennis shoes and the price I paid for them.

        I told him – Walmart and around $20.

        This man then told me about the dirty little secret just south of the Mexico border.

        It seems there is a big warehouse full of all kinds of shoes that Americans purchase …..and they all sell for 25 cents a pair.

        Yes….25 cents a pair.

        It does not matter what kind of shoe – or what brand of shoe – this warehouse can put in any label and put them into any box and it only costs 25 cents a pair.

        So, these retailers are getting shoes that cost them 25 cents a pair at some south of Mexican border warehouse…..and then driving them up to the U.S. by the truckloads to charge way more than 25 cents a pair.

        Hmm…..globalization at it’s worst?

        NOW….I cannot tell you for sure if this man was being truthful with me or not……but doesn’t this sound like an ideal way for some Corporate-type businessman to make a boatload of profit…..

        You betcha…..Wink-Wink…

        G-R-E-E-D…..pure and simple….